The boys fathers stomped into the room each one grabbing their sons by the hair and pulling them away from each other.

"get the fuck off me asshole!!!!" Hidan screamed trying to pull away from his father so he could be back with Kakuzu.

"Dad let me go!" Kakuzu yelled. Right now the boys regretted their long hair as it really hurt to be pulled "this is what Hidan feels like?" Kakuzu thought trying to mentally bloke the pain so he could go help his boyfriend.


The noise of a hand hitting flesh snapped Kakuzu out of his thought... Wait when did Hidan's mum come into the room her and his mum was at the door.

"MUM YOU BITCH!!!" Hidan yelled still pulling to brake free.

"Stop moving you brat you think you can get away with running away from home and setting our home on fire you can think again!" Hidan's dad yelled punching Hidan in the stomach making his son fall on the floor. One hand still on Hidan's hair, Hidan's father began dragging the boy out the room.

"NOO LET HIM GO!!!" Kakuzu screamed some how getting away from his father he ran to he door where Hidan and his parents had just left. But his mum was blocking the way. "Mum move I have to help him!" Kakuzu's mother just stared at her son still blocking the door. "MUM MOVE!!!" Kakuzu yelled he was about to push past but he was turned round to his father when….


"Mum…" Kakuzu said as he felt a fist come in contact with his face knocking the boy out.

Kakuzu slowly opened his eye's unsure how long he had been sleeping. Groaning at how much his had now hurt. When he sat up he was still lead on the floor where he father had punched him.

"Wait where's Hidan!!" Kakuzu thought jumping to his feet panicking, Kakuzu ran to his door but it didn't open…. Odd his door didn't have a lock…. His dad must have put a lock on wile he was knocked out… "How the hell am I meant to get out here?" Kakuzu thought he was about to bang on the door when he heard his father shout.


"he's still our son he's just… just…erm"

"Sweetie he's just. Just… ill… How about I get Tracy come and see him?"


"She my friend she's a consoler I'm sure if I ask her she will help Kakuzu get better?"

Kakuzu felt the anger build up inside him "I'm not ill" Kakuzu practically screamed inside his head. Kicking the door so hard it broke and made a small hole. Kakuzu walked back over to his bed and sat down closing his eyes he went to sleep but only for a few minutes he was awaked when he heard footsteps walking towards his door, he could hear the locks being undone. The handle turned and the door opened just a small enough crack not big enough for Kakuzu to see who it was but he could hear them.

"Kakuzu you awake?" it was his mother. Kakuzu let out a growl, his mum must have took it as a yes because she walked in making sure the door was shut behind her and her son could not get out. "Kakuzu you ok?" his mother asked. Kakuzu was angry and his mother could tell as her only sons face was scowling at her and Kakuzu never had anything but respected for his mother and father. To see her son like this was hurting her she knew if she didn't pretend he was ill her husband would kick him out. "Kakuzu talk to me"

"I'm not ill" Kakuzu muttered.


"Nothing mother" Kakuzu used the word mother as he knew his mum didn't like it, it was odd Kakuzu normally respected his mum but for some reason right now he just couldn't he was so angry with her with everyone and everything.

"Come now Kakuzu… there's a women here to see you her names Tracy she's here to talk to you" Kakuzu clenched his fist so she actually rang Tracy.


"Kakuzu come on son" Kakuzu mum tried to grab her son's hand but Kakuzu quickly pulled it away. "Kakuzu?"

"I no longer consider myself as your son... I mean dad doesn't want me dose he … so why should .I actually thought you would be different though mum I didn't think of all people YOU would think I'm ill and need curing like this is just some big disease. Well its not I am NOT ill, before you say it this is NOT Hidan's fault either. I am the way I am because that's just who I am I don't want to see Tracy mum I WANT to see Hidan" Kakuzu's looked up, the women before him looked like she was going to cry. Kakuzu walked forward to push past but his mother would not let him pass. "If you have ANY love left for me you will let me go"

"Kakuzu…" his mother was in tears.
"Let me past" Kakuzu said sternly. His mum hugged her son as she burst into tears.

