A/N: I decided this week to re-read Twilight to get myself pumped for New Moon movie. I have to say, I feel the urge to vent just a little bit.

I adore Twilight. As in... the BOOK. It's well -written and the characters jump out and cling to you to the point where it's hard to rip yourself away to pay attention to anything else. That said, does anyone else feel some actors (won't mention names, but it's overly obvious) in the movie fell short? Very short? By a landslide? For example, there's one particular actor who seems painfully bland to me. Stale as an old potato chip. In fact, I have a hard time believing they ever smile without having puppet strings attached to the sides of their lips and pulled. (Or when high as a kite) When, in my opinion, this person is charactorized in the books as being sweet (though private and stubborn) witty, funny, and charmingly... clumsy. (Guesses, anyone?)

Another character in the book is capable of making me swoon like no other fictional character can. This character has charm, a sense of humor, outstanding beauty and a speech pattern that makes my head spin. While, in the movie, the actor seems more like... well, NOTHING like what I'd pictured in even the slightest sense. I think I heard them deliver one line from the turn of the century speech and appeared - to me - closer to 30 than a teenager. (any more guesses?)

I'm being overly critical because my expectations from the book were unreachably high. Anything probably would have been disappointing because SM is amazing and created such a gorgeous story. If I offended anyone, forgive me. That isn't my intentions at all.

HOWEVER, I have hope for New Moon. Even if things aren't what I feel they should be, Jacob still kicks ass and runs around shirtless... I don't have the audacity to complain anymore. :) Has anyone seen it yet??? I see it tonight and I'm really excited.

Thanks for allowing me to vent my frustrations! :)

Now... on with the chapter! Please enjoy!


Jacob's POV:

"Ness? Ness honey, wake up."

Nessie groaned against my neck as I swiftly carried her out to the car.

"I'm following you," I heard Preston say behind me.

"Sure, sure. Good idea. Come onto my property and see what happens to you," I invited. Eagerly.

I didn't know what he'd said to my Nessie, but the consequences were going to be a slow and painful ripping apart. And who the hell was that guy standing by the door?

"You don't understand," the moron continued. "I just want to explain. I talked to my father and there's a lot going on that you don't know. A lot I didn't know either."

I gently cradled Nessie's head, leaning into the backseat of the car and situating her as comfortably as I could. Thankfully, I could see her eyes moving beneath her lids and she was smiling. It was adorable really. I just wish I knew why she dropped so suddenly. When I touched her hand I saw her dreaming. Sweet dreams where my face was prominent and Preston's was non-existent.


With one last glance at Nessie, I swirled around, feeling my teeth grinding together behind my lips like metal. Preston actually took a step back - because he's beginning to learn what's best for his health, I guess.

"Listen, little bird, this is your last warning." His eyes narrowed and I took notice that the older man was now standing a few feet behind him. His large arms crossed at his chest. He was bigger than me and he was listening with his head cocked to the side. "Who's he? Your bodyguard?"

"He's my father," Preston scowled.

"Great! There are two of you." I didn't wait to hear the rest of the explanation. I wanted to get Nessie to Carlisle and fast. With one last glare, I was in the car, rushing out of the parking lot. I could hear the light purr in the backseat; Nessie snoring softly - and let my hand trail back to touch her.

Everything seemed fine. In fact, Nessie sighed in contentment, curling her fingers into mine.

I smiled. "Everything's fine," I said softly, more to myself. "She's fine."

And then, there was a low intake of breath - the kind of noise she makes when we're alone - and her soft tongue slid across my palm. My eyebrows shot up my forehead. "Nessie?"

And her tiny fangs sank into the tip of my finger.

Bella's POV:

"I smell a dog," Alice said, lifting her head and sniffing. Following suit, Edward, Carlisle, Esme and I did the same. It smelled strongly wet and mossy, like Jacob, but different. Then Alice shook her head. "No, not a dog. I don't think. Though, still repulsive."

