Chapter One

My cell phone begins to ring on my bedside table. I moan and roll over, looking at my clock. It's zero three hundred. Goddamn it. I lean over and pick up the phone though I'm ninety percent sure who it is. God damn Gibbs.

"Sadler" I mumble. Gibbs better have a good damn case for waking me up.

"Hello, Sara." I hear Ducky, the medical examiner say. I sit up straight. Not who I expected. I reach over and picked up my square rimmed glasses and put them on.

"Good morning Ducky" I start, putting extra emphasis on 'morning'. "What can I do for you?" I ran my hand through my hair.

"I have a body in autopsy… it's not a naval officer but was found with one"

"Do you need me to feel in for Abby?" I ask, referring to my mentor Abby Sciuto, who was in Louisiana for a funeral. I never did have the heart to ask who had died. Although I am technically a field agent, Gibbs, my boss, only trusts two people in the lab: me and Abby.

"No, Sara. I need you to identify the young woman." He says. I frown and stare at my phone.

"Ducky, how the hell do you expect me to do that?" I ask, standing from my bed and heading into my bathroom.

"Trust me, my dear young Sara, you'll be able to" Ducky tells me and hangs up. Damn Scottish man. I throw my phone on my bed and then turn on the water in the shower to the point where it might boil my skin. I peel off my clothes, cracking my neck. How the hell does that man expect to identify the body by looking at the victim?


"Opfm!" I exclaim, turning off the engine to my '69 candy apple green Corvette. Damn, I love this car, and well… it makes Tony jealous as hell. I push open my door and step out. As I do my jeans leg gets caught. "Crap" I mumble and tug on it. I get it out, down now there's a rip up to my hip. "Mother Fu---"

"Sadler, what are you doing here?" Gibbs asks coming up behind me. I turn around, holding my pants and keeping them near the door so he couldn't see.

"Ducky, he asked me to come in, sir… thinks I'll be able to identify one of the victims…" I say.

"How?" He asks frowning.

"I have no idea." Awkward silence. I hold my keys out. "Do you think you could get in my trunk and grab a pair of pants?"

"Why?" I show him my leg, trying to keep the fact that I'm not wearing underwear hidden from him. He nods and takes the keys from me. He goes to my trunk and pulls out a pair. "They're like little kid jeans…" He mumbles and throws them at me.

"Can you turn around?" I ask sheepishly.

"Why, you're wearing under—oh." He says and turns around, opening his jacket. I chuckle and pull off the ripped pants, throwing them in my car. I put on my black jeans, but now I feel disproportioned. Loose shirt, tight pants, and sneakers?

"Damn." I grumble and head back to my trunk. It's a good thing I always keep extra clothes around. I pull out a tight green shirt, a black jacket to match my jeans and ballet shoes. "Keep standing there." I tell Gibbs, standing behind him again to change. Once I change, I throw the clothes in the car and slam the door, locking it.

Gibbs turns around and for the first time, he notices I have a full figure. I laugh. "Come on, Special Agent Gibbs, we have a murderer to catch" I smile. He chuckles and shakes his head.


I stand at the autopsy door, still feeling quite queasy; I've never made it very long in autopsy. Tony teases me about that all the time. I shake my head and walk in. Ducky has the body on its stomach, a simple and obvious tattoo on her right shoulder; the left half of a peace sign, of which I have the right side on my left shoulder.

"No," I whimper, walking closer. Ducky looks over at me and I can tell he was happy he hadn't started the actual autopsy.

"Now you see what I mean" Ducky says in more of a statement then a question. I nod and walk closer.

"Can you… can you turn her over?" I ask. I want to be sure.

He grabs the shoulder of the victim and rolls her over. A whimper escapes my throat a sob rips out my body. I nod and Ducky covers up the body.

"I need… Gibbs…" I cry out and run for the elevator.


I enter the squad room, still sobbing. Gibbs, Tony, and Kate look at me oddly.

"I know who the victim is" I tell them through my tears. At once they all stand up.

"How is that possible?" Kate asks.

"Her name is Brea Melinda Walters… she is my best friend"