"I've been waiting at the window all day still no sign of Hidan where can he be?" Kakuzu thought, he sighed and looked out the window once again.

"KAKAZU COME HELP YOUR FUCKING MOM!!" Kakuzu's dad yelled, bringing Kakuzu out of his thoughts. Kakuzu ran down stairs.

"KAKUZU HURRY THE FUCK UP!!" Kakuzu's father shouted once more.

"I'm coming" Kakuzu yelled as he reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Hey Hun" Kakuzu's mother smiled her voice softer than his father's.

"Hi mom…and dad so err what do you what mom?" Kakuzu asked walking towards his mother.

"Oh I just what you to wash these kitchen utensils for me, thanks love" Kakuzu's mother smiled and walked out the room leaving Kakuzu with his father. Kakuzu walked over to the sink and began to wash the utensils.

"So you date anyone?" Kakuzu father asked.


Kakuzu had dropped a plate on the floor.

"Err… sorry dad I'll sort it out" Kakuzu scurried around the room to find a dustpan and a brush to clean up the mess.

"Don't worry about it son so are you seeing anyone?" Kakuzu's dad asked once more even more curious than the first time he asked.

"Err…well there is someone I like" Kakuzu smiled looking out the window.

"But I'm not sure he likes me" Kakuzu muttered putting the remaining of the plate in the bin.
"He?!" Kakuzu's dad questioned with a tone of anger in his voice and look of anger on his face.

"I mean she! I mean she!" Kakuzu stuttered quickly he knew how homophobic his dad was. He knew if his dad knew about him liking Hidan that would be the end of them both.

Knock! Knock!

Kakuzu looked up. Was It Hidan knocking on the door? Kakuzu ran out the kitchen to the door and opened it. There stood Hidan. He didn't look very happy.


"Hey Kakuzu, can I come in?"

"Yeah sure we can go out later I just got to wash the dishes…"

"Whatever." Hidan mumbled as he stepped into the hall. He really wasn't in a good mood. Kakuzu let Hidan into his room and then ran down stairs and washed the dishes quickly. When he was done, he ran back up to his room to find Hidan asleep on his bed. Kakuzu laughed.

"God he's hot when he sleeps" he muttered walking over to Hidan, stroking his hair observing the boy before him starting from Hidan's head. Hidan hair was a light gray he always kept it gelled back and out of the way, his eyes were a light purple (well when they were open they were) his lips…ohhh his lips Kakuzu wanted to kiss his lips over and over again for at least a hundred of times, they were just so perfect. Hidan's body even thought Hidan was small, he had a few muscles. Kakuzu sighed

"One day I'll tell you how I feel I swear I will" Kakuzu muttered walking over to his desk and sitting down he just stared at his friend.

"Why are you so perfect?" Kakuzu said a little louder than he expected.

"Hmmm…did you say something Kakuzu?" Hidan mumbled slowly opening his eyes as sat up.

"Huh…no err had a nice sleep?" Kakuzu lied trying to change the subject.

"Yeah I had a really strange dream though," Hidan said looking all confused. Kakuzu just laughed it was a rare moment to see his friend confused.

"What was your dream about?" Kakuzu asked tilting his head to one side.

"Don't know had the feeling someone was touching my hair and watching me it was darn creepy" Hidan smiled then took his focus to the floor.

"So what up you didn't seem happy earlier?" Kakuzu asked standing up from were he was sat.

"Oh… my mum's kicked me out again you mind if I crash here again I'm sure she'll let me back in a few days" Hidan said looking up at his friend.

"Yeah for me but I better ask my mum but hay if she says no I'll hide you here" Kakuzu laughed it wasn't the first time Hidan had been kicked out in fact it was the 7th.

"Thanks so were we going today?" Hidan asked standing up.

"Err the park" Kakuzu said walking towards Hidan.

"No it's way to cold for the park are you crazy" Hidan said glaring at his friend.

"Fine we can just stay here" Kakuzu laughed jumping down on his bed.

"Err…ok at least it's warm and hay I might get some more sleep" Hidan laughed also jumping on the bed, turning to face his friend. Kakuzu just stared into his friends eyes how he really wanted to kiss Hidan but he didn't know how he'd react and he didn't want to ruin his friendship with him over something stupid.

"So what're we going to do?" Hidan asked raising one eyebrow

"Err… how's truth or dare?" Kakuzu asked still staring into Hidan's eyes.

"That's for girls," Hidan laughed.

"No it's not beside got any better ideas?" Kakuzu asked he looked down on the bed he could feel Hidan's hand on his own. Did Hidan realize what he was doing? Or didn't he notice?

"I got one idea but…"Hidan dragged off trying not to look into Kakuzu eyes.

"But…?" Kakuzu said trying to make Hidan continue.

"But I need to make sure your ok with this…" Hidan stopped and looked into Kakuzu eyes.

"Ok with wh…" Kakuzu was cut off by Hidan placing his lips on Kakuzu's. Hidan was kissing him, Kakuzu felt like he was going to explode Hidan's lips were as soft as he had expected them to be, and finally a hint Hidan felt the same as Kakuzu. The kiss lasted a few second but Kakuzu wanted it to last forever.

"So…" Hidan looked at Kakuzu whose face hadn't changed since Hidan had started to kiss him. Kakuzu couldn't speak he just didn't know what to say.

"Oi answer me" Hidan shouted he seemed angry that Kakuzu hadn't replied.

"Oh sorry err yeah I'm ok with it" Kakuzu smiled

"Good" Hidan smiled leaning towards Kakuzu for another kiss, but he pinned Kakuzu down instead, Kakuzu laughed as Hidan leaned in for another kiss, But instead of sweet and tender it was rough and full of burning lust, he wanted Kakuzu and he wanted him bad. Hidan tried to part Kakuzu's lips begging for entrance but Kakuzu wanted to toy with his mind, he knew Hidan wanted him, but he'd make him work for it. Hidan bit the bottom of Kakuzu lip; Kakuzu gasped at the pain opening his mouth Hidan took the opportunity and stuck his tongue into his mouth leaving no bit untasted by his tongue.

Hidan's hand moved from Kakuzu's hand to his chest, he slowly began to unbutton his top throwing it across the room.
When suddenly.

"Boys are you ok?" its was Kakuzu's father, the boys panicked, jumping off the bed but Kakuzu couldn't find his top anywhere he saw his door handle move and froze when the flung open.

"Kakuzu, why don't you have a top on?" Kakuzu's dad asked rising one eyebrow.