Another time and space - Part one; she told me to kiss you

a Final Fantasy IV fanfiction (Edge x Cecil)

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This isn't the world you'd expect it to be. This isn't a world where we fight monsters or save damsels in distress. We live a peaceful life here. We try to let the world be a better place. At least it used to be..

My name is Edge and I'm the prince of this country. What I just described is how my world used to be. But as I was having a fun time with my two friends, Cecil and Rydia, my world suddenly changed into something completely new.

Please listen to what I have to tell. Listen to this story; a story of another time and space.

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"Edge, wait up!" Cecil called loudly through the night. He heard the door knock against the wall of the Inn as he stormed out of the building. He looked around, searching for the retreating form of his friend and felt pain in his heart.

Careful not to trip in the dark, the young man started to follow the prince's trail. Without a word, he crossed the forest and followed the path to the north, only to find him sulking on top of the cliffs that look out on the sea.

"You know she didn't mean it like that, Edge. She was just fooling around and didn't know what she was saying. It was probably the alcohol.." The prince heard his friend walk closer, but he couldn't look up without yelling at him, so he stayed put. Slowly he felt warmth next to him and he realized Cecil had sat down next to him, gazing over the water like he did.

It stayed silent as Edge tried to ignore him, though finally he failed. He looked at the other man from the corner of his eye and admired the serene look on his face before turning his gaze back at the scenery in front of him.

"Doesn't mean she can just say whatever she wants." His voice sounded better than he felt, unwavering and clear, though his heart ached in pain. He'd known very well that Rydia had been drunk enough to forget to think. She never really drank much and tonight she even drank more than him.

It had been a fun night, just randomly made up when they had nothing to do. But suddenly Rydia had reached her limit and couldn't think straight anymore. That's when she suddenly started blabbing on how he always listened so well to her and how he was always so obedient for a prince.

It had been irritating, but the calmness of Cecil about the whole thing had rubbed off on him and he just tried to ignore her drunken mood. He'd tried, but at one point he totally snapped at her as well as at Cecil.

His friend had just silently been watching the whole scene and when he'd stormed off after his angry tirade, he'd followed him right away. The prince was known for his thick-headedness when he was angry, after all no one had been able to stop him from avenging his parents.

That's when the three of them met. Cecil had just looked at him and told him to calm down. Of course Edge didn't want to listen, but the young man refused to let him pass. It never became clear to anyone why Edge finally calmed down, even Cecil was surprised he'd actually listened after he got to know him better, but after that the two had become inseparable friends.

This time, however, Edge hadn't wanted to listen and he'd stormed off after telling him he was the biggest idiot he knew and that he didn't know anything. It was like being slapped in the face. Cecil never thought Edge would ever snap at him like that.

"I'm sorry about what I said earlier.." Suddenly the young man was pulled back into reality by the rare apologies of his friend. "I didn't mean it like that, I just.." Edge went silent as he fidgeted with his shirt. He'd always found it difficult to apologize and Cecil staring at him in surprise like that didn't really make him feel comfortable at all.

Suddenly his friend stood up and offered his hand to him. The prince looked up at the other, unsure what was going on, but then he saw his gentle smile and relaxed a bit.

"Let's go back, Sire." Cecil's voice was warm with affection and he motioned the other to take his hand. Gently, the young man pulled him up and steadied him with an arm around his back. For a moment Edge was glad it was dark, for he was sure a blush had crept upon his face by now.

For a moment they stood there, without a word, as Edge gazed up into Cecil's warm eyes. He felt his arm around his back and a strong chest against his arm. Slowly and painfully, he stepped away from the other man, only to be led away by the hand Cecil was still holding in his own.

Edge stared at their intertwined hands as he wondered what that was just now, but then they entered the forest and the little light he'd had on the cliffs vanished completely. Carefully, Cecil led him through the dark, making sure he wouldn't hit any tree or bush.

"Why did you get so angry?" His warm questioning voice suddenly broke the silence. They kept on walking, as Edge wondered if he really didn't know or not. Cecil looked over his shoulder to look at him as he softly continued.

"It's not like she said anything offending." Without a warning, Edge came to a halt as Cecil's words got through to him. With wide eyes he pulled his hand loose and looked at his friend, trying to figure out what the hell he was thinking. As he failed to understand anything of it, he couldn't help but blush and yell:

"She told me to kiss you!"

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