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Couples: NejiTen, SasuSaku, NaruHina, ShikaIno


I´m accepted to the best boarding school in whole Japan, I have good teachers that I get along with and my roommates are the most popular boys in school. It can't be better!

Hear the sarcasm?


First chapter: Arriving

Tenten's POV

I stared wide-eyed at the huge building in front of me. And when I say huge, I mean HUGE. It was at least ten times bigger than my old school, and that school was unusually large.

This is a boarding school, of course, but still…

I heard chuckling from behind me, and I turned to look at the chauffer of the cab I had taken from the airport here. The man was leaning on the car, a cigarette in his mouth.

"Don´t worry, missy", he said. "You´re not the first who's reacted like that when they've seen the place first time."

I nodded and looked back at the building with a grimace.

"It´s gonna take a while to get used to all this hugeness…" I said, now looking at the city around me.

The school was in the middle of the big city of Konoha. A pretty dangerous place to have a boarding school, I guess, but I don´t think the students complain…

I winced at the bright neon-lights and the loud music from the nearby clubs. I had lived the most of my life on a farm, so I wasn´t really used to all this.

The cab-driver chuckled again.

"I'm sure you'll manage, missy", he said. Then glanced at his watch. "Sorry, gotta go. My shift's over, and the wife's gonna kill me if I'm late. You get the bags inside yourself, right?"

I nodded.

"Good", the man said. "Well, if you need a ride somewhere, give me a call", he continued, throwing me a card with his name and telephone number. "Seeya." With that he got into the car.

He rolled down the window and glanced up at me as I stared at the school again.

"Don´t worry, missy", he said. "It's not that bad, don't be nervous. I went to this school myself."

I turned to him with a raised eyebrow and a slightly amused expression on my face.

"And you ended up as a cab-driver?" I asked. "They told me this was a good school!"

The chauffer laughed.

"Don't worry 'bout that", he said, grinning. "I'm a driver just 'cause I like it. Ya know, meet new people and so on… And besides, the carrier of a cab-driver is seriously underestimated."

"Yeah, yeah", I said, waving my hand from side to side. "Like I care." He chuckled again.

"Well, bye then, missy," he said. "And good luck."

"Bye and thanks", I said, smiling at him. He lifted his hand in good-bye and drove away. I watched the cab until it rounded a corner.

Then I again turned to the school.

"Well, here goes nothing", I mumbled, took my bags and entered the school-yard through the large gate. I walked up a sand-path and up a few steps to the entrée of the school.

I came into a huge, empty corridor. The emptiness was understandable, since it was Sunday evening. I walked through the corridor, looking for the principal's office.

I soon saw it, thanks to the huge sign where it stood OFFICE in big, red letters. The letters were painted so it looked like it was dripping blood…

I sweat-dropped at this, but entered the office anyway.

I walked into a big office with a desk by the wall on the left side of the room. Behind the desk sat a young, beautiful woman with brown, short hair and hazel eyes. She looked up from a few papers as I walked in.

"Ah, you must be Kira Tenten, am I right?" she asked, smiling kindly. I nodded.

"Well, good evening Kira-chan", she continued. "I'm Shizune, the principal's - Tsunade's – secretary. Tsunade-sama is in the next room, waiting for you to pick up your schedule and room-key."

I nodded again, smiling at the woman.

"Thank you, Shizune-san", I said and walked up to the door on the opposite side of the office.

I knocked on the door and heard a `come in` from the room, so I entered.

Behind a desk on the opposite side of the room than the door, sat a beautiful, blonde woman who looked pretty young. She looked up from her computer as I opened the door.

"Kira Tenten, I assume?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. I nodded. "Well, welcome to Konoha Boarding School. I know the name is boring, don´t complain, and here´s your schedule." She held out a paper at me. I blinked and walked over to her and took it. I was slightly surprised by the comment of the name, but oh well…

"The breakfast is at seven every day, except weekends, when it´s at nine. You´ve got to be done eating at 07:45, and the classes start at eight. Lunch is after the third lesson and dinner is at six pm. You are free to leave the school-grounds whenever you like, except of course when you have lessons, but the gate closes at twelve every night except Friday and Saturday, so if you don´t want to spend the night outside on the streets, I suggest you come back before that. At Friday and Saturday the gate closes at five am. "

I blinked again.

'Well, they don´t have too strict rules here, have they?' I thought, smirking slightly. Tsunade didn't notice my satisfied mood, just continued talking as she walked up to one of the walls were a big board with hundreds of hooks for keys were applied. Over each hook a number was written.

"Your room-number is 319. Here´s the key", Tsunade said as she took one of the keys and handed it to me. "You have two roommates, and they will show you around the school and help you to get to classes. I´ve made sure that you have all of your classes with at least one of them."

I nodded as Tsunade walked back to her desk.

"Well, that was about it", the principal said and sat down. "Any questions?" Without waiting for an answer she continued: "Good. Now leave, I have more important things to do. If any questions come up, don´t come bothering me with them, ask Shizune or someone else. Dismissed."

