Several Years Later

Bella made her way up the familiar drive, stopping at the house she once called home. Brushing her hair out of her face she took an unneeded deep breath. The house in front of her held so many memories, so much history that for a moment her silent heart hurt.

While it had pained her to do so, Bella had made the journey alone; leaving Edward and his family behind. Under any other circumstance it would have been foolish for her to travel by herself, but this time was different and they knew that.

Jacob had gotten a hold of her to let her know that she was allowed back into Forks for one day, but only if she arrived alone. While the treaty had been broken, his status as the pack leader had benefited her, if only for that day.

Charlie had passed away in his sleep a week before.

Jacob, understanding the need for her to say her peace, had allowed her the time to do so while restricting the presence of the one person she truly needed, Edward.

Adjusting the sunglasses on her face, she opened the car door and stepped out onto the familiar gravel path. The wind billowed around her and her hair flew wildly in the wind. Jacob stood alone on the porch, now older and more refined.

"Bells," he whispered softly.

"Hey Jake." Bella waved softly as she leaned against her car.

Without saying a word he made his way to stand beside her, pulling her in for a hug which she gently returned.

"I'm so sorry." Jacob stated softly into her hair. "I know how much Charlie meant to you."

Bella nodded her head, reflecting on his words. While Bella didn't remember much from her human life, she clearly remembered her love for her father. The image of him at her graveside was still ingrained in her memory, her last moment with him.

Pulling a set of keys out of his pocket Jacob handed them to her, his gaze distant.

"After dad died," Jacob's voice broke as he talked "Charlie became like a second father to me. He took me fishing with him, we would have dinners together, he helped lead and guide me. I would have done anything for him Bells, this is just my way of making things right."

Bella could feel her eyes burning with unshed tears as she fingered the house keys, looking off in the distance.

"I know he loved you Jacob, thank you for taking care of him after I left."

Jacob nodded, before shrugging his shoulders. "I've missed having you around Bells, I really truly have. Charlie is buried next to your plot." He smiled bitterly then "That sounds so weird to say."

"Thank you Jacob, for letting me…"

"Like I said," Jacob replied interrupting her "I did it for him."

Bella nodded curtly before opening her car door. She turned back to him, a small frown on her face. "I will be gone by tomorrow night."

Jacob nodded his acceptance heading down the road before disappearing into the woods.


Bella sat in the grass, slowly tracing her fingers over the engraved words. She was overcome by emotion and her eyes burned with unshed tears. Words flowed through her mind, but nothing seemed appropriate or adequate to express everything she needed to say.

"I guess I should say surprise." Bella sighed softly "I should also say I am sorry, that's probably where I should start." Bella laughed at how foolish she sounded and how strange it felt to be talking to her father's grave but she needed to get it out. "I couldn't tell you, no matter how much I wanted to, I couldn't put you in danger. I miss you daddy. I've missed you since the moment I left. I love you. I'm so sorry I had to deceive you that I put you through so much, but I promise I am happy now. Edward makes me happy."

Bella shoved her hair out of her face, letting the emotion of the moment overtake her. "I promise you that I am living each day to the fullest. The Cullen's are so wonderful to me, Edward is so wonderful. We got married shortly after everything happened. We've been living in Alaska. The Cullen's have this beautiful house that is kind of out in the middle of nowhere. It's finally feeling like home to me."

She continued to talk for a while before brushing her fingers once again across the stone. "I will visit as soon as I can."


Standing in front of her car Bella looked up at the house in front of her. The home which once seemed so welcoming now seemed foreboding. Taking a deep breath she steadied herself before entering the house. She was startled by the familiar smell of the house, the warmth of the familiarity washing over her.

Making her way through the house she gently ran her hand along the banister, Charlie hadn't changed a thing. Bella heard movement in the living room and then a soft and unmistakable voice called her name.


She turned, her eyes immediately meeting his and a small sigh of contentment escaping her lips.

"What are you doing here? You are going to get in trouble."

"I'll deal with Jacob later," Edward mumbled pulling her into his arms and holding her tightly. "My wife needs me and I don't care what anyone says I am going to be there for her."

Bella felt him gently nuzzle his nose into her neck and a sigh escaped his lips. "This is right where I belong," Edward whispered "right here with you."

"Are you okay?"

"Surprisingly so," Bella replied pulling him closer to her "I missed you."

"I was miserable without you." Edward stated "Jasper finally kicked me out of the house because of my moping. Jacob was unreasonable in his request and I think he will let this slide."

"But you can't be sure."

"No I'm pretty sure," Edward stated tapping his head as he smiled at her. "Plus Alice kind of sort of told me that if I sneaked in we would get away with it."

Bella felt a gentle chuckle escape her lips. "Leave it to Alice to find a way around the rules."

"Eh, at least she is good for something." Edward tilted her head then placing a gentle kiss onto her lips and rubbing his hand against her cheek. "Other than shopping that is."

"I love you," Bella smirked, her arms tangling in his hair and tugging on the ends.

"I love you, Bella." Edward murmured kissing her forehead and then her nose. His lips hovered over hers and he smiled wickedly, his lips brushed hers as he continued to speak. "You know the house is empty."

Bella shook her head chuckling softly. "Not happening."

Edward got a wicked glint in his eyes as he ran his hand down through her hair. Leaning over he whispered gently into her ear, "We will see about that."

His tongue sneaked out and traced the curve of her ear. Bell could feel the puff of his breath on her neck. "Bella," he whispered.

"Hmmm," she hummed as he kissed her neck sweetly.

"I love you my beautiful, dear, sweet, beloved Bella."

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