Chapter 6


I'm a Jew. I don't know a lot about baptism. Of course, I know the basics facts. Baby is born. Baby gets name. Something like that. And it's done in the name of God.

Well, what can I think about when I focus on this pearl?

Names …

Lisa. Short form of Elisabeth. „My God is fullness." I can perfectly imagine what House would say about me and fullness. Well, just about some of my body parts … Why is it that I have to smile when I think about him saying all these horrible remarks? And to top it all: Why do I smile when he says such things?! It's not nice. It's cruel. It's evil.

I have to use the internet to find out about his name.

Gregory. The vigilant one. Well, THAT's fitting! It's not often that he misses anything! Whether it's about a patient or my new outfit! He notices everything! In his position as a doctor, that's really useful. But for me, it can be really annoying when he's able to tell how I am feeling by the way I walk … and stuff like that …