Carlisle's head snapped up suddenly. Eyes serious and intent, he made his way to the door connecting the garage. "I know that scent."

Edward and I glanced at one another and then followed him. "What is it, Carlisle?"

He swung open the door and my hand tightened on Edward's.

"Renesmee?" Edward advanced forward with speeds I'd never seen before, but I propelled past him and straight to his car, where Jacob was gathering our Nessie in his arms.

"Sleeping," he said in explanation, noticing the worried expressions on both our faces. "Already checked."

"What the hell happened?" I asked, gently stroking my daughter's hair. She felt so warm and soft, nothing out of the ordinary. Watching her sleep, she looked so young, with her curls around her face and the long lashes feathering over her flushed cheeks. I was heading straight into mama-bear mode. "Don't tell me she passed out."

I looked up at Jacob hopefully and his eyes darted back and forth between me and Edward. "Okay. I won't tell you," he said easily, though I noticed his teeth were clenched and his body was tense. He was fighting to not explode. "You mind backing up though, Bells. I want to get Nessie inside so I'll have my hands free when Tweety gets here."

"You're thoughts are very vague." Edward's eyes narrowed dangerously. "Has he done something?"

Jacob grunted, pushing past us. "I really wish you would stop doing that. And he's done plenty as far as I'm concerned. I don't need to go into specifics." With extra care, he gently placed Nessie on the sofa. Her brows drew together and she groaned in protest when he moved away so he sat down, lifting her head into his lap. "She uh... went to sleep suddenly on the way out of the school. If it makes you feel better, you can tell yourself she was just really, super tired. That's what I'm doing. It works about 2 seconds out of every minute and then I shoot into panic mode again."

Carlisle bent down in front of them. He opened Renesmee's eyes carefully to look at them and checked her breathing - accelerated as usual. "Jacob's right. She's sleeping." Out of habit, Carlisle took in a deep breath and glanced up at Jacob. "Is someone with Preston right now?"

Jacob tilted his head. "You know something about the Indian? I've personally never seen him before, so I have no idea where he came from."

Carlisle shook his head. "Very strange. I could swear I know his scent. It's all over the both of you just from standing near him." Then, he looked at Edward. "Is it familiar to you, Edward."

Edward sniffed the air again. Then suddenly his eyes turned dangerously serious and his hand tightened on mine. "Impossible."

"Improbable," Carlisle corrected.

My patience was wearing very thin. "Who? Who is he? Did he hurt our daughter?" I'll kill him!

But nobody answered. Everyone was suddenly busy staring. Because within half a second, Nessie's eyes flew open and she was in Jacob's lap, knees tucked beneath her and settled on either side of his waist. She ripped Jacob's shirt from neck to shoulder with a low growl and bit into his throat hard.

The intake of breaths throughout the room sounded like a chorus.

Jacob looked both shocked and embarrassed. "Again, huh Ness?" He glanced toward the rest of us apologetically. "Is this normal?"

Edward shut his eyes, rubbing his fingers against the bridge of his nose.

"She's done this before?" Carlisle asked, confused.

Jacob attempted to shrug, but Nessie gripped down on his shoulder, growling again in complaint. A small smile twitched on Jacob's lips and Edward looked away with narrowed eyes. "She bit me twice on the way here."

"And before that as well," Edward muttered, clearly uncomfortable.

"You could go into another room, ya know," Jacob hissed - Or as much of a hiss he could conjure when he looked as if he were about to float into a really, really good dream.

"Stop that!" I snapped.

But he didn't seem to hear me.

Renesmee seemed oblivious to everything around as well, except Jacob's neck. Every few seconds, her body lifted as she pulled strongly at his blood, sighing with pleasure as she fed. It was the strangest thing I'd ever seen and also uncomfortably intimate. Even Jacob's hand rested on the small of her back because he wanted her there as much as she did.

