What She Needs

She takes only what she needs and no more. There is a whole fleet to be fed and while they've recently come into a good quantity of supplies they may not find any more in the weeks to come. What they have must be rationed out accordingly.

She smiles as the sweet nectar of the fruit she bites into dribbles down her chin. She reaches up to brush it away but he is quicker. Her eyes widen slightly at the sensation of his thumb wiping across her skin, removing the juice and lingering just a moment too long.

He returns the smile and offers a half shrug. "Nice to have fruit again," he says simply.

She nods her agreement. "Yes, it is."

She passes him a piece of the fruit and watches as he slips it into his mouth and chews it. She offers another piece.

"You have it," he tells her. "Enjoy it."

And so she does.