"If you go down the stairs your father will see you the window is open and…Hidan is at his house that's what we was told he was so we could keep you two away from each other I'm sorry son" the women fell to her knees as Kakuzu turned towards the window before he claimed out he looked back.

"Bye mum say bye to Tomas (it his dad's real name) for me" after saying this he claimed out the window and began running down the street.

"Good bye son… good luck"

"my fucking head" Hidan complained sitting up he was in his room… he thought, there was nothing but walls a floor ,a boarded window and a locked door in it. "What the fuck?" Hidan tried to stand but his leg would not let him when he tried it just hurt … grate now how was he meant to get out his leg was broken. There was blood everywhere Hidan assumed it was his cause when he got back home his parents kicked the living shit out of him, but the only thing he could think about was hoping Kakuzu was ok. Hidan turned his had to look at the door as he could hear someone unlocking it. When the person walked in it turned out to be his mother.

"what the fuck do you want bitch"


"Some respect"

"Sluts don't get respect"


"No more Hidan!!! Or else"

"Or else what you'll get my dad or that asshole who's not really my dad but I have to call him that cause you was a slut and don't know who my real dad is!!!! What more do you think you can fucking do besides kill me!!! I WILL get out of here and I WILL be with Kakuzu whether YOU are that TWAT likes it or not"!!!" Hidan screamed at his mother.


Hidan felt a fist come crashing with his face. Hidan looked up to see his "dad" stud there looking really pissed off. Hidan let out a scream when his mum grabbed his broken leg.

"You're going to listen to us Hidan and show a little respect or else"
"Or else what like I give I fuck what you do to me"

"Maybe not to you but…" Hidan's mother shot a look to his father who walked out the room to fetch something… or someone cause when he come back Hidan saw being dragged into the room by his hair was…. Kakuzu. "But we can sure and hell hurt him"

"LET HIM GOO!!!!" Hidan screamed. Hidan's dad smirked throwing Kakuzu down on the floor next to Hidan causing him to land with a thud. "Kakuzu what are you doing here?" before Kakuzu could speak Hidan's mother interrupted.

"He was here to come and get you… shame the idiot was court by your father first"
There was a phone call both the parents looked at each other and walked out the room locking the door behind them.

"I'm sorry Hidan" Kakuzu mutters getting up and sitting next to his boyfriend, "I'm sorry I'm so pathetic I couldn't even get you out of here.

"Kakuzu you're not…."

"Yes I am I should have got you out this house sooner"

"yeah but Kakuzu you're here now…and I have a idea" Kakuzu looked at Hidan confused.

"I may have a broken leg but you can still move right?" Kakuzu nodded "next time they come in stand near the door and run"

"But if I do that I'll leave you here"

"Its ok Kakuzu as long as your fine I wouldn't really care"

"BUT I WOULD!!" Hidan shook his head.

"Kakuzu you can get out of here leave me"

"No! I will get you out of here if it's the last thing I do!" Kakuzu got up and stood in front of the door. When it opened with Hidan's father stood there.


Hidan was gob smacked Kakuzu archly managed to nock his father out. Turning Kakuzu quickly grabbed Hidan swinging the smaller boy over his shoulders and making a run for it down the stairs and out the front door. When they was around the corner Kakuzu slowly placed Hidan down and helped him walk.

"Kakuzu that was fucking amazing"

"It's not over yet I have to get you to a hospital"

"Kakuzu" Hidan looked up at Kakuzu who stared right back.


"I really love you" Hidan smiled "I mean it Kakuzu I really do" Kakuzu felt his cheeks go red.

"Hidan I… love you to"

"Promise me something"

"Yeah Hidan anything"

"No matter what will you always be there?"

"Hidan am I still here now?"


"Then there's your answer" Hidan smiled and so did Kakuzu as they began to walk to the hospital right now no one with the world matter because they where together.