Nefizan swallowed hard. West? That was were the Elves lived, right? He felt his face redden at the thought of being called a half-breed by both sides of his lineage, something he would rather not experience. He watched the stranger as his thoughts raced, then finally sighed. There was no better way to get out from under that old hag, he supposed. Besides, he'd always wanted to go on one of those adventures the men at the inn were constantly bragging about. Come to think of it, most of them were just expanding on tales they had heard elsewhere and adding themselves. This journey would probably top all of them.

He grinned almost mischeviously at the cowled figure, that daring light returning to his eyes. "Do you have a name?" he asked. "Calling you 'stranger' through this whole thing would get rather boring."

The hooded man stared off into the west as he spoke. "You may call me Brodin." His voice rumbled low and threatening, though the overall effect was beginning to be lost on the youngling.

"Brodin, hm?" Nefizan seemed satisfied with the answer, though he had been hoping for something that did not sound like an alias. For some reason, he had a hard time believing that that was this man's real name. He supposed that had something to do with the fact that he had never seen the stranger's face. He felt he could read people, but only if he managed to see the glint in the eyes. "Well, Brodin, when do we leave?"


Nefizan was caught off guard. "N-Now?" he stammered, having expected a more mystican sounding answer- or at least something not so blunt.

Brodin turned to watch the halfling again, his mannerisms betryaing his confusion momentarily. "You were so eager to leave a moment ago," he said. "I thought it would come as no surprise that we would be departing as soon as you agreed to leave with me."

Nefizan tried to laugh if only to make himself less uneasy. "Yeah, but I could use a chance to say good-bye to my friends. Do you think I could..?"

"You have no friends here other than your bird."

"How do you know that?" Nefizan growled, offended.

A sigh escaped the Druid. "I have watched you for some time; I had to. Your assistance is needed if I am to undertake this quest, and I had to be certain you were right for it before I approached you." Nefizan could feel a glare though the shadows of Brodin's cowl. "Your part in the events to come should have started already, but you were not ready until now. We must leave as soon as possible before things in the elven lands grow too out of hand."

Nefizan glanced at Jazin, who dipped his beak in a nod before flapping over to the Druid, landing on a rocky outcropping just behind his head. If this companion who had yet to steer him wrong could trust and follow Brodin, why should he be so reluctant to help? Apparently the fate of half of him rested on whatever quest he was destined to partake in.

"Alright," he said, his face set in an expression of determination. "I'll go. Lead on, Brodin."