disclaimer: I am not Stephenie Meyer, these are not my characters. In case it isn't obvious, this scene picks up where Breaking Dawn leaves off, that first night in the cottage.

I. Second Honeymoon

"We're going to tell Alice that I ran right to the clothes," I whispered, twisting my fingers into his hair and pulling my face closer to his. "We're going to tell her I spent hours in there playing dress-up. We're going to lie."

He pulled my face to his with a sudden fierceness, a low moan in this throat. The sound sent the electric current running through my body into a near-frenzy, like I couldn't get close enough to him fast enough.

I heard the fabric tearing under our hands, and I was glad my clothes, at least, were already destroyed. It was too late for his. It felt almost rude to ignore the pretty white bed, but we just weren't going to make it that far.

This second honeymoon wasn't like our first.

Breaking Dawn, 482-483

His lips moved against mine with such urgency that it was difficult to remember that we had an eternity to love each other. It also proved difficult to believe, through the murky waters of my memory, how I had ever been satisfied with Edward's kissing before. Because now I realized how much he had truly been holding out.

As we kissed he was not afraid to not afraid to wrap an arm firmly around my waist, bending my body towards him. Or to securely anchor me to him with a firm hand at the back of my neck, fingers meshed deep in mahogany hair. There was something in the fierceness of the kiss, something that I had never noticed before. The lack of fear, the presence of everything he was, channeled into me. It was overwhelming. Luckily, amidst all that, I was still able to make progress on his clothes.

I tugged lightly at the new shirt he had gotten earlier and was only distantly aware of the ripping fabric. All I cared about was that I was now able to lightly run my fingers over the exposed planes of his chest. He responded with a quiet growl, and the hands that had been holding me to him slipped to the collar of the shirt I wore. With a simple, almost careless motion, he ripped it open all the way down, every single button popping off. It slid off my shoulders in tatters, together with whatever remnants were left of my ice-blue dress.

Suddenly we were kissing again, the same desperate, passionate kiss I hadn't known we were capable of. With a speed only Edward possessed we were suddenly falling, and I abruptly realized we were both lying on the sand-colored floor. Our legs tangled together even as our arms sought to get rid of any remaining clothes.

The fragile clothing certainly didn't last long. I was fairly positive we would find the shreds later, but I just didn't care about that now. Soon the length of our naked bodies were pressed against each other, each point of contact magnified a hundredfold. I was so aware of every place where we touched, the sensation of his skin on mine sinking in all the way to the bone. It was marvelous, the electric current pulsing strongly just under the skin. To be honest, the feeling of skin on skin was heady… addictive.

And that didn't just apply to our bodies. Our lips, pressed together endlessly, felt like they were on fire. A very pleasing, roaring fire. The fact that I didn't need oxygen anymore made kissing that much more pleasing too. I didn't have to break away breathlessly, seeking air. Instead I could keep my lips fastened to his as we rolled lazily on the floor, switching positions every few minutes, seeking new ways to touch each other.

The first thing that surprised me – well, at least in this particular moment – was that Edward didn't seem to be holding anything back. I brushed my tongue against his lower lip and was pleasantly surprised when his mouth opened under mine, bringing me instinctively closer. His taste, his unbelievably sweet and delicious taste, was saturated on my tongue, and yet I still wanted more. He wasn't shy about giving in to me.

We didn't stop kissing until Edward pulled away. I was pinned underneath him, for the first time feeling the full weight of his body. His face remained dangerously close to mine as he leaned forward, barely holding himself up with one hand as the other traced my jaw line and bottom lip. I could see adoration pouring out of his eyes. His darkened, lust-filled eyes.

I found it incredibly difficult to focus, seeing as how the bottom half of our bodies were still entwined, but somehow I managed. "Edward," I began, realizing how husky my voice sounded. There was no bell-like ring to it this time, just pure, undiluted lust. I wasn't even able to finish whatever train of thought I was on because he gave me a heartbreakingly beautiful smile.

"Bella." He breathed my name out in a sigh, his voice several octaves lower as well. Before I had a chance to answer his lips had dropped to my throat, tracing a sweet trail of kisses from my jaw line to my collarbone, and farther down.

My breath caught as I felt his lips on the soft swell of my breasts, heaving with fast breathing even though it wasn't necessary. It was an instinctual reaction, probably a remaining fragment of my humanity. I didn't need the air, but my breaths were ragged and uneven anyway. He placed a hand on my dead heart as if to still me, and I felt more than heard a soft chuckle against my skin.

And then I was in sensation overload. His touches from before, the feel of his fingertips was nothing compared to his smooth tongue gently sliding over the peak of my breast. Tenderly lapping, suckling, nibbling. The feeling of it shocked me, made me gasp and moan out load. I arched my back seeking more, and he only switched sides with renewed fervor. It was like nothing I had experienced as human. He had been afraid then, overly careful. Now we were equals, free to love each other fully. This was so, so much better.

All to soon his mouth found its way back up the column of my throat. He gave me a lingering kiss on what would have been my pulse point before coming up to meet my eyes. His golden eyes were briefly unfocused, and slightly clouded. "Your skin, it tastes so…" he trailed off, and without finishing the thought was kissing me again.

