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Yugi quickly brushed away the tears that were streaming down his face. He cradled the pieces of his now broken millennium puzzle in his hands, sinking to his knees. "…mou hitori no boku." Yugi whispered, taking in a shuddering breath. "I didn't mean it." He stated. His hands began to tremble as he realized the extent of what he had done. It was as if a hand had reached into his chest and started squeezing tightly. Yugi broke down in a fit of sobs as he quickly put the pieces of his treasure on the desk. He could put it back together, that wasn't the problem.

"Yug?" A voice came from behind him. A gasp rang out in the room as Yugi slowly turned to see Jou standing in his bedroom doorway. The blonde looked shocked at his best friend's state. "What's goin' on?" He asked immediately.

Yugi didn't say anything, he turned back to his shattered dreams, lightly touching each of the golden pieces on his desk. Jou made his way over to his damaged friend, and this time a cry of shock escaping him. Yugi's eyes were blank as Jou asked him what happened. What did happen?


"I do not understand, aibou." The former king said quietly. He stood, leaning against the furthest wall of Yugi's room. His arms were crossed in the normal fashion and the emotion on his face was about as legible as a two-year-old's writing. He watched as Yugi paced the room, attempting to clean the pigsty but found it impossible due to the buildup of his anger. "I have committed no crime against you. I sought to protect you and I did just that." He stated simply.

Yugi stopped what he was doing. "Protect me?" He attempted not to shout. "Mou Hitori no Boku, you made him go insane! Everyone saw you—me!" Yugi exclaimed. He was so frustrated with his other self. Yugi collapsed onto his bed, breathing heavily. He reached down and took hold of his most prized possession. Yugi sat up and amethyst met crimson, "You don't understand. When you take over people don't understand that it isn't me anymore. When you…" Yugi searched for the right words, "…play with people, and they lose, everyone sees what happens to them. They go crazy!"

Yami straightened and narrowed his eyes, "They deserve their punishment." He snarled.

"No they don't!" Yugi couldn't help but shout this time. "Just because someone shove me into a locker or hits me doesn't give you the right to play with their lives!" He reasoned. If only his other half could understand.

The cursed spirit could sense his partner's anger and started to channel it unintentionally. He furrowed his brow and uncrossed his arms, balling his hands into fists. "No one is to ever lay a hand on you, hikari." He growled, replacing Yugi's usually nick name with one he only used when upset. "For even if you choose to dislike me for all eternity, I will not stop protecting you."

Yugi stood suddenly, "You can't protect me from everything. How am I suppose to learn to stand up for myself if you keep mind crushing anyone who picks a fight with me?" Yugi tried. His hand removed the puzzle from around his neck. "People think I'm some kind of freak." He stated more quietly, shaking the item to show his point. "Someone hits me, and suddenly I get mean."

The former king blinked at the adjective. "Mean? How do I illustrate…mean?" He asked, irritation dripping in his words. His aibou never took the puzzle off during a conversation. "I don't understand what concerns you so."

"You make people go insane!" Yugi screamed. "And people think I'm the one doing it."

The spirit let a growl loose. "I will allow no harm to come to you! By the power of the kings of Egypt, I will assure that---,"

"You're not king anymore!" Yugi screamed, tears welling up in his eyes. "So stop acting like it!" Yugi breathed heavily as he swallowed hard at the visible hurt look in his other half's eyes. He couldn't stop, he just let everything go. "You act as if a wave of your hand will fix everything and no one will challenge you! You're wrong! You're not king anymore! Start acting like you're just like the rest of us."

Anger now flashed violently in crimson eyes. "I may no longer rule Egypt but like it or not, no one challenges me."

Yugi allowed more tears to run down his face. He couldn't believe he was fighting with Mou Hitori no Boku, his other half, his soul mate. They never fault like this before, argue maybe, disagree, many times, but they never yelled like this. "No one challenges you because everyone is afraid of you." Yugi said, gripped the chain to his treasure tightly.

The spirit crossed his arms, leaning against the wall. "No one has no fear when facing a king."

Yugi shook his head, "That's not why they are afraid of you." He confessed, turning his back on his other self. He didn't want his other half to see his tears anymore. After a moment of aching silence, Yugi continued, "People are scared of you because of…you. You show nothing. No emotion can be read when looking at you."

The spirit gazed at the floor. He remained silent but inside, a monster was turning.

"All you ever show is anger. And honestly," Yugi paused, considering not spilling but he had gone too far to turn back now. "Honestly, that is all I am beginning to see in you." Yugi felt it. Anger, hatred, sorrow, and shame leaked in from their link and Yugi openly winced.

