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Chapter One: Madness

" Hey, Fuuko-san! " a male voice called.

She was stuffing her books with some her other school supplies inside her locker when Fuuko shifted her gaze to her left, only to find out that it was their sports writer from her Journalism club Zai Kurohime. She didn't notice a cream-colored envelope sticking out in the pile of her things. Zai who was grinning broadly like a moron, reminded the wind child of her pathetic flame master, albeitly the one standing in front of her was more human-looking and possibly dashing if not for the stupid grin pasted on his face.

" What's up?! " she asked as she closed her locker door.

" Hey, Yanagi-san, it's a good thing you're here too," Zai smiled at the healer. " I have good news to spill," he continued as Yanagi came to Fuuko's side.

" What is it Zai-kun?" it was Yanagi's turn to ask.

" Unless you'd still want to see your face in this side of the earth, better make sure that it's a good one," Fuuko said rather irritably. She doesn't like the thrill of suspense.

" Chill, Fuuko-san," Zai replied. " Well, just this morning Shuyin-sama approached and told me to spread this unbelievable news. He was told by our adviser Nobe-sensei that we were going to hold off our paper works as well as the club's weekly meetings until our Junior-Senior Promenade finishes."

Their Junior-Senior Promenade is said to take place around a fortnight from now. Almost everybody in their campus esp. the female population was positively gaga about it. Except probably for Fuuko. Invitations and tickets were already out.

" That's great!!! " both Fuuko and Yanagi screamed in unison. As they caught each other's eyes, Fuuko broke into a hearty laugh while Yanagi giggled sweetly.

" You heard it right girls. She even hinted that we might include some articles about our personal experiences on that special day," Zai added.

" Arigatou Zai-kun, that really made my day," Fuuko beamed. Yes! No more paper works! Never mind the articles, she thought happily. No more chance of seeing---

Fuuko broke free from her sea of thoughts when Yanagi spoke. " See you around Zai-kun. Thanks again for the good news," Yanagi bowed.

He waved off their thanks, partly scratching his head. " Don't worry about it.. Anyway, Shuyin-sama would probabaly strangle me to death if I didn't get my job done early." He smiled sheepishly which really had shown-off his handsome looks. He bowed too, then rushed to the opposite way in the hall. The girls then headed towards the library which was on the second upper level of their school building. Once inside, the girls searched for some unoccupied seats, finally settling down on the seats at the back of the library in the general science section.

" Have you seen those two idiots?" asked Fuuko, referring to Recca and Domon as she sat down on her chair.

" I believe they were at the gym," replied Yanagi. She began to spread some books on their table.

" Yeah, probably playing their antics again. Weren't we supposed to do some of our homeworks?"

Yanagi nodded. Since they've learned that they won't have their first afternoon subject during lunchtime, only Fuuko and Yanagi decided to finished some their schoolworks as well as doing some research regarding the articles they were supposed to write next. When Fuuko made a decision to start things anew, fresh from their post-UBS days, entering the club included, it became a habit of hers to take the library as a sanctuary. Not that she was turning into some kind of nerd/genius like Mi-chan; Fuuko never wanted to rely on somebody again when doing her homeworks. She might have a hard time getting by on their lessons, but at least she's doing it on her own. Her low-brained best boy buddies on the otherhand were spending their time away from the things that spelled b-o-r-i-n-g. Being in the library is definitely included.

" Ano, Fuuko-chan, aren't you going to the prom?" Yanagi asked as she fidgeted uncomfortably. She was obviously been meaning to pose this question to her.

Fuuko stared at her in disbelief. " You're actually thinking that I'm going to that, what was it? Yeah, party-to-hell." A horrible image of leering devil in black suit, standing in a gateway to the fiery underworld, with a slogan of bloody WELCOME, flashed in Fuuko's mind. She felt some goosebumps creeping in her skin and cringed.

" But what's wrong with that? Fuuko-chan, believe me, it's going to turn your high school life around!" Yanagi squealed. Fuuko could see her companion turned starry-eyed as if she's falling into some kind of a sweet daydream. She must be fantasizing that her ninja was going to sweep her feet off. I'll let someone kick me in the gut if that ever happens in real life. Poor Yanagi. She shook her head.

" I'm not going because it's plainly not my cup of tea. We both know that I'd rather slack at home than to attend this kind of events. Besides, I don't have the budget for the stuffs that go with it," Fuuko explained. Going to prom implies spending a lot of money.

She chose to start her essay.

" If it's okay with you, let me work on the prom event. We could probably find ways to solve it. Just please go with us," Yanagi pleaded.

To which Fuuko replied wearily. " Yeah I think I could go. Just remember to help me okay?" She couldn't understand what made her say yes to the healer's suggestion but she couldn't bear the sad yet determined look on Yanagi's face. No wonder everybody likes her. She's really sweet. Yanagi revealed her pearly whites and started to discuss the things she wanted to happen during that special night, which dresses that would best suit for the two of them, which songs were going to be the played in their last dance, and some other stuffs that you don't usually see in Fuuko's entire set of encyclopedia. She was just nodding once in while just to please Yanagi as she continued to plough on her homework.

