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Spencer sat in the yard of the school as she read over her homework, she felt a tap on her shoulder and looked to see Aiden standing behind her smiling "hey Aiden" she said he sat next to her "so how are things with you and Ashley" he asked "they are going good I just wished I could tell my mum and dad" Spencer sighed he shrugged "why don't you, I mean you might be surprised" he replied spencer laughed "my mum us a devote catholic she will send me to some stupid school to get me straight again" she laughed.

Kyla walked over to spencer and Aiden and sat opposite them "what you two talking about, oh wait is it the fact that spencer wants your not so hot body" Kyla said laughing the others laughed "no we are not spencer is worried about telling her parents" Aiden explained Kyla nodded spencer just looked at the table Kyla put her arm around her "I'm sure they will be fine" she tired to reassure her spencer nodded and smiled.

Ashley got out of her car and saw spencer, Aiden and Kyla sitting at a table, she smiled and began to walk towards them "hey guys is this a secret we want to kill Ashley meeting" she asked laughing they laughed "yes spencer is the main person behind the we want to have not so good fun with Ashley" Kyla said Spencer hit her on the arm and laughed Ashley sat next to spencer and grabbed her hand under the table "no but seriously spencer wants to tell her parents about her being gay and about you" Aiden said after he finished laughing.

Ashley looked at spencer "well if you do tell them I will be here for you" she replied spencer smiled "thanks baby" she whispered, the day went on as normal it was now lunch time and Madison made her way over "they should ban men from talking about sex" was the first thing she said they all looked at her waiting to explain "sorry my physical education teacher was giving us the sex talk and let's just say never again" they all laughed.

Ashley and Spencer walked to class "I am going to tell her tonight" spencer said Ashley looked at her "are you sure do you want me too be there" she asked spencer smiled "year that would be good" she replied "ok I will take you home and stay until you tell her" Ashley said spencer nodded and headed to class.


Spencer was nervous Ashley could tell "but what if they kick me out" spencer said Ashley held her hand "then you can stay with me till they cool down" spencer kissed her cheek and smiled "I love you, you know" she said Ashley grinned "I love you too spence" they arrived at Spencer's house she sighed "ready wait here let me tell them about me being gay first" Ashley nodded as spencer left Ashley waited.

Spencer unlocked the door she saw glen was home as was clay "hey where are mum and dad" she asked clay looked at her "they are in the kitchen" he answered "good I need to tell you all something" the boys nodded as spencer got her mum and dad.

Paula and Arthur sat and looked at spencer "spencer hun what is the matter" her mum asked "nothing mum I just think you need to know something and I have given a lot of thought to this and well I have come to a decision" she said then paused.

Ashley waited she was nervous there was no shouting or screaming that was a good sign she then saw a car park up the drive, she watched as a girl got out, god she was hot, she was spencer's height and kind of looked like her she stood at the front door an was waiting.

"mum dad, I'm gay" spencer said finally it was silent "oh spencer you should of told us sooner" Paula said spencer was shocked "wait your not angry" she asked they all shook their heads "maybe you should see who is outside" Arthur said smiling, spencer was confused but went to the door the family followed her.

Ashley saw the girl just standing there she wanted to get out the car and tell the girl to get lost but she didn't she just waited and watched for spencer in case something went wrong.

Spencer opened the door and screamed when she saw the girl, she ran and hugged her the girl smiled and hugged her back "oh my god billie what are you doing here" she asked billie smiled "I have come for a visit" she said she then looked at her mum and dad "ok my company moved me here to take care of things" she said smiling.

Ashley got out the car she was confused spencer saw her and smiled "oh and I forgot to tell you Ashley is my girlfriend" she then ran and hugged Ashley billie watched them and smiled "see I remember all that your first girl and that its quite sad that I am all alone" she said laughing spencer pulled away from Ashley "wait your gay" she said billie nodded "year gotta love the women, they do a better job than the men" she said Ashley laughed "you right there" she said billie smiled "I like her she is on my wave length" they all went inside.

The next day in school all spencer talked about was billie Kyla and Aiden looked at her "well I cant wait to meet her" Aiden said laughing "good because here she comes" spencer said Kyla turned round and nearly didn't breath she was beautiful, she had blond hair like spencer and her body was to die for Kyla licked her lips as she sat by them "hey guys this is billie, billie this is Aiden" he shook her hand "an this is Ashley's sister Kyla" Kyla said nothing just looked at her billie giggled "hey earth to Kyla" Ashley said Kyla snapped out of it and blushed then stood and walked away.

Billie watched her leave then turned to the others spencer gave her a look "what?" she said "Billie you're a little old for her" billie snorted "I am not old thank you I am only 23 not old at all" they laughed "besides my first girl was 29 and I was 16 so what" she shrugged they laughed.

Kyla walked she couldn't believe she did that but she was so beautiful, she didn't like to admit it but she was bi and she had only ever kissed a girl once and she enjoyed it, but she had a feeling she would want to do more than kissing with billie. And that is what scared her the most.

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