Title: Dreams

Author: Orilon

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: CM Punk/Colt Cabana (Scotty Goldman)

Disclaimer: Everything from WWE belongs to Vince McMahon.

Spoilers: January 19, 2009 Raw

Summary: CM Punk's night after the January 19, 2009 Raw

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One thing CM Punk liked the most about shows in Chicago was that he could sleep at home. After staying in hotel room after hotel room Punk was grateful to be able to sleep in his own more comfortable bed.

He drove home from the arena; still a little shocked about actually winning the Intercontinental belt. Part of him had hoped he would win, and part of him was cynical as ever. It felt sweet to win it in his hometown just like he had the World Heavyweight Championship.

Even though he had been told he would win the title in the no DQ match, it still felt like a dream driving home with the belt next to his bag on the passenger's seat. He figured it would take a few days to sink in that he had actually won it and would go down in the history books like all of his heroes growing up. He had always dreamt about winning the title when he was a kid watching wrestling on TV, and it felt like he was still dreaming even now. He found himself looking at the belt when he could, almost making sure that it was still on the seat. Part of him almost expect to look over and see the belt not there, or expected to wake up and find himself dreaming about winning the belt.

When he turned on the lights in his living room, he wasn't expecting the groan from the couch about how bright the lights were. He also wasn't expecting to see Colt lying there on his couch. His lover had a key, but Punk hadn't expected him to be in town since Smackdown was in Indiana.

Colt got up and came over to him, and gently kissed Punk on the lips. Punk returned the kiss, missing the taste and feel of him. His lover being there made the night even better, if that was even possible.

"Congrats Champ." Punk felt Colt's breath against his ear more than he heard the words. He felt a familiar burning in his groin, and started to move Colt towards the bedroom to celebrate like they had in the past.

Tonight would be one of his favorite nights for a long time to come.