The Witching Hour

"By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes."


She rested back on her arms, tilting her head backwards towards the full moon. Golden hair spilled down over her shoulders; a waterfall of moonlight. Eyes that were as blue as ice held a laughter in them, a sort of carelessness. Long legs crossed at the ankle on the dewy grass, green with the end of the summer. She was the image of perfection; the queen bee. Grass tickled at her legs.

"It's a beautiful night, Blair." Said her companion. The girl next to Blair was her opposite in numerous ways. She lay on her back, face lit by the moon and stars. She was tiny, and dark skinned where Blair was tall, and ivory. Curly black hair spilled over the grass. Eyes the color of green glow sticks peered out from beneath dark lashes. Most assumed that she wore contacts.

"I fear that it's one of the last, Nixie." Blair murmured. "Colder weather will be here."

Nixie turned towards her elder by a year, laying on her side. "What if the prophecy isn't filled? It said we'd find her by the first snow. Summer is ending, Blair, and we've been searching all through it. You're a senior this year. What will happen when you leave?"

"Then you'll take my spot; but I fully believe we'll find her before then." Blair smiled.

The girls had known each other since they were young, before school age, before the group had formed and a prophecy told. Before they had known they were witches.

The powers lay dormant in their unsuspecting parents; but all six girls, all from different families, had traced their ancestry back to suspected families in Salem, during the witch trials. They'd traced them to the real witches – the ones who escaped because they were witches, and because they could. Mere humans had perished in their wake. The children, having had powers dormant until first grade, believed that their families had landed in the same town by fate.

To make things happen. To change things.

And then, the prophecy.

In first grade, there'd been just Blair. Then the next year had come Nixie and Aze, whose powers had manifested in their first grade year as well. The year after that had been the twins, Celine and Maya, and Persephone. They'd been together ever since, starting with mere pranks… and moving closer and closer to the witchcraft they'd been born to do each year.

Nixie laid her head against the grass again. In her head, the amount of days left ran constantly. Days. Hours. Minutes. Seconds. Time counts that humans were unaware of. Nixie, the human calculator.

There were six of them in total, but this summer night was solely for Blair and Nixie. The other four were separate from the school tonight on the eve of Blair's senior year.

Blair, Nixie, Aze, Celine, Maya, and Persephone.

The witches.