A Lifetime Of Moments

1. Together

Ginny P.O.V.

"I love you, Ginny." Harry whispered lovingly to me, as we were passionately kissing.

I broke the kiss to whisper gently back to him.

"I love you too Harry… so much." His response surprised me; all of a sudden his lips became urgent on mine. He started to take off my jacket softly, as if he needed my permission. I gave it to him by nodding softly and unbuttoning the buttons on his dress shirt. Our lips met again as he pushed me slowly towards the king-size bed in the middle of the hotel room.

You can guess what happened next… Have you ever felt as if all the dreams you have ever had came true in the same moment? Because now, I can proudly say I have. It was both our first time, so it probably wasn't as passionate as our other times we shared together since then, but it just meant so much… to both of us.

Having someone in me… no, having the love of my life in me was the most passionate, uncomfortable, experience I have ever been through. It was unbelievable! Right now I cannot find the words to describe it. Everything I have been through when it came to Harry went through me in that wonderful moment. The most dominant emotion that torched through me was love.

Love… That emotion saved me saved my family and most importantly saved Harry so many times. And for a brief moment it scared me how much I cared for Harry. Not because I loved him, no, because I knew he loved me just as much- maybe even more. Though I do doubt that. I have loved him nearly all my life and most of that was when he just saw me as his best friends little sister, whom he saved from the Chamber at the end of his second year. It was weird thinking that he could have any girl on the planet Muggle and Wizarding kind. Yet he still chose me, me, Ginny Weasley - yeah apparently I'm becoming one of the best chasers the Harpies have ever seen "apparently" - I still don't believe that, but other then that I'm not that special. Harry chose me to love; sometimes I do have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. Because, I know I would wake up in my fourth year and he'd be seeing Cho. Even though I do have to say it - what the hell was he thinking? Sure, apparently Cho was pretty but please she was still grieving Cedric! I mean there are some rules you follow when it comes to dating girls. A) Never date some one who is grieving. B) Never date someone who is related to one of your mates… This is when I'm going to stop thinking because I have just realized I'm Ron's sister and Harry and I started dating after the second war where Fred died… but still that was my brother! I didn't have the same feelings for him as I do for Harry - I'm going to stop talking so that I stop myself from digging a bigger hole for myself.

I brought myself back to reality then, to where I was now - in Harry's arms. I lifted my head up for the first time and soaked in where I was. Yesterday was Harry and my first year anniversary of getting back together, so he took me out to a posh hotel that made both of us giggly. It was a Muggle hotel so no one knew who we were, but it seemed to be for very rich Muggles so while we were there, everyone who worked there fawned all over us, and it just set both of us in hysterics. Then, when we finished we started kissing each other and one thing led to another… and I find myself waking up here.

The room was basically set out - it had a more homely feel, I could see two chairs in front of the bed which reminded me of the times Harry and I spent together in front of the Common Room fire in the plush chairs. I sighed as I laid my head back down and started to watch Harry sleep. I never realized how peaceful he slept until then. I sighed as I snuggled further into him and stroked some of his hair from his face - it was safe to say it was a lot messier then usual. I was so absorbed in him that I jumped out of my skin when he whispered sleepily to me.

"Ginny, can you please stop watching me sleep? It's really freaking me out!" His gorgeous emerald eyes suddenly bore into me.

"Bloody hell Harry, don't do that! Are you trying to give me a heart attack or something?" I asked crossly while swatting him on the arm.

"Gin, stop you're hurting me!" Harry joked.

"That could not have hurt you!" I exclaimed, before I hit him harder on the arm. "That would have hurt you!"

"OW! Ginny!" Harry whined which made me laugh.

"I'm sorry honey, but you scared the life out of me!" I said as I claimed his lips to mine once more, which made him groan as we kissed and he held me closer. I have to admit that that was quite an achievement. He pulled back from the kiss too soon for me. I was about to protest when he said,

"I wish we could do this everyday. I loved waking up and feeling you by me." He nuzzled my neck.

"I loved just being able to see you sleep, hell I loved every second of last night!"

"Me too." Harry replied, while coming back to kiss me again with no restrained passion that made me breathless quicker then I thought was possible. We then sort of re-enacted what happened between us last night - wow! Again I have a problem with words - how does he keep doing this to me?

After we had finished, for then, he smiled at me. "Good morning by the way, if it is still morning!"

"Good morning, Harry!" I whispered as I kissed his collarbone, and made him shiver.

We were so en-wrapped with one another that we both jumped when a small tapping came from our window of the Muggle Hotel room.

We then realized that it was an owl carrying the Daily Prophet.

"Stay right there, I will be right back.'" Harry kissed me quickly and put his boxers on. He strolled over to the window, swaying his hips a bit in the aim to tease me, he flew open the window and the petite brown barn owl swooped in and landed gracefully on the table by the two plush chairs and lifted his leg for payment, which Harry gave him. The owl then released the paper and quickly swooped out of the window to continue its route.

I stretched out on the bed waiting for his return. I watched his expression change from one of delight, to one of horror very quickly, as he stared at the front page of the Daily Prophet.

"Harry, what is it? What's wrong?" I said as I quickly sat up, giving myself a head rush.

"Oh Merlin!" Harry spoke for the first time since he got out of bed. "So much for doing this secretly."

"Harry, what is it?" I replied, scared.

"Don't worry!" Harry knew how to read my facial expressions like a book; he also knew when I wanted him to hold me tighter throughout last night. "But I'm guessing I'll be a dead man by this afternoon!" He said in a jokingly way to make sure that I knew everything was sort of all right.

"Yeah and who would be the murderer? I hope to Merlin that it's not me!"

"No love! It will definitely not be you. My greatest guess would be one of your brothers."

"And they will be killing you because…?"

"Once you read this, you'll understand."

Harry passed me the Daily Prophet as he got back into bed and put his arms around me.

I then read the front page


"Yes, Oh."

There, on the first page of the bloody Daily Prophet was Harry and I kissing and really getting into it. Not only was Harry going to be killed by my brothers, I was going to be killed by my mother.

The article underneath the photo was going on about how we got a hotel room last night and how our 'body language' suggested what we were about to do. At least they could tell that. But, when we had are hands all over each other, we really didn't give them any other alternative to what it could have been.

"I know that I'm not going to get a nice answer, but seriously who in the right mind would want to know about that? About us losing our virginity? I mean, yeah, we've been going out for officially a year but when Ron and Hermione did what we just did, they weren't in the sodding Daily Prophet! Sure you are 'The Chosen One' and all that crubbish but still."

"Crubbish?" Harry replied lifting an eyebrow.

"Yeah, it's crap and rubbish put together!" I replied

Harry laughed then, it was music to my ears, and then he whispered in my ear, "I love you." He then kissed me, which I returned joyfully.

"Why don't we forget about this? For now I mean. I'll make sure when we face my crazy family that they don't kill you." I whispered to him.

"That's good to know." Harry replied with a smile on his face, he then turned to me and whispered, "It's forgotten."

And for that moment it was, everything was - because I was with the person I love with all my soul, I always will. We will get through anything together.