I blinked for the third time (I think), but then bowed and said:

"Thank you, Tsunade-sama", before leaving the office.

Shizune again looked up at me as I came back to her office. She smiled a slightly apologizing smile.

"Is everything clear?" she asked. "I know that Tsunade-sama has a habit of not caring for answering questions she thinks is unimportant. Which means almost every question. So you´re free to ask me."

"Thanks, Shizune-san, but everything is clear", I said, smiling politely at her. Then I let my eyes sweep over the office as I thought for a while, before adding: "I think."

Shizune laughed slightly.

"Well, as I said, you´re free to ask me", she said kindly. I smiled at her again and nodded in thanks, before I walked over to the door on the opposite side of the room. There I suddenly stopped.

"Well, there is actually one question", I said slowly, and turned to Shizune, hand still on the doorknob. The woman looked up at me, waiting for me to ask.

"Why is 'Office' painted in `bloody` letters on the sign outside?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

Shizune smiled.

"Oh, that", she said. "Well, a few of the students had detention with one of the teachers, Anko, and had to do a new sign, since they had broken the old one. And, well, Anko made them do it the way she liked it."I nodded, eyes a bit widened. Then I grinned.

"I look forward to get to know her", I said. Shizune laughed.

"Thought so", she said. "Well, good night, Kira-chan."

"Good night, Shizune-san", I replied, smiling.

I walked out of the office, carrying my back-pack over one shoulder and dragging the suitcase carelessly behind me.

"Weird", I thought. "A principal and a principal's secretary I could actually get along with."

I walked down the hall looking around me, bored. After around half an hour I realized that the rooms probably were on another floor. I walked over to a few stairs and started walking up them. I grinned when I indeed started seeing some room-numbers.

I walked down the corridor looking at the numbers for a while, before I understood that 319 probably was on the next floor, or something.

I continued the research for what seemed like an hour, before I came to the fifth floor.

"They could just have all the rooms on a few floors, but nooo, of course they have to put some other unnecessary rooms and such in the middle of everything", I thought, irritated.

After yet another while, I decided to ask someone.

I walked up to the only persons in the corridor, a bunch of girls in somewhat…what should I say… skimpy outfits. There was around ten of them, or something.

"Excuse me?" I asked the nearest one. They all turned to me, looked me up and down and eyed my clothes (a baggy dark-blue T-shirt and grey jean-capris with a pair of black knee-high boots and a black jacket over it all) with expressions of disgust. And they all did it all on the exact same time.

Run for your life! THE CLONES ARE COMING!!!

Uhm... As I was saying. Thinking? Saying…? Thinking… Telling.

The girl asked me in a cold voice (hah, as if! I can do that so much better!):


"Could you maybe tell me where my room is?" I asked, somewhat forcing myself to be polite. "I'm kinda new, and this place isn´t exactly small."

"I guess", the girls said, obviously not wanting to. "What room-number do you have?"

"Uh, let´s see…" I said and looked down at my key. "319", I then responded and looked up at her again. To my surprise all of the girl's mouths were hanging open, and they stared at me, wide-eyed. I raised a questioning eyebrow.

"You little bitch!" the girl I had been talking to suddenly shouted and I quickly had to dodge the palm that was flying towards my left cheek.

I stared at the girls, who were now death-glaring and nearing me. "How dare you?!" One of them yelled.

"Dare what?" I asked.

"You know!" another one yelled. "I'm gonna kill you, you whore!"


In room number 319

"Oi, Uchiha."

"Hn?" the raven-haired boy asked.

"Wasn´t it today that new kid would come?"

"…Guess so. He better stay out of the way."

"Hn", the longhaired one agreed.

Back to Tenten

I ran down the hall the fastest I could, and considering that I was carrying two not-too-light bags with me, and that I was tired as hell, it wasn't really that fast. I slid around a corner, and took the opportunity to look behind me.

The girls who were chasing me were surprisingly fast; they were just a few meters behind. I yelped and quickly continued running.

"What the hell are they even angry about?!" I asked myself as I ran, again daring to look over my shoulder. A few of the girls were nearing me.

"Hell!" I mumbled and increased my pace.

Suddenly I got a glimpse of one of the room-numbers. I slid on the floor again, slowing down, and turned around to run back to the door.

The number was 321. I looked back a few doors.

"Aha!" I thought. "319. I´ve never been so happy to see that number before!" I looked at the girls chasing me. They were around eight meters from my door now. I didn't stop to think any longer, but quickly ran to the door, took out my key, stuck it in the key-hole and opened the door. I hurried in and slammed the door shut.

"Thank god they´re in heels…" I mumbled as I leaned on the door and pressed my ear against it. I could hear the girls swearing and throwing insults at me from outside. I snickered at this.

"Suckers…" I said, grinning evilly as I turned to look at the room. It was a very nice room. It had three beds with night-stands next to them and three desks with a computer each. Next to the large window stood two bookshelves. If you wanted to have a nice, comfortable evening relaxing with a book, the ideal place for that would be the very large window-sill on which there lay many pillows and such.

