(Hello everyone. This is my first fanfic under this name (I had an account before but now I can't remember the password or which email address I used) so please be kind! In this fanfic the +anima world is different, like they have the technology we have, also, the gang, except Senri and Rose, have not met yet. Everyone has the same pasts they have in the books as well, but there are some differences. Ages have also changed. They are still +anima though, and people have the same views on them. This is sorta a songfic, sorta not. The idea came to me when I was listening to my MP3 player, and I thought: 'Now who would sing this?'

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A key turned in the lock and a boy of about 17 with messy blue-silver hair stepped into the hallway of his small apartment. He sighed heavily and made his way to his bedroom. Not even bothering to undress, he flopped down onto the king sized double bed that filled most of the space in his room.

Husky didn't even know why he bought that bed. It was probably because he was used to sleeping on a double bed. Even though he had a lot of money now, he hadn't wanted to get a bigger house. What was the point? It's not like he had anyone to share with.

The teen sat up and looked at the digital clock by the side of his bed. 11:48PM. that was surprising, he usually came back earlier. Then again, he had recorded a new song today. Husky wondered mildly how well it would do in the charts against his main 'rivals', most of which were not really his rivals at all, because they were in the same recording company.

There were only two real rivals, from a different company, that he needed to worry about, 'Kazana and the sockheads', and 'Mystall'. Husky made a sound halfway between a laugh and a cry of frustration. The laugh was because he was reminded of Kazana's ridiculous band name, the frustration because Mystall was the act in the current number one placement.

Husky got up from his bed and went into the bathroom. He ought to be getting some sleep but he knew he couldn't get any without relieving some stress first. Making sure his curtains were closed and the blinds down for extra measure, Husky began to run the bath. After the tub was full of steaming hot water, the boy took of his clothes and sunk into the water with a grunt that signalled his two legs becoming one large fish tail. Husky still found hot water in his +anima form strange, as he had only before experienced it with two legs, and fish were usually not naturally found in boiling hot water, unless of course, if they were someone's dinner.


Meanwhile, a girl with long light brown hair and bright green eyes was lying in her single bed watching her TV screen with only the mildest of interest. She sighed at another 'fact' they got wrong about her. She didn't know why she had bothered staying up to watch this, this documentary on Ocean Records biggest stars at the moment.

She had missed the part on Missing Life and BlackDust, (Of course, no one in the business used their own names) and now they were telling her about herself: 'Eartha', a name that was relating to her hair and eyes, the colours of the earth. This wasn't her real name; she had kept that secret from the public, like BlackDust and the whole band of Missing Life had also. Nana, for that was her name, didn't know the names of them ether. As the segment on her ended, Nana was about to turn off the TV, when a beautiful face with blue eyes and silver-blue hair appeared.

'Next up, is 'Restless wave', the boy with no past, after the break.' Nana gasped and paused with the remote. She had seen this boy a couple of times around the building she worked in, Ocean Records main branch, and heard him many times on the radio, TV as well.

'This could be interesting.' Nana thought, putting her remote control down and laying back.


After his bath, Husky was almost asleep when he got a phone call. He groaned and answered the call.

"Yeah?" He asked grumpily, turning his light on and rubbing his eyes with his other hand. The numbers on the digital clock read that it was fifteen minutes past midnight.

"Hi Husky!!" A bright voice on the other end yelled. Just from that Husky could narrow who it was down to just two people, the only ones who knew him by this name: The company boss, Geoff, and the company's costume designer, (and Husky's friend) Rebecca, known as Becca, who was also a +anima.

This helped a lot when it came to Husky being on stage, because Becca could design high-collard shirts for him to wear.

By the sound of the voice, Husky knew it was her.

"What is it, Becca? I was trying to sleep!" He growled. Becca just laughed.

"I was wondering if you could meet me and some of my friends tomorrow at lunch? I want to introduce you all." She said. Husky sighed.