"Anger…" Mou Hitori no Boku repeated carefully. Yugi couldn't determine what his other half was thinking so he waited. "Anger." He repeated. "That is all you see in me? Are you blind?!" He yelled.

Yugi whirled around in fear. Crimson eyes were mere inches from his own amethyst, and they were one fire. Yugi never saw his other self sp anger with him before. What had he done? "Mou Hitori no Boku…I--,"

The spirit gripped Yugi's shoulders tightly. "I will not harm you for I swore the day you solved the puzzle that I shall protect you from any danger." He assured Yugi, his voice dangerously low. "But you have no right to say such things. You don't know me."

Yugi pushed him away, "And you don't know me!" He shouted, half in fear and half in anger. "You don't let me in so I don't let you in! Why are you doing this to me?!" Yugi screamed.

The former king growled, "Doing this to you? Do you have any idea what you're doing to me?" He snarled. "How dare you…."

He approached Yugi fiercely, making amethyst eyes widen in fear. Yugi was afraid. Fiery crimson eyes narrowed on him, and the spirit's arms were extended towards him. Yugi whirled around completely to face his once protector, forgetting what his hand was holding to. Yugi let go of the chain that kept the puzzle connected to him. Yugi and his other half both turned and watched in horror at the slow action. Like a horror film he couldn't escape, Yugi watched as his puzzle hit the wall closest to him and shattered. Golden pieces fell to the floor, each clink Yugi heard adding to the agony in his heart. He turned to give his other half a desperate apology but he wasn't there. How could he be?

End of Flashback

Yugi cried into his hands as Jou rubbed his back. "It's alright, pal. Its going to be okay. He'll forgive you."

Yugi shook his head and sobbed harder. He wiped his tears away and picked up a few pieces, putting them together. "He was so mad at me Jou. And I was so mean!" He admitted. That was what broke his heart even more than anything. He had told his yami that he had no other emotions but anger. How could he? "I'm sorry, Mou Hitori no Boku"

Jou watched his best friend with uncertainty. "What can I do?" He asked.

Yugi shrugged, another sob escaping his throat. "I need time to put the puzzle back together." He said. Jou nodded and started to walk out of the room. "I'll call you." Yugi called after him.

"Hey, pal." Jou said, turning around to give Yugi one last smile. "If I know your other self well enough, he's just as sorry as you are." Jou encouraged.

Yugi nodded and watched Jou leave. His clouded amethyst eyes looked down at the golden prize. His other half was trapped again, and even if he hated him forever, Yugi would solve the puzzle. Click. A piece clicked into place. He could almost feel closer to his other self. Click. Yugi shook his head as he placed the pieces back together. What had he been thinking? Why did he have to take the puzzle off to begin with?

Click, Click, Click. More and more pieces went into place. I want to know what he is thinking, Yugi thought. I want to know him better. I just…Click, two pieces left. I just wish that…. Click. One more piece. Yugi put it into place. I just wish I could see all of him, not just the surface.

A flash of light made Yugi close his eyes tight. He was ready to face his other half no matter what. This was his fault and he would talk it out with his other half. "Mou Hitori no Boku, I'm really sorr--," Yugi didn't get to finish. Arms were suddenly around his middle, wrapping tightly around him. Yugi fell over and when he regained his bearings, he looked down. "Mou Hitori no Boku?" His other half was holding his tightly. Fear gripped Yugi's heart. Oh god, what have I done? He's hurt! Yugi thought desperately. [Mou Hitori no Boku?] Yugi said through their link.

Shock coursed through the teen's system as the former king looked up at him, a smile planted on his face. "I missed you, aibou!" he said, his voice light and happy.

Yugi couldn't respond. He starred into his other half's eyes.

The spirit sat up, "What are you starring at?" He asked cheerfully.

Yugi pointed at him, "Your..Y-your eyes." He stated.

The former king continued to smile, "What about them?"

Yugi starred in disbelief, "They're…pink."

It was true. His eyes color was no longer that deep crimson, but a light pink color. Yugi couldn't help but stare as the former king wrapped his arms about his hikari and smiled. "Well of course they are. My eyes are always that color, silly!" He smiled, hugging the very confused teen. He suddenly pushed Yugi away and stood, "I have so much to do! I have to find the others!" He said excitedly.

Excitedly, he was excited. Yugi starred in disbelief as his other self disappeared back into the puzzle. Yugi picked it up and examined it closely. "Mou Hitori no Boku, what happened to you?" He asked.


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