Billie sat in the coffee shop she had been there for a long time just thinking, of all her past mistakes one of them being leaving spencer on her own, she looked down at her cold coffee she put the paper cup in the bin and left the shop and began walking.

Billie found herself outside Ashley's house she saw as spencer and Ashley left in Ashley's car and they left, she moved towards the front door and knocked and waited.

Kyla heard Ashley and spencer leave then two minutes later she heard a knock she stood and went to answer it, there stood billie she looked terrible like she had been awake all night she moved aside to let her in "thanks Kyla" she said and took her jacket off, Kyla took it off her and hung it up.

They sat in the living room "so what is the matter" Kyla asked Billie said nothing just looked at her hands "look don't come here and play the silent girl I need to know what you meant last night" Kyla said billie laughed "it doesn't matter" she whispered Kyla stood up "it matters to me!" She shouted "why does it matter so much to you" billie asked "it just does" Kyla replied.

Billie stood up "no why does it and that isn't a reason" Kyla gulped "well you're my friend so I care about how you feel" she said billie sat down "I think we are past the friends stage don't you think" she laughed Kyla didn't sat anything "look I think you should know about me then see if you want to be with me" Kyla sat next to her "I should start from the beginning I am not really spencer's sister, I ran away because well it wasn't nice" Kyla stopped her "if you want me to know then your going to need to tell me everything"

Billie nodded "my home life wasn't amazing, I was beaten by both my parents, they were drunks" she started "and well one day I had enough and walked out, I met spencer's parents they took me when their kids were young. So they just acted like I was theirs" she sighed Kyla had tears running down her cheeks "then I met my first girlfriend she was amazing beautiful and popular and we dated for a couple of months, anyway it turns out she was cheating on me" billie paused "and well since then I have had trust issues" she finished but there was more Kyla could tell but she didn't want to push her.

"I don't do relationships, but your different, I want to get to know you, take you on dates and hold your hand whilst we walk, I have never wanted that before" billie said she began crying "and in my whole life you're the one thing that is good" she stood and paced Kyla watched her, she couldn't take it anymore she stood and stopped Billie from pacing, billie looked at her she was crying.

Kyla saw all billie's emotions when she looked into her eyes, how scared she was, how deeply she felt for Kyla, before billie could act Kyla kissed her billie kissed her back and wrapped her arms around Kyla's waist.

The kiss lasted a little bit longer then they pulled away Kyla leant forward and kissed billie's cheek billie smiled "look I have to go but please don't tell spencer" billie said Kyla stopped her "there is more isn't there" she said billie looked to the floor "there is but I am going to need time" she said Kyla nodded "I can give you time" she said billie kissed her then left, leaving Kyla smiling like an idiot.

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