A/N: I hate to have to write these things, but this one is a good one :)

First, due to real life conflicts over the last few months, my writing has been put on hold. I'm hoping that it will calm down soon enough and I'll be able to finish my stories. Until that time, however, please be patient with me and know that good things are in store.

This brings me to my second reason for this little A/N. I am going to run a contest this month for my birthday. That's right, I will officially be running through my 30s on the 19th when I turn 31 (oh, the horror!!!). LOL!

So, here are the details you'll all want to know:

Dates: Accepting stories between 08/05/09 - 08/23/09

Voting: 08/25/09 - 08/31/09

Pairing(s): Non-canon (slash, f-slash, 3somes and other multiples are all okay)

Rating: M (these are not for the faint-of-heart stories, so share your lemony goodness!)

Words: 10,000 max, 2,000 min

Heading for the contest (not included in word count):

"I Wear the Crown's Ultimate Birthday Panty Dropper"


Pen name:


Vampire or Human:



For more information, please see contest details on I Wear the Crown's profile


PM me with a link and the name of your submission. I will read over it and then add it to a community

just for this contest. If you have any questions, just let me know. Happy writing!!