Another time and space - Part seven; Idiot

a Final Fantasy IV fanfiction (Edge x Cecil)

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"I love you."

Edge's head snapped up and his eyes widened as his brains registered what he'd just heard. He couldn't help but stare at the knight that lay sick in bed, his eyes searching his face for some clue as of the truth of those words.

Softly, Cecil's fingers rose from their place on Edge's leg to slowly cup his face. His voice was so soft, so fragile, as if he were afraid the world would break apart if he would voice his love any louder. And all Edge could do was stare at him; confused, happy, shocked.

"Edge, please say something…" The fear in the knight's eyes snapped the prince back to reality. He parted his lips to answer him, but no matter how much he thought about what he wanted to say, the words just couldn't leave his lips.

Had he really just told him he loved him? Why hadn't he said so sooner? Why hadn't he let him know? It would've saved them so much trouble and pain. It would've kept them from wasting all that precious time. Why hadn't he told him?

Cecil looked at his love and couldn't help the stinging fear in his heart. He wasn't used at the staring kind of Edge he was seeing now. The young prince hadn't even yelled at him for telling him such a thing. He hadn't even run away. Was he so shocked that he'd frozen completely?

Edge tried to keep his spinning thoughts under control, but couldn't help the images of the many new possibilities flash through his head. He tried to ignore them, tried to answer to Cecil's words but he just couldn't help it; he'd just heard what he'd wanted to hear for the past year!

Realizing the mistake he'd made, Cecil dropped his hand. He shouldn't have said it, he shouldn't have told him what he felt for the other man. It was stupid of him to think that maybe, just maybe the prince would answer his feelings. After all, why would he forgive him so suddenly? Oh God. He'd ruined it all. Why had he even considered listening to Rydia when she'd told him Edge did love him?

As soon as the prince felt the warm hand retreating from his face, his mind snapped back in focus. He hadn't dreamt it! He really had told him those words. What the hell was he waiting for? Didn't people always say action says more than words ever can?

"I'm sorry…" Cecil looked away from the prince as he drowned in the pain of being rejected. His heart was aching so much he'd lost focus of what happened around him. His thoughts flooded him and his pain drowned him, what else could he expect? Why wasn't Edge just leaving? This only made it more painful…

As Edge heard Cecil's words he really couldn't stand it anymore. Before the knight could even comprehend what was happening, his lips were locked by the prince and his words muffled in his mouth. The prince pushed him down and demanded access to Cecil's mouth with his tongue, forgetting the world because of this love. Forgetting that he was a prince and that people expected certain things from him. He just felt in love.

For a moment Cecil didn´t get what was happening, but as soon as he felt Edge´s tongue against his lips, he gasped and felt his heart skip a beat. The prince had his eyes closed, tears rolling down his cheeks. The knight felt the young body against his trembling from pure joy and suddenly he understood what happened.

His arms circled around the other man, one hand in his back and the other in his love´s hair. Assured it was okay, he pulled the other closer and to his satisfaction, he felt a moan rise through Edge´s body.

Their tongues danced a passionate dance as their hands greedily touched each other; exploring, claiming. For a moment they broke apart, gasping for breath and Edge asked him 'since when do you say sorry?' before their lips locked again and Cecil couldn't help but grin into the kiss as he pulled the prince even closer.

Slowly he pulled away, biting Edge's lower lip softly and started tracing butterfly kisses all over the other man's exposed skin. As he reached his neck he softly bid him, receiving a deep moan and an arching back as his reward. With a chuckle he answered him with barely a whispered 'since when do you ignore me?' and he licked the other's ear before softly biting him once again.

And as for Rydia? he was crouching in front of the door, trying to see something from underneath it. She winced as she suddenly felt someone tap her shoulder. Slowly she looked up and tried a little unsure and nervous smile, but the other simply looked at her and shook his head.