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He stared unblinkingly as the last man fell to his feet, a spray of blood landing on his face, adding to the collection of stains.

He could feel the stickiness of dried blood upon his hands, his hair was slowly beginning to clump together too. Large diamond eyes continued watching unfeelingly; and with pupils so dilated, one could have mistaken him for a corpse. Picking his feet up, he began to walk across the massacre he had done. The sight enough to make a grown man lose his lunch, or at the very least, make them feel sickened.

But he continued walking, not really seeing. Probably not really caring much either.

As he neared the edge of the estate, he heard soft whimpering. Turning his head to the source, he saw a survivor, no more than three or four years older than himself.

Spare no one. And remembering these words, he took aim, and fired.

Vaguely it registered in his mind that although he had undoubtedly shot a fatal area, the young one's screams had yet to cease. But as with all his victims, he remembered the eyes, eyes filled with trepedation and horror. Despite them being the beautiful colour of the glinting metal of a sword. Eyes that the entire clan shared.

Turning, he found the ashen face of a Noah staring back upon him. He flinched unconsciously, and followed unquestioningly as he led him away. One might say that that was a rather idiotic thing to be doing, seen as a Noah could lead you to your death.

But whether or not he was being led to his execution, he just couldn't find it in himself to care.

One tended to stop caring if they had been a killing machine ever since they were seven…

"Very well done, boy! I trust you finished them all off?" cried a large man, an impossibly large grin perpetually decorating (marring?) his face.

"Hai," he lied, but he knew long ago that it was pointless either way.

Although the grin was still in place, the man seemed to be frowning in dissaproval. He continued, poison lacing his voice this time, "Tyki, give him the usual punishment. And make it extra hard, I want him to scream."

Even before the other man had reached him, he began unbuckling his belt. He let the article of clothing slide to the floor, along with his pants.

He was used to this, his eyes quickly became even colder and even more distant. It was instinctive by now.

But he could really care less.

After five years of this pointless existance had him wanting something else, something different. But he could only kill, and that's what he would do.

"Oi, Moyashi. Get up, we're almost there."

What a dream… he thought, that was three years ago… Stretching, he considered the eyes of the Asian whose back was facing him.

The beautiful colour of the glinting metal of a sword. Eyes that the entire clan shared.


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