"You know I'm anti-social. You're my only friend and I want it to stay that way." Husky complained bitterly.

"But these are special friends. They are just like you. The most popular singers in the business, but they are +anima and nobody knows cep't me. It's actually rather ironic. The top four singing acts in Ocean Records are all +anima. If anyone else knew, you'd all be up in smoke before you knew it. Me too, probably." Becca said. Husky could almost see the smile on her face. Despite how sleepy he was, Husky was surprised. In his mind, he pictured the four biggest names.

"So what your saying," Husky said slowly "Is that me, Eartha, BlackDust, and all of Missing Life, are +anima?! That's just… wow."

"So, will you meet them? I know you have never met another +anima past me, and it would be good for you to make more friends. There are only six of them, not exactly an army, Husky. Please? I already asked the rest and they said they'd come." Becca replied.

"Oh, so you call me at quarter past midnight?" Husky said; a mocking tone to his voice. He then sighed.

"Fine, I'll go. But don't expect me to make friends with them." Husky ended the call.

'What have I got myself into?' Husky thought, laying back in his bed and closing his eyes, settling into a deamless sleep.


The next day, outside a small café on Mort Street, a girl with long, curly brown hair and bright brown eyes was seen sitting round a table. She checked her watch.

'Well, they should be here in about five minutes.' She thought. Right on queue, another young girl wearing sunglasses and a hat to obscure her features, walked into the café and sat down on the same table as the girl. Thankfully for her, it was summer.

"Hey Nana, don't worry, your not late." The girl with brown hair and eyes said, smiling at the other girl, who smiled back.

"So, I'm the second here out of eight. That's not bad." She said. Just as she said this, a boy turned up. Nana recognised him as BlackDust.

"Hey Cooro, how's it hanging?" Becca greeted the boy, who sat down and smiled.

"I'm alright, but it feels like I haven't eaten in years." Cooro stated, and then he suddenly seemed to notice Nana.

"Hey there, you're Eartha, aren't you? I'm BlackDust, but you can just call me Cooro." He said, beaming.

"It's nice to meet you, Cooro. And call me Nana, please." She replied. She wondered to herself if Restless Wave really was coming. After watching that documentary last night she was intrigued as to whom he really was. As she was thinking this, four more people turned up and claimed a seat round the table.

"Nana, Cooro, this is Missing Life, or, to use their real names, Rose, Senri, Ricky and Angel. They are the only successful band Ocean Records has at the moment." Becca's voice dropped to a whisper. "They are also +anima, like you two."

"It's nice to meet you both!" One of the girls said. The other girl muttered a

"Same here." Quietly.

The whole of Missing Life looked older than Nana and Cooro, maybe late twenties at most. The oldest, a man with grey beaded hair, had what looked like an eye patch on. The girl who had spoken first had a rose in her hair, so Nana presumed this was Rose. The other two looked like siblings, as they both had light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. The blonde boy with blue eyes, Ricky, spoke next.

"So, is this it?" He counted. "There's someone missing."

"That would be 'Restless wave.' He did seem a bit hesitant when I spoke to him last night. Maybe he's not coming. It's been fifteen minutes since the meeting time." Becca said thoughtfully, tapping her chin with one finger.

Five more minutes went by with no sign of Restless Wave, but just as they were about to give up and order food, he arrived.

Husky was wearing a high-collard, short-sleeved white shirt, and a matching white baseball cap to hide his unusual hair. He had jeans on and white trainers. He sat down with and air of arrogance between Becca and Nana, the only available seat.

"Idiot! What took you so long?" Becca asked, obviously restraining herself from whacking Husky over the head.

"I had work." Was the reply.

Nana took it upon herself to study this boys face wile he was studying his menu. He was so handsome. Every part of his face was perfect, from his eyelashes down to his chin. Not like her. Nana thought about her plain face, her pointed nose, even her +anima. Nana didn't know what +anima this boy had, but it was probably just as beautiful as he was.