On one of the desks - the one in the middle – stood a nice, flat-screen television, and on one side of the room, pretty much next to the door, was another door, probably leading to a bath-room.

All in all, the room looked very nice to live in.

But all that I would notice later. Now my whole attention was turned to the things that lay on the two beds furthest away from the door.

Or rather, the persons.

On the beds lay the two most gorgeous boys I had ever seen. Or that anyone else had ever seen for that matter. One of them, the one nearer to the window, had raven hair styled in a friseur that reminded you slightly of a chicken-butt. He had onyx eyes, flawless skin and seemed to be working out quite so often. He was dressed in a very dark-blue T-shirt and a pair of plain black jeans. He was wearing a pair of black vans with that.

The other one had long, coffee-brown hair that was tied in a loose pony-tail and he seemed to be working out at least as much as the other one. He was dressed in a plain white collar-shirt with a few buttons undone, revealing a bit of his muscular chest, and the sleeves were rolled up to the elbows. He was also wearing a pair of black jeans, but his shoes were dark-brown Adidas sneakers.

But the thing that caught my attention the most was his eyes. They were white, with a hint of violet in them. There was something oddly familiar about them…

"Um…" I began. "Hi?" They continued staring at me (did I mention that they were doing it before? No? Well, I've done it now.). "I'm Tenten. Wha-"

I suddenly realized something. My hand had seemed oddly light. I looked around me franticly, then opened the door and peaked out. Nothing.

Then there was only one conclusion.

"Those bitches took my bag!" I yelled, forgetting about the two boys in my room.

…Well, that sounded kinda weird. Anyway…

"Oo, they're gonna pay…" I said threateningly stomping out of the room. I looked to my right, then to my left and saw the girls. They were just about to round a corner, three of them dragging my suitcase with much effort.

"Oi, you!" I yelled. "Gimme my bag!" I started running after them as they yelped and screamed something about me noticing.

For some reason the girls didn't seem half as fast as a few moments ago, so I quickly caught up with them. I slid in-front of the three girls with my bag.

"What the hell are you doing with my suitcase, you morons?!" I yelled. They stared at me, eye wide in horror. I snapped the bag away from them and started stomping back to my room. After a few steps I turned back to them, thought. They still stood where I had left them. "Oh, and this is for chasing me, you bitches", I said, took a few steps over to one of the girls (the one who seemed to be the leader, and also the one I had first asked for directions), and hit her right in the nose. I didn't hit very hard – at least not in my opinion - but she still fell to the floor.

She started crying (screaming, whining) as she clutched her nose.

"How dare you, you little whore!?" One of the others screamed as she ran over to the leader. I just snorted and turned my back to them, going back to room number 319.

As I stepped in, I saw the two guys lay on the exact same spots as before. I grinned at them. Hitting people always make my mood better, you see.

"As I was saying;" I started. "I'm Tenten. What the hell are you doing in my room?"They blinked.

"Your room?" The longhaired one asked.

"Yeah", I said. "Here's the key, if you don't believe me", I threw the room-key over to him and he caught it easily, not taking his suspicious eyes away from me before he looked down at the key. He seemed to inspect it really carefully, and when he was done he threw it over to the other guy. This one inspected it just as well before he threw it back to me.

"Happy?" I asked. "If you still don't believe me, you can always ask Tsu-"

"Yes, we believe you", the raven-haired one said impatiently. "Seems like we're roommates, then. I'm Uchiha Sasuke." With that, he turned back to the book or whatever he had been reading when I came in.

"Hyuuga Neji", the other one said, looking down at his own source of entertainment. Neither of them gave me any more attention. I blinked.

"Why are they putting me to live with two boys?" I asked myself, furrowing my eyebrow slightly. I then shrugged it off and looked at the reading boys again. I sighed very silently so they wouldn't hear as I dumped my bags next to the only available bed – the one nearest to the door – before I lay down on it (the bed, not the bag).

"This is going to be a boring year…" I thought, again glancing at the boys. They were like nothing else existed. I took out my I-pod from my jacket-pocket and put the earphones in my ears.

Obviously. I mean, they're earphones, right? Where else should I put them?

I put it on shuffle and soon the song Break away by Kelly Clarkson started playing. I smiled slightly. I had fallen in love with this song the first time I heard it.

I lay there on the bed listening to music for about half an hour or so. I had my eyes closed, so I didn't notice that the boys, Neji and Sasuke, had gotten up from their beds before I felt something hit my face. I opened my eyes and sat up, irritated.

"Hey!" I yelled at the boys who were standing by the door, looking slightly amused. "What was that for?!" I glared at the ball of paper that had hit me, before I turned my gaze back to the guys.

"Aren't you coming?" Sasuke asked.

"Where?" I asked.


I glanced at the clock. It was a few minutes past six.

"Oh", I said. "Yeah, sure." I got up from the bed and followed the two out to the corridor.

End if chapter one

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