Together and Apart.

Chapter 1 - Mystery Emails.

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To: ZBrooks

From: TheMysteryMan

Subject: Open this, as soon as you get it.

Miss Zoey Brooks,

Hello. I know you are wondering who I am, but that I can't tell you. However, I do know that you just graduated from Pacific Coast Academy, and will be starting college in the fall. With that said, please do not feel afraid, I do not want to hurt you. I want to help you. I think you need to find yourself, so I will be emailing you tasks throughout the summer, sending you places, looking for things, visiting places.

This is your first task: Go to the bank, take 2,000 dollars out of the bank account I've made for you with my own money. The name of the account is ZBrooks like your email. With the money, buy a plane ticket to New York. When you get there, a new email from me will be waiting. Don't tell anyone about me or where you are going, for once, just do it.

Best wishes, TheMysteryMan.


Zoey stared blankly at the screen. She had no idea who this person was, and they expected her to listen to them. She reread the part about them not wanting to hurt her, but to help her. That intrigued her very much, so she decided to at least go look in the bank.

She walked down the block from her parent's home to the bank. Once inside, she asked to take out 2,000 dollars from an account marked simply as ZBrooks. The lady behind the counter looked at her with interest, as she turned, checking the account on the computer.

She gave Zoey the 2,000 dollars and nodded as she counted it into Zoey's hand. Once the money was safely in her pocket, she asked the lady how much money was left in the account.

"How much? Well…it appears to be 18,000 dollars left, miss."

"Thank you so much." Zoey smiled, leaving the bank before the lady could ask questions.

She went home to her parent's house and signed onto the internet. She looked up the airline that her parents used whenever they went somewhere for business. It wasn't too expensive, and Zoey could reserve a New York flight for 1,200 dollars. The only thing she wasn't sure about was that the plane left the next day.

She booked the seat, and began to pack. When Dustin, her little brother, asked what she was doing later that day, she simply said packing. Dustin knew better than to ask questions, so he left her alone.

She wasn't sure how long she'd actually be gone, because the email hadn't said. She decided to pack enough clothes for two weeks, some pajamas, sneakers, one dress, and a pair of high heels, a jacket, and a hoodie. She realized she couldn't pack her bathroom items until the next morning, after she showered.

That night at dinner, her mother asked if something was going on. She said no, glancing at Dustin to see if he would rat her out about her packing. He kept his eyes trained on his food until the topic had blown over, for which Zoey was thankful.

She went to bed that night wondering what tomorrow would bring. When her alarm went off the next morning at six o'clock, she jumped up. Her flight was set for one that afternoon, and she still had things to do to get ready. She also needed to be out of the house before anyone was up.

She got a quick shower, then packed her shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor, and a towel and wash cloth. She brushed her hair and dried it, pulling it back into a ponytail before packing her brush. She got dressed in loose jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. She put her face scrub on her face, along with her makeup, before packing that stuff.

When she was finally packed, she got out a medium-sized backpack. In it, she put her laptop, cell phone, a book, a journal, two pens, and her ipod. She also packed her laptop, cell phone, and ipod charge cords.

Now, she was ready. She took her things down the stairs at fifteen minutes after seven, and put them on the porch. She grabbed a bagel from the counter, eating it quickly, and drinking some juice. She left her empty plate and glass on the counter, to show her parents she had eaten. Under the plate she left a note to her family, in a small attempt to explain everything.

Mom, Dad, and Dustin.

I'm sorry that I couldn't say goodbye, but I needed to go early. I can't really explain where I'm going, or why, but I will be in touch through phone calls and emails. Please try not to worry, as I'll be fine. I guess I just needed a little adventure before I start college in the fall. Check for emails later today.

Love you so much, Zoey.


Chase Matthews wasn't sure why he had moved to New York City after he graduated from Pacific Coast Academy, but he liked it there. He was also quite uncertain what he was looking at on his computer screen right now.

To: CMatthews.

From: TheMysteryMan.

Subject: Open please.

Mr. Chase Matthews,

Hello. I know you have no idea who I am, but I have seen you around before. There is something I need you to do for me.

Tonight at eight o'clock I need you to go to the Empire State Building. I need you to sit outside of it on a bench. I need you to wear a green shirt and blue jeans. There, you will come across a girl. She will be looking for you and your green shirt, so don't worry. I need you to let her stay in your apartment tonight.

Don't worry, she's harmless. You might actually find that she reminds you of someone…

Thanks and good luck, The Mystery Man.


Chase reread the email for a third time, still unsure what it meant. He looked at the clock, realizing it was going on six. He decided to shower and then head out.

By the time he got to the Empire State Building, it was ten minutes before eight. He sat down on an empty bench and waited. He glanced down at his green shirt and blue-green jacket. He made sure his green shirt was visible, and then sat back on the bench, looking around at everyone.


Zoey had no idea what she was getting herself into. At the airport in New York, she had decided to check her email for further instructions. To her surprise, a new email was waiting. It was simple, and she didn't even bother looking to see who it was from. She read the words carefully, and then reread them.


Your next task: Use the extra money to get a cab to take you to the Empire State Building. Take all of your luggage with you. There, look for a boy about your age, wearing a green shirt and jeans. He doesn't know what you look like, so you have to find him. He'll be waiting for you at eight o'clock on a bench outside the building. Once you meet him, you'll go to his apartment to stay with him for a few days.

Don't worry, he won't hurt you. You may even find a friend in him…

Best Regards, The Mystery Man.


At ten minutes after eight, Zoey stepped out of the cab in front of the Empire State Building, just like the email told her. She got her things, paid the driver, and then turned to look at the few people standing around.

And that's when she saw the boy in the green shirt. He was sitting stretched out on a bench, his head back, looking up at the stars. She couldn't see his face, so she walked up to him.

"Um…I think you're waiting for me." She said softly, and he looked up. Her eyes widened, and so did his.



"Um…hi. How have you been?"

"I've been alright."

"What brings you to New York?"

"I could be asking you the same thing. But…uh…I can't really explain why I'm here, I just am. Sorry, but that's all I can tell you."

"It's alright. So, are you hungry? Did you want to eat or just head back to my place?"

"You know I'm supposed to stay with you?" She asked, slightly shocked.

"Well yeah. Why else would I be here?"

"I don't know, I guess I just…" She shrugged, and then muttered something about sleep.

Chase hailed a cab to take them back to his apartment. Once there, he took Zoey's bags up to his place, showing her his extra room. Zoey thanked him politely, said goodnight, and he left her alone.


To: DBrooks.

From: ZBrooks.

Subject: here's the email, as promised.


I just want you, mom, and dad to know that I am fine. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to tell you where I am, so I will tell you a little, but nothing exact.

Anyways, this morning I left the house and got on a plane. Now, I'm sitting in an old friend of mine's apartment, where I'll be staying for a couple days. I'm not sure how long actually, just that it's a few days.

However, I am not in the state of California anymore. I'm not going to say exactly where I am, but please don't worry. I'll be in touch soon, I promise.

I love you guys so much, Zoey.


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