Nana noticed too late that he had caught her staring.

"What?" He said, a grumpy tone to his voice.

"N-nothing!" Nana replied, swiftly turning her head back. The boy grumbled something along the lines of 'stupid girls.' Becca introduced them.

"Everyone, this is Husky, or Restless Wave. He's actually pretty anti-social, and he is very, very mysterious. I don't even know his REAL real name. Or his past. At least I know everyone else's, but he clearly doesn't trust anyone." Becca glared at Husky, who glared back.

"Just shut up, Becca. I'm in a bad mood. You woke me up at quarter past midnight, remember?" Husky said.

"Well maybe I was busy during the day! And, may I remind you, that you were as well, making money. I bet your rolling in it, aren't you?" Becca replied, her voice rising slightly. Husky looked outraged.

A waitress came up to the table.

"Erm… may I take your order?" She said, looking from one person to the next, uncomfortably.

"Don't bother." Husky said, standing up and storming out.

"Husky, wait!" Becca called after him, but to no avail. Soon Husky was in a taxi and on his way home.


Once he got home, Husky put his earphones in and let the sound of loud drums beat into his ears. It was only when the song was halfway through did Husky realize that this song was by Missing Life. He went through his songlist and found that most of his songs were ether by BlackDust, himself, Eartha or Missing Life. Frustrated, he threw his Ipod at the opposite wall and sank until he was hugging his knees, back to the wall. At least ten times that afternoon the phone rang and was left unanswered.

Eventually, Husky stood up and went into his bedroom. He pulled a wooden chest out from under the bed. After fumbling about in his pockets for several minutes, he found a key, and unlocked the chest.

Inside it, among other things, was a picture of a beautiful woman in expensive clothes. She had long blue-silver hair and blue eyes, and was looking directly at the camera, as if glaring out at all who dared look upon her.

Husky sat looking at the photo for a while longer, before putting it back in its chest and locking it again.

It was now night-time. Husky got dressed into his 'Drowning sorrows in alcohol' outfit: black baseball cap, high collard long sleeved black sweater, and black jeans.

He grabbed his wallet and went out into the surprisingly cold night, locking his door behind him.


After several hours of drinking and looking depressed, Husky made his way out of the bar.

'I gotta stop doing that.' He thought to himself, stumbling over what was probably just a dead person and making his way to a back ally that Husky hoped lead to home.

"Oy, you!" A male voice behind Husky made him freeze. All of a sudden, he was shoved up against a wall.

"Give me all your money and nobody gets hurt." The threatening man said, towering above Husky, a knife in one hand. Husky was about to try yelling for help when some yellow powder fell from somewhere above the man, who then looked confused for a second, and passed out.

"W-what?" Husky said. He looked up and saw Nana and Becca, both in their +anima forms.

Becca was a butterfly +anima. She could sprout butterfly wings from her back and antenna from her head; also, a paralyzing poison could be shot from her hands.

"Becca? Eartha? What are you two doing here?" Husky asked, a slur to his voice that masked disbelief.

"It's Nana." Eartha/Nana said. "And we were helping you of course. When you went off, Becca predicted you would do this. So we came here and just saved you."

Husky suddenly couldn't help but notice the cute angry face Nana made, so he giggled like a schoolgirl, noticed what he was doing, and put a hand over his mouth.

"Anyway, I'm fine now, so you two can…" Husky was cut off when he tripped over an empty beer bottle that had been left in the ally and fell with a small cry to the floor, unconscious.

"Oh great, now we have to carry him home!" Becca said, rolling her eyes.

"You know where he lives?" Nana asked, a hint of jealousy in her voice. Becca went white.

"Err, actually, no. We'll just have to take him to one of our houses. I know he hasn't got work tomorrow, and I you haven't ether. But I have. Also, your house if closer. Let's take him to yours." Becca stated, picking up one half of Husky whilst Nana picked up the other. Silently, they flew to Nana's house.


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