Then they've reached a topic where Fuuko was caught off-guard.

" Oh, what about your date, Fuuko-chan?" she asked innocently.

She put her pen into a halt, peering into Yanagi's face. She heard her alright, however, she has this idea that Yanagi might have just swallowed a joke book. " Did I just heard the term date?" said Fuuko incredulously. Yanagi nodded. Goodness, why didn't I saw this coming? Fuuko mouthed wordlessly, suddenly wishing she could take back her word, perhaps bashing her head in their table would be nice too!

" I just realized that...that you still don't have a date...or maybe an escort to go to the prom. I...uhmm...I really think you need one," muttered Yanagi.

As much as Fuuko wanted to zoom out from her seat to seek refuge in a nuthouse, she was held back by her promise. She heaved an exasperated sigh. " So do you have any ideas on how to get one?"

Yanagi blinked at her. " But I thought somebody had already asked you out," She saw the wind goddess's face darkened. " Oh, no, Fuuko-chan. It's not what you think! I didn't mean to insult you or anything but I really thought that you've already had a date because you're one of the prettiest girl here in school!"

" Yeah, as if anybody would take an interest on me," Fuuko said bitterly. " I guess I'm bound to do the whole inviting thing." End up being the pathetic one, I will.

" Do you have anyone in mind?" Fuuko shook her head, shrugging her shoulders. " What about Mikagami-sempai?"

Another stare of disbelief.

Then she let out a chuckle. " Just to get what? Be boiled alive in hot cauldron full of sulfuric acid or be dragged down all the way to Nifleheim, leaving me there to dry? I'm keeping my precious life, thank you very much." Yanagi slightly opened her mouth, possibly to defend the ensui master but she held her hand up. Ever since that fiasco on the bulletin board, Fuuko swore to herself not to show her face before the ice block's presence. She's been avoiding him at all cost: limiting the possible time in staying in a place whenever Mi-chan's around, scuttling back if they're about to meet in a corner, and talking to him only if it is necessary. Not that she was ashamed of what she did. She had a decency to stay away when she knows she's not welcomed. In someone else's heart that is.

Yanagi continued to give her options but she didn't like a single bit of it. Until…

" I don't know what are your thoughts about him, yet I suppose he's good enough for you. Ask Kenichi Shimizu."

" Kenichi Shimizu?!? The captain of soccer team?" said Fuuko in mild surprise.

" Yes. Well if he's not to your liking, I cannot think of anyone else!" Y anagi said rather desperately.

" Hang on— I might consider him." Fuuko replied slowly. I mean who wouldn't? He's probably the hottest thing on earth next to the sun!

Kenichi Shimizu, also in his senior year was considered to be Tokiya Mikagami's rival when it came to popularity. Aside from being a star player in his field of sport, he's never been behind in the brain department with the ensui master. Members of his fans liked the fact that he's approachable yet reserve, unlike our beloved ice block, who always shoots his fans with his icy glares.

So what he's like? Let just say he's got a lean athletic built, a gorgeous somewhat floppy, stylish auburn-honey hair, perhaps a genetically-blessed fine facial features with a pair of seriously sexy coffee-brown eyes to which even Fuuko believed that the heartthrob should be sent in jail for having one. Hey, Fuuko has still a right to admire someone from the opposite sex, given that this is a rare occasion to happen.

" You did him an interview, right?" asked Yanagi. Fuuko nodded at once. She remembered that one all too well because she was the only reporter/writer that Shimizu-senpai granted to do a face-to-face interview, after the regional tournament on soccer. Back then, she was still their sports writer. Fuuko was supposed to do her cover in the school grounds, after the soccer team's practice session; however, she was astonished when Shimizu-senpai invited her to have some coffee over the nearest café. And it turns out that he's the nicest bloke that Fuuko ever met, something that contrasts his aura of enigma and confidence. She never told this to anyone (as if she could) but she was kind of hoping to have more encounters with him because she definitely spent some good time with the guy.

" Well, I guess that settles it," said Yanagi happily. "I'll just look for Recca-kun, okay? We'll think of the strategies later on how to ask him. See you in the class later!" The sweet healer pushed her chair back, picked up her things, then headed to the library's doorway. Fuuko gently massage her temples to relieve the throbbing pain in her skull. Great, this is what I get from agreeing with Yanagi. If I ever need to excuse myself from school anytime soon, I'll ask her straight ahead to arrange me in blind dates. Arrgghh...It's worse than solving mathematical equation and completing English essays! She glanced at the pile of papers in front of her. Okay, I'd better hurry up in finishing these papers, the bell's due to ring somehow.

No sooner than ten minutes after Yanagi left, an unexpected person came to give Fuuko something she's been keen in running away from. Busy as she maybe in rechecking her work, Fuuko never failed to notice someone approached her table. She raised her head to allow her to see who it was. Her blue orbs dilated in outmost surprise.

" Busy as a bee, I see," he said in warm voice. A drumroll was heard in the end...

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