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Chapter Five: Cadence

Grrr…Whose reflection I'm seeing right now, Freddie's or Jason's?

Fuuko studied her image in front of the dresser's mirror, perhaps for the nth time. What else could be missing here? A dab of lip gloss, a touch of black mascara or a dust of blush? She made a puffy face. She glanced at the teen magazine spreading atop her dresser.

"I guessed this should be enough!" Fuuko muttered loudly.

Sighing, she looked again at her own reflection. She felt huge satisfaction that she had done a neat job in copying the celebrity look featured in the magazine. For once, she never thought she would be able to do something girly on her own. Yet, Fuuko's still having butterflies in her stomach even after her mom and Ganko told her she was fabulously lovely when they came to check her a moment ago. That was a nice compliment, considering her painstaking effort in beautifying herself.

Fuuko then stood up, walking towards the full-length mirror. But even she, was quite amazed on how she managed to look fantastic tonight. She made a cheeky grin. Then, making some last minute inspection whether or not her outfit was perfect as it can be, she took a box of shoes underneath her bed. Fuuko opened the box, removed it contents as it revealed a killer, sexy black open-toe pumps. A smile lit on her face as she remembered who gave her the shoes.

Just yesterday, Fuuko and Kenichi went to the mall. She was taken aback when her senpai dragged her to this cool shoe store. The soccer heartthrob selected the shoes for her while she waited on the store's couch. A few minutes had passed when Kenichi was seen holding a pair of sexy shoes. He knelt down in front of her; taking her right foot to fit to shoe. Poof! Like some magic, those black pumps perfectly fit on her! Without further ado, Kenichi paid for her shoes, telling her that she must wear on the night of their Prom.

Back into the present situation, Fuuko slipped on her shoes. Her jaw dropped. Hey, I never knew that this pair of shoes goes together with my dress! She had to thank Kenichi as well as her classmate, Tatsuya, for designing her dress. You read it right. Her gay classmate actually offered her to tailor-made her prom dress; he said that he do it for free because he would love to flaunt Fuuko's curves through his work. Who knows, he might be discovered as a great designer.

Riiiiiing!!! Her cellphone rang rather loudly.

"Fuuko, we're going to have our roots sprouted here waiting for you!" a male voice shouted at the other end of line. It was Recca's.

Feeling irritated, the wind child retorted, "Baka! I'm just about to leave when you called! It's not easy to walk on this outfit if you must know!"

"Hahaha! Halloween's a tad too early, Fuuko!" Recca said.

"Wait till I get there, you bastard! You're never going to see the sunrise again!" Fuuko said threateningly. She could feel the blood slowly boiling inside her.

"Oho! If you said so," Recca mocked. Then he became serious, "Well...erm...somebody's been anxiously waiting for you here."

Could that be---? "Who?" Fuuko asked, feigning curiosity.

"That soccer guy, Kenichi Shimizu. He's been asking for you for around 10 times."

"Shoot! I know I'm late, so gotta go!" Fuuko said, switching her phone off before Recca could reply. Fuuko remembered she refused Kenichi's offer to fetch her in her house, explaining to him that she could manage to go on her own. She dashed back on her dresser, grabbed her newly bought perfume, and spritzed some into her body. Fuuko was about to twist her doorknob when felt another presence in her room. She turned around.

It was the ensui master, Tokiya Mikagami.

"Mi-chan?!?" Fuuko gasped. "Darn it! W-w…what?"

Tokiya replied nonchalantly, "You're going with me, no matter what. Anyhow, the window's open." He seemed to be brushing some dirt on his clothes. As he stared at the wind goddess, he felt his jaw practically hitting the floor.

Standing before him was a chic-looking Fuuko. Her purple hair was done in sleek, piecey bobcut. She was sporting a black, halter dress with a leather-like obi sash that accentuates her slim waist. Its plunging neckline nicely revealed her sexy decolletage. The hemline was just above her knee, enough to show off her legs. Everything seemed to hit her curves in the right places.

His mouth had gone dry; there was a lump in his throat. Is he still even breathing? In other words, Tokiya was hypnotized by her spell.

"Hello, earth to Mi-chan! What, in the name of craptasticness are doing here?"

Fuuko's loud voice had brought back his senses. Tokiya tried to erase his lingering thoughts of the wind child. He grasped her hand and said, "I said I'm going to take you somewhere!"

Still dazed with the ensui master's scheme, Fuuko found herself running stealthily on her neighborhood's rooftops; just as an assassin on move would do. Her mind kept on wondering vaguely on what was about to happened. Meanwhile, the ensui master was quite thankful that in Fuuko's room, the window was big enough to use as an escape route. He was still holding her hand.

At last, they've reached their destination. They went inside a glass house.

