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"I was wondering if you could explain to me how the transformation process is initiated and what all it encompasses,"

After an hour long conversation I thanked her for the information and promised to call again.

It was late when I got home from class, I dropped my keys in the bowl on the counter and glanced over at the answering machine, of course it was blinking.

"Hey Bells, it's dad, I was just checking to see how the lessons were going. Give me a call tomorrow if you get a chance. Nite, kiddo."

"Hi Babygirl, thought I'd try this the conventional way. Emmet and Jazz are going to be calling the others as well. Just wondering if you had plans for this Saturday? Maybe you could meet us at the airport?"

Yes! I was so excited I knew I would have trouble sleeping. I had never tried to contact Edward while he was at work for fear I would interrupt when he was busy.

Edward, can you hear me?

Mmmmm hi babygirl. His voice was sleepy and raspy sounding.

I got your message. Just let me know what time your flight comes in and we will be there with bells on.

Ok. I'll call you Friday to let you know.

I can't wait to see you; I hope I didn't interrupt anything by contacting you tonight.

Baby, you can contact me anytime you want. I love to hear your sweet voice in my head. I was laying here in bed listening to music trying to relax. I'd much rather listen to you to relax.

Ok. I'll let you get some sleep. Good night Edward.

I love you Babygirl.

Me too, babe.

I only worked half a day on Thursday so it gave me plenty of time to sit down with the scrapbook.

I wanted to show him that every moment with him, be they good or scary, meant everything to me.

I finished up the last page and closed it, looking at the clock, I had just enough time to hop in the shower before I started dinner for Charlie.

I was fixing his favorite, steaks and baked potatoes with a salad.

Charlie ate heartily and leaned back in his chair, "hey Bells, what kind of plans have you and Edward made for your future?"

"We haven't really made any definite plans dad, we have talked about a few things, but I promise to keep you up on any decisions we make. Okay?"

"Okay Bells, just didn't want you disappearing on me or anything." He hugged me.

"Deal, dad, no disappearing." I grinned, thinking of the several times I nearly did just that.

Edward left a message that their plane would be in at noon.

We were waiting at the gate, anticipation making us nervous.

Edward dropped his bag and grabbed me in the biggest hug and kiss. I was in heaven.

"Welcome home baby" I whispered.

"That sounds so good. I could almost leave again just to be welcomed back."

"Don't even try it Bucko" I laughed.

He held my hand the whole way home. His thumb trailing back and forth over my skin, reminding me he was really there.

I shut the door and clicked the lock, turning to face him with a smile.

He put his bags down by the wall and reached for me, pulling me to his body for a kiss.

My body moved against him without hesitation. The pure sensual love I felt for this man amazed me.

Edward looked down into my eyes as his lips moved to mine. I slid my hands around his neck and pulled him to me.

Soft, gentle, loving kisses as we stood there. I wanted him to know how much he was missed.

He swept me up in his arms and carried me to the bedroom. Placing me on my bed he reached and pulled my shoes off. I heard his shoes hit the floor as he kicked them off as well.

His hands moved up my legs caressing me as he worked his way to my jeans.

"Bella, I want to see your body babygirl. I want to hold you against me."

I nodded as I shifted to raise my hips up to give him access to slide the jeans off of me.

He took them off and slid his hands to the bottom of my sweater to pull it up over my head.

He sat there beside me staring at me and I could feel my body blushing.

His fingers began to caress over me. He placed a thumb at my jaw line and spread his fingers across my neck. So very slowly, he slid it down my shoulder.

The heat of his touch flowed over my entire body like flames increasing in intensity.

Every single nerve ending in my skin was exploding. He played across my shoulders and down my body like a musician on his beloved instrument.

I wanted him to know my love, to feel it on my body as it answered his, to see it in my eyes as we joined, to know in his heart what was in mine.

My fingers reached for his shirt and one by one I unbuttoned it. Slipping it off his shoulders and letting it fall. I wanted to feel his body against me as well, skin to skin.

My hand slid down to his jeans and I tugged to unfasten them. He stood to slip them off and I unhooked my bra, pulling it over my arms as he sat back down.

One glance at his boxer briefs and I could tell he was as eager as I was.

Teasingly, I slid my thumbs into my waistband of my panties and back and forth I wiggled the sides up and down while he grinned.

He pulled them off in one swift motion making me laugh at his impatience.

Standing again, he pulled his boxer briefs off and moved to sit back down, but I touched his leg as I turned on my stomach and faced him.

He caught his breath when he realized what I was moving to do. I scooted to sit on the edge of the bed and reaching my fingers up to pull his body close to me.

My nails trailed up and down his thighs as I looked up in his eyes and licked my lips to moisten them.

His entire body tensed with excitement as I slid my fingers around his base and moved my tongue to the bottom.

One long slow lick all the way up brought out a moan.

Moving over a fraction of an inch and repeating it, brought out a shiver as well.

Moving bottom to top each time and purposely going as slow as I could, I enjoyed him like an ice cream cone and he was breathless.

His hands clenched in my hair as I licked circles around the tip. When I flicked my tongue back and forth over the edge, he growled in appreciation.

His voice was very low and deep "take it baby."

I looked up again to see his face. One more lick around for good measure and I placed my lips around him sliding down, moaning as I went.

His eyes were closed, his head leaned back and his entire body shook as I moved my lips down him.

His hands tensed in my hair and I created pressure by tightening my throat around him.