As much as I enjoyed the kissing, though, I was running out of patience. This time I wrapped my arms around his neck, securely locking him to me. I didn't pause to think about what was too hard, too fast, and he wasn't complaining. I just wanted him. All of him. Easily, effortlessly, I flipped us both over. We landed with a resounding thud, and I was pretty sure we had just dented the floor. It became another one of those things I couldn't care less about.

Releasing my hold on him, and reluctantly breaking the kiss, I wiggled down a little. His eyes widened slightly as I straddled him at the hips, the inside of my thigh brushing against him. He groaned at the casual touch, squeezing his eyes together and instinctively flexing his hips upward. Had I been human I might have been blushing furiously, avoiding his eyes.

As it was, all I wanted was union. My brain was being pulled in a million different directions, a million different feelings, but our union was at the forefront of it all. As I gazed down at him, it became the only thing I was able to really focus on.

"Edward, look at me," I said in a low whisper, a small smile on my face as I gazed down at his inhuman perfection. My new eyes took in the sight of him in less than an eighth of a second, but I found that I had to look again. And again. There was no way I would ever have my fill of the flat planes of his chest, the long and lean lines of his arms and fingers, and the silken smooth feel of his abs flexing under my lingering touch.

Our eyes finally met and he seemed to return my smile, if only for a moment. Then his hands were placed firmly at my hips, fingers splayed on both sides. His touch, so close to my burning center, set my nerve-endings into overdrive – which I didn't even think was still possible.

In a movement so smoothly synchronized, so gentle and fierce and fast all at once, he entered me completely. Our moans mingled, and I could hardly make out the difference between the two. It didn't matter. Tiny parts of my mind were thinking about other things; trying not to hurt Edward, trying not to hurt the cottage floor, and our daughter.

But the majority of my brain was trying to process the swirl of emotions our union brought to me. Love, excitement, completeness. There was the amazing sensation of feeling him inside of me. It was so different, so much more fulfilling. He no longer felt cold to me. Rather it was heat on heat, our bodies the perfect matching temperature.

The friction, too. I don't know how it's physically possible to create friction between too perfectly smooth bodies, but we managed. He stilled for a brief second before he started thrusting, moving in and out of me with abandon. His eyes closed tightly of their own accord, but I could see it in his features. For the first time he wasn't holding back. He wasn't afraid of breaking me, not concentrating on keeping me alive. Edward was completely losing himself in the sensations, and as I gazed at his face I found myself loving him even more. With his mouth slightly open, unnecessary breath coming raggedly, I knew he was letting himself be vulnerable. Open. The thought sent very different shivers down my spine.

I was faintly aware that he was holding on as tightly as he could to my hips, but it might as well have been a feather light caress. It took me no time to start meeting his thrusts with my hips, even as I let my hands travel over whatever part of him I could reach. I let my fingernails lightly scrape over his chest, earning a seductive growl amidst his throaty moans.

I knew we were both reaching that breaking point, and quickly. The tension, that knot that was becoming more and more tightly wound at my center was about to snap. His hands abruptly traveled up to my waist, tugging me down so that I was level with him. I felt the quiver of his breath on my neck, but that was the last thing I registered before I utterly tumbled over the edge.

Edward thrust once more deep inside of me before he shuddered and then stilled, his arms still wrapped tightly around my waist. I could feel the vibrations of his lips on my throat, and if I really concentrated I could make out my name like a chant. A reverent, nearly silent chant.

But I didn't really want to concentrate on that. I wanted instead to concentrate on the waves of pleasure coming over me, washing over me. It felt like I was drowning, being plummeted to the very depths of the ocean without air. Edward was my air. He was my air, my center, my everything. I realized that I didn't have the words to describe what I was feeling. There were no words to describe this ecstasy.

"Edward." That was good enough. I mumbled his name, though it sounded more like a soft moan than anything. "Mmm… Edward."

We didn't say anything else for several moments, both of us taking the time to come down from our sweet high. Eventually I rolled off of him, curling up at his side. My body was still aligned perfectly with his, my free arm stretched out over his chest. I let my eyes drift close, though I was by no means perfectly relaxed. It was more like I was perfectly comfortable, waiting my turn to go again.

It was his muted voice that broke through the silence first. "That was…" he started, but stopped when he turned and saw me. I knew I was probably grinning like a silly fool, but I didn't care. He turned on his side to face me, his free hand running through my hair before finding its spot at the back of my neck. "Beyond wonderful. Beyond anything."

I only nodded before leaning forward, pressing my lips to his softly. I had intended to say something else, but it was hopeless. His lips distracted me, transforming my gentle kiss into something much deeper.

Only a few minutes passed before he pushed off his side to hover his upper body over me, propping himself up with his other hand. I was about to pull him down to me when he broke away the kiss, leaving me with a frown.

He chuckled, the sound blending purposefully with the rich colors of night. "Maybe we should use the bed this time."

author's note: It's been a while since I've written BxE, and to be honest, I missed them. This particular scene was requested more than once after my mini honeymoon series - Isle Esme, The Second Night, Practice Makes Perfect - and here it is (albeit a little late). I will be writing at least another chapter, if not more. (Next will be in Edward's POV). So stay tuned :)

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