39. Dance

Harry never liked to dance.

He would claim it was because he didn't have the skill when he was younger or he didn't want to bring to much attention to himself in fear of getting everyone killed, well that was the excuse he used when he attended Bill and Fleur's wedding but that wasn't the case he just didn't the perfect girl to dance with him.

"Now I stared at you, From across the room, Until both my eyes were faded, I was in a rush, I was out of luck, Now I'm so glad that I waited, Well you were almost there, Almost mine...yeah, They say love ain't fair, But I'm doing fine..."

"Harry just do us a favour we all know you want to ask your wife to dance so just ask her and stop looking like a prat!" Ron spat in amusement as he watched his best mate gorming at his sister who was talking to Hermione and his mother.

"I was not..." Harry trailed off as he saw Ron give him a knowing look "well I can't help it! She looks beautiful! Not that she doesn't every day I mean..."

"JUST GO ASK HER TO DANCE!" Ron snapped laughing.

"I'm going, I'm going" Harry muttered as he went over to his wife – 'Ginny Potter, now that was going to take some time to get used to' Harry thought.

"You look beautiful Ginny; my little girl married, I still can't believe it!" Molly said to her not for the first time.

"Mum I haven't been little for a while now." Ginny laughed

"I have to agree with you" Harry whispered in Ginny's ear as he wrapped his arms around her waist making her lean into his embrace.

"Hey you" Ginny whispered.

"Harry! Are you enjoying yourself?" Mrs Weasley asked

"Yes Mrs... Molly!" Harry quickly corrected.

"Really dear, you have been trying to call me Molly for over 2 years now!" Molly scolded affectionately.

"Sorry I think old habits die hard!" Harry replied then continued "Is it alright if I steal my wife away for this song?"

Ginny sighed and then went "I suppose so! See you guys soon".

Harry led Ginny out onto the dance floor spun her around to face him and then put his hands on her waist as she put hers around his neck.

"I love you Mrs Potter."

Ginny smiled at her new name as she rested her head against his chest.

"I love you too Mr Potter."

Cause I swear it's you, I swear it's you, I swear it's you that I've waited for, I swear it's you, I swear it's you, I swear it's you that my heart beats for And it isn't gonna stop, No it just won't stop.

"Do you know who sings this song?" Ginny asked "It's beautiful"

"It's by One Republic – they are a muggle band, I'm guessing Hermione asked for them" Harry shrugged "I agree with you though it is lovely" He muttered as he kissed her forehead.

You take this hand, You take this heart, Steal my bones, From 1000 miles apart, Feels so cold, Felt just like its ten shades of winter, And I need the sun

"When do you think we be able to leave?" Ginny asked pushing herself closer to Harry who started to feel her desire for him, smiling that he could have this sort of effect on her he replied

"I'm hoping soon, it's just you know your mum – my version of soon would be this very second hers would be in like 10 hours time."

"You know her so well" Ginny muttered burrowing even deeper in his embrace, both of them still swaying in time with the music.

"Not as well as you" Harry murmured back.

A couple of hours later:

"Can we go now?" Harry whined "We've cut the cake, we took the pictures: I just want to be alone with you now"

"Harry?" Ginny asked amused


"Shut up and apperate us out of here already" She said shaking her head then leaning into his embrace and then with a loud pop the Potters disappeared.


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