'Ohhhhhhhh god baby" he could barely whisper now.

I slipped my mouth all the way off of him slowly then slurped across the tip causing him to groan deeper.

My fingers had moved from his thighs to his sack and was gently rolling him in my hand.

Pushing my mouth back down I felt him throb and twitch.

I concentrated on taking the entire length knowing he could feel it pressing against my throat.

Teasing with my teeth I slid up and down, licking and turning my head side to side.

I knew he was close and was waiting on just the right cue.

I sucked down tight and rolled my tongue over him. He bucked his hips forward and began to groan loudly.

That was my cue, I pushed down as deep as I could and began to swallow, letting my throat caress him up and down tightening and releasing as it moved.

He grabbed my head and cried out my name as he released for me.

I will always love the look on his face when he releases for me. So beautiful, so natural, so completely in ecstasy.

He rolled me over and laid down by me covering my face in kisses. He was far more breathless than I was and I had to grin at his silly smile.

"Welcome home baby"

"Mmmmm thank you, but you seriously don't think you are getting away that easy do you?"

"I would hope not"

He lowered his head once again to kiss me. Hot and passionate, eager and full of need. His lips tugging at mine, his tongue pushing its way in to dance along my own.

This was my love, my new life and I wanted to join with him as one so bad.

My body arched up for him, begging for every touch, every kiss.

His hands reached possessively for my breasts. Pinching my nipples and bringing flames to dive from my breasts to my heat.

He flicked my nipple with his tongue as his fingers continued to play on their personal playground of my body.

He skipped his fingertips down my stomach and across my hips. Caressing down my thighs and urging them apart for him.

My hands were rubbing his shoulders and neck.

I could feel the wetness pool between my legs as he moved his fingers closer.

My body wanted him and was ready for his.

He brought his lips to mine whispering "you know you are mine don't you Bella? I want you forever, beside me, with me."

"Yes Edward. I'm always yours."

His fingers teased up and down my lower lips, brushing across my clit as I grabbed a handful of his hair in response.

He smiled "mmm sensitive today are we?"

I nodded and closed my eyes to concentrate on the feel of him.

He began to whisper all the things he was going to do to me during the day and night. All the ways he wanted to make love to me. All the ways he wanted to make me explode for him. How he wanted to hear me calling his name. How he wanted to make me feel all the pleasure this world could create.

As he told me this his finger slid inside me. My hips rose up to meet him.

My body begged all on its on. It tightened on his finger as he moved in and out. He smiled as he added another and sped up.

"Do you want this Bella? Do you want to cum for me?"

"Please Edward." I could barely whisper now.

He curled his fingers in me and rubbed up at just the right angle.

I moved my hips up and down as I groaned for him. He sped up and moved his other hand to rub across my nipple.

I could hold on no more and exploded in an earth shattering orgasm.

Edward moved slower and slower, working me down from my explosion.

I pulled his lips to me again and kissed him deeply.

He looked at me and smiled in his beautiful crooked smile and didn't even give me a chance to catch my breath before he had moved his body between my legs.

He raised my legs to rest on his shoulders, and eased inside of me.

I reached my hands to his hips and pulled, wanting him to go deeper.

We moaned together as he plunged inside. We both needed this and I matched the rhythm he created with our bodies.

My fingers clenched his buttocks and I begged for more and harder.

We moved with each other, our worlds combined. Our lives entwined and our souls met.

His hands on my hips pulling me onto him, pushing himself into me, giving me his love.

The sensations he created in me, his musky scent, his animal groans, building me higher and higher.

"Edward pleaseeeeee baby now"

He answered me with his body. Shoving in harder and faster until I grabbed him tight and my entire body screamed out with wave after wave of pure euphoria.

My body tightened on his and pulsed as my orgasm overcame me. Pushing him beyond the edge.

He pushed in deep and held me there, filling my body with the heat of his spasms.

Slowly he lowered my legs and moved to my side.

His hands caressing my face, his body pressed up against me.

I turned to look into those gorgeous eyes.

"I love you baby"

"I love you too babygirl"

I woke up with a smile on my face and wrapped in Edward's arms.

This was exactly how I wanted my day to begin from now on.

I sat staring at him as I ate breakfast and he looked at his scrapbook.

"Edward, I spoke with Esme while you were gone."

He looked up at me quizzically "oh?"

"I called to ask her to tell me how the transformation works."

He stiffened in his chair. "And did she explain it?"

"Yes she did. She answered all my questions as well."

"I see."

"Why don't you want me to be transformed Edward?"

"Bella, I would love for you to be full Carpathian. I just can't ask you to put yourself through that kind of pain and danger for me. If anything happened… I would never forgive myself."

"Baby, I know, but you haven't asked me. I'm asking you. Let me join you, let me share your life with you. Let me be the one to give you a family."

He sat with his head in his hands as if in a great turmoil.

Finally, he looked up. Reaching over he took my hand and brought it to his lips and kissed it.

"We can get married here with your family and friends and then take a honeymoon in the Carpathian Mountains with my family. That way Charlie will be none the wiser when you come back a little different."

I sat there with my mouth open, not sure yet of what he just said.

He leaned across the table and kissed me. "Well you didn't think I would let you keep seducing me without making an honest man out of me, did you?"

I moved over into his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him deeply.

"And just how long do I have before all this takes place?"

"As soon as possible, babygirl. As soon as possible."