Soft footsteps made way down the stairwell and I turned to see Emmett and Rosalie, both gawking. "Woah-ho-ho!" Emmett exclaimed, smiling widely, at the same time Rosalie yelled, "Get off her, mongrel!"

Jacob made a face, attempting a scowl. "She's on me, blondie! What do you want me to do, rip her off?" That actually looked like the last thing he was willing to do.

Jasper's sudden presence sent a calm floating throughout the room - It was irritatingly affective - though he looked just as tense as Edward.

"Uh... Jake? Is she going to drain you dry?" I wondered, glancing over at Carlisle who also appeared exceedingly uneasy as he stared unmoving at the wall. Obviously this was new for everyone here.

Jacob's eyes fluttered sleepily. He grinned as if he were intoxicated. "What's that Bells?"

"She's not hurting you?"

Jacob chuckled, as if that were the funniest thing he'd ever heard.

Edward put his mouth to my ear and for a moment my skin fluttered. He spoke so softly, no one else would hear. "I can't recall a moment of your body being in my lap and thinking it unpleasant."

If I could still blush, I'd have been a million shades of red. "I didn't bite you though!" I whispered forcefully.

Edward responded with a single raised eyebrow. Though, clearly disgruntled by the situation at hand, I saw his mouth twitch ever so slightly in recollection of our nightly routines. In the heat of passion I supposed a few nibbles here and there would fall through the cracks...

Point taken.

Suddenly, as if waking from a dream, Nessie drew away from Jacob. A drop of blood drained down her chin and she licked it away, smiling. Jacob's head lolled to the side a bit, but he looked happy enough. They stared at one another for a long minute before Edward cleared his throat loudly.

Nessie's eyes, still on Jacob, slowly widened and her smiled fell into a frown. Reality sunk in. "That wasn't a dream?"

Jacob shook his head lazily. "Not really."

Nessie's face flooded red. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I didn't know what I was doing."

"Sshhh." Jacob slid his fingers through her hair. "It's okay, honey."

"But I don't know why I did that!" she exclaimed in horror. "What if I had killed you?!"

"Hey! Hello!"

I'd been so preoccupied that I hadn't noticed Seth at the front door.

"Come in, Seth. We're in the living room," Edward said, unnecessarily.

Seth was already beside us. He glanced back and forth confusingly for a moment before directing his eyes to Jacob and Nessie. His brows lifted high on his forehead. "Uh, um... Jake... uh..." he glanced down, shuffling his feet, his face darkening immensely. "There's uh... someone at your house with Billy. Preston's with him. He looks awful familiar and Billy looked so shocked it was weird so I came to find you."

Nessie crawled off Jacob's lap then, sitting quietly at his side with her hands folded onto her lap. "That wasn't a dream either then? He's alive."

I stepped up to my daughter and slumped down to my knees to take her face into my hands. "Renesmee?"

She looked up at me and blinked, her eyes shining with tears.

"What's wrong, baby? What happened?"

She scrubbed a hand over her face. "Nothing. I don't know. It's nothing. I just feel very strange. I could have killed Jacob."

"Ness-" Jacob took her hand "- I'm perfectly fine. You left at least a gallon and look at you!" He touched her cheek. "You look amazing!"

It was true. Nessie's face glowed like I'd never seen before. Her eyes were brighter, cheeks and lips flushed beautifully. Even her lashes seemed thicker, blacker and longer.

Seth took a step forward and cleared his throat. "Actually, that man said something before I left to find you, Jake. It had me worried."

Jacob's eyes narrowed as he turned to Seth. "What is it?"

"He said," Seth paused, looking up worriedly. "He... He said they're here to help. But that Nessie may need Preston's blood... or she could..."

Jacob stood and was in front of Seth within a heartbeat. I could hear his breathing so loud it echoed off the walls. "She. Could. What?" he asked, pronouncing each word slowly. Though clearly ready to pounce, the lack of blood left Jacob swaying a bit on his feet.

Seth swallowed and Edward let out a loud snarl of anguish behind me.

"He said she could die, Jacob."