Fuuko scanned the forest-like place. The moon shone outside, as it was visibly seen through the highly-domed glass house. A fountain was found in its center, whilst Grecian canopy lay on the fountain's right side. Rich floras were carefully lighted giving it an impression of a bewitched forest. She was fascinated to see something beautiful as this.

"I asked my Mom a favor, to rent this place for a night because she knew the owner of the place," Tokiya explained. He was referring to Nobe-sensei, a very nice, old teacher who took him in her household as her own son.

"We're going to have our own Prom here."

But Fuuko wasn't listening. She had her retreating back on him.

"Don't even try to elude, Fuuko," his cold voice cut in. Fuuko raised her eyebrows, as if to dare him why.

"I could use my ensui to create barriers, remember?" As though to prove himself right, he revealed his magical sword, then pointing it at the fountain. His sword came back to its life, glistening dangerously.

Great, he really did plan everything!

The wind child realized that she was playing a tough game with the ice block. Who would have thought that her Fuujin might be needed during her Prom night? Life is so unfair after all.

Seeing that Fuuko's resistance was somehow lowered, Tokiya ordered his ensui in its original form. He drew nearer to Fuuko, eliminating the wide space between them. He was about to say something when a noisy sound hissed. It was Fuuko's cellphone ringing again.

Fuuko frantically fumbled her clutch bag, in which she luckily had brought along. In the screen, the caller's name blinked. It was Kenichi who was calling her. She flipped open her phone, ready to answer, when Tokiya snatched it from away from her.

"Moshi, moshi. Fuuko, where have you been? I'm worried about you. I called at your house but your mom said you left already," said Kenichi in worry.

"The number you have dialed is either unattended or busy. And please don't call again," Tokiya said. He switched off her phone, placing it inside his coat's pocket. Tokiya about to smirk in his victory over dismissing the soccer player when he saw Fuuko's shadowy face.

Tokiya fought hard the guilty feeling that was sinking in his soul. Instead, he mustered his courage in posing the big question that's been bothering him in his sleep.

"Tell me Fuuko, am I still there in your heart?"

With those words, Fuuko lifted her head, staring unbelievably at Tokiya. Shock swept over her. It rendered her speechless.


Tokiya was, however, afraid of what answer he might receive. He had lost his voice. His insides began to twist and turn. Then-

"It's funny you've said that," Fuuko said bitterly. "For all those times that you could have asked me, why now?"

"Because…you're going to be a part in my life. And I'm going to take chances."

"Chances? You've missed it, Mi-chan."

"Not when you say it's over."

"Then it's ove---".

But Fuuko's words didn't come out. Her world seemed to move in slow motion. Right before her eyes, she saw how the ensui master cut his long, silvery mane, with his own sword. She was staring at those long locks flitting in the air, now slithering on the earth. Fuuko was absolutely thunderstruck.

Tokiya advanced towards her. "I had to do that, if that's what it takes you to forgive me and wait for…wait for you."

"Honestly, I'm not over you Mi-chan. It's just someone came along when you weren't there to make me feel better."

For a minutes they've let silence reigned between them. They were both lost in their thoughts; a good dose of introspection ensnared their senses.

"Then, you would be my first and last dance?" It was Tokiya who first broke their silence.

Fuuko glanced at him curiously. She beamed a smile. "Hey, those lines ought to be mine!"

Tokiya grasped her hand, placing his hands on her waist; hers on his shoulders. As they drew closer to each other, their hearts thumped erratically. Music started playing in the background. Guitar and piano lend their voice. Their feet led them to dance.

Fuuko was staring, at handsome swordsman before her. Somehow, she thought, that the ice block's new hairdo suited him the most. He looked terrific in that elegant black-and-gold coat. Well, he's damn good-looking every time wasn't he? She grinned inwardly to herself, realizing that having a dashing and cool dance partner in her prom night wasn't a bad idea after all.

Tokiya was looking at Fuuko intently. There was quite an angst and edge in her look tonight, to which he was glad that a trace of grace in her charms. He caught a whiff of her fragrance, it smelled vanilla and calla lily. Her radiance illuminated in the otherwise dimly lit place. Had they gone to the party tonight, Tokiya was dead sure that Fuuko would be a showstopper. He shivered in delight knowing that they belonged in a world that was only their's tonight.

My mind pounds and I can't think
Scared to death to say I love her
Then a moon peeks from the clouds
Hear my heart that beats so loud
Try to tell her simply

That I've got all that I need
Right here in the passenger seat
Oh I can't keep my eyes on the road
Knowing that she's inches from me

Oh and I've got all that I need
Right here in the passenger seat
Oh and I can't keep my eyes on the road
Knowing that she's inches from me

The curtain falls. This time it's for real.

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