Disclaimer: I don't own Zim or any Zim characters.  All I own is the plot.

Summary: The Author has some fun with Zim. 


            *Zim walks down to his secret lab and Gir stays upstairs to watch the Scary Monkey Show.  Suddenly, a ton of rubber piggies fall on Zim's head.*

Zim:  Rubber piggies!?  Why are rubber piggies falling on my head?

Author: Because I say so.  Now stop complaining before I make you bow to me.

Zim:  Ha!  You can never make me bow to you stupid human worm baby!

Author: Wanna bet? *Zim starts bowing to the Author saying, "All hail the mighty Author!"

Gir: (Comes into the base) Watcha doin' Master?

Zim: Being forced to bow to this pathetic Author.

Gir: Okeydokey.  I want chocolate bubblegum.

Author: Okay. *A giant pool filled with chocolate bubblegum slurpy apears*.

Gir: (Jumps into the pool and starts screaming)

Author: Zim, are you sorry for calling me a pathetic Author?

Zim: Never, for I am Zim!

Author: Oh, well. *Zim stops bowing and begins acting like Gir.*

Zim: No! Make it stop!

Author: are you sorry?

Zim: Yes.

Author: Okay. *Zim goes back to normal and the pool disapears*

Gir: Aww, I miss my chocolate bubblegum.

*A large chocolate bubblegum slurpy appears in Girs hands*

Gir: Yay!

Author: Okay bye now!