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Operation: Angelic Sword

Eighteen Years is a long time

Heero awoke with a jolt, his body caked in rapidly cooling sweat and his eyes open wide. The dreams were getting worse. They were still vague, dark and tainted with torture but they were getting more frequent. He'd have them two to five times a night, but he was also starting to see the white gash grin in the shadows whenever he tried to relax a little.

With a sigh he raised a hand to his soaked brow and kept it there, his wrist blocking his eyes. He began his breathing exercises, just as Dr J had taught him to when he was still in training. As he breathed his mind flitted back to the countless mock battles, the endless simulations, dry runs and wet work. He shook his head; it was only because of his training that he was still alive.

And it was working to help again.

Heero's ears twitched at the soft hiss of the decompression chamber being bled before the door was opened, a technique to make sure that the door opening itself would be quiet. Reaching under his pillow he slowly drew his pistol from the hidden holster. His eyes, now adjusted to the dimly lit bedroom, scanned the two other beds.

Two sleeping lumps under covers.

Heero slowly pulled the hammer back, cocking his pistol as quietly as he could. His ears twitched again and he noticed that Duo was slowly getting out of bed, his own pistol aimed at the closed door. Without looking in Heero's direction he made a hand signal with his free hand.

Cover me

Heero nodded and slid from out under his covers, making almost no sound as he lay flat on his front on the floor. Duo made another hand signal.


Heero tapped the side of his pistol twice.


Duo moved his hand again.


Heero smiled and tapped the side of his pistol once.


Duo gave the thumbs up before slowly sinking down onto one knee on the floor. Once in position Duo stopped moving completely, seemingly not even needing to breathe anymore. Heero did the same and strained his ears. Both Duo and Heero nodded slightly when the hiss came to an abrupt stop. Heero tightened his grip on the pistol as several muffled footsteps neared the bedroom door.

The footsteps stopped suddenly.

Duo held his free hand up.

Hold fire.

Heero frowned. Both he and Duo slept with .50 calibre handguns under their pillows at night. With a clip of ten rounds each they could blast their attackers through the wall and door. Then he saw Duo gesturing towards their beds, a glinting knife in hand. Heero tapped his gun.


Duo touched the blade to the floor once.

You bet your ass.

Heero rolled his eyes as he realised that Duo had used the blade signal for yes, but he had heard what Duo would have said instead. He was spending too much time with his friend; he was picking up his bad habits as well as how he thought in battle.

Together, without prior planning, they rolled. Duo rolled quietly to the right and passed the edge of his bed before crawling into a firing position. Heero rolled silently to the left to take up his own hidden firing position. He closed his eyes briefly before flicking the safety off on his pistol. In the background he thought he heard Duo mutter to himself but he knew that he was just expecting to be able to hear his friend's pre-battle prayers, just because he knew they'd be muttered.

The door suddenly erupted into millions of deadly splinters, pistol rounds smashing through with enough force to make the thick wood fly. A dozen splinters, and one of the rounds, stuck fast in the floorboards by Heero's hidden face. A wicked grin spread across his face. Dart rounds. They wanted them alive while he and Duo didn't care for the health of their attackers.

The door buckled as a black boot launched the lock into the room with enough power to have the lock smack into the opposite wall. Swinging open, the door slammed into the wall as several large men tried to rush through. It would have been comical if not for their white body armour and modified SMGs.

The first three to make it into the bedroom split up, each moving towards one of the three beds. Cagalli went to sit up in her bed and the man marking her shot a short burst from his SMG. She fell straight back down, rather heavily. Heero watched Cagalli fall and made himself a promise. If she started bleeding then he'd gut the men right there.

She didn't bleed.

A couple more men walked into the room, all of their attention focused on Heero's bed and Duo's bed, as yet unaware that they were empty. One of them, a man who wore a white uniform with gold trim, stepped forwards,

"Heero Yuy of the L1 colony cluster and Duo Maxwell of the L4 colony cluster. You are hereby under arrest." He told the empty beds. Duo coughed and Heero smiled a little,

"And by who's authority is this arrest cleared?" he asked, throwing his voice so that it sounded as if he were on the bed. The leader smiled,

"By the authority of The Preventers and of the Sanc Kingdom." He answered, obviously expecting the question. Heero frowned,

"And what laws did we break?" he asked, throwing his voice as Duo had. The officer chuckled,

"To be honest I couldn't tell ya. You've had an arrest of sight order on you for fifteen years. Three years after you disappeared actually. Hell, I was still in uni when the order was given." The man chuckled again. Heero frowned even more,

"And what about our companions?" he asked, casting a glance at Cagalli's slumped form. The officer shifted uneasily,

"She'll face the same punishment as you two I'm afraid." He answered hesitantly. Duo coughed again,

"And the punishment is…?" he smiled a little, "Ten days community service?"

The officer laughed a little,

"Afraid not. Arrest, interrogation and a very public execution."

"And if we opt to let you all live? Will you let Cagalli go?"

"You're outnumbered."

"Do you really think that'll help you?"

"Yes actually."

"Got something to say to that Heero?"

"… Yes. I'll come quietly if I get to speak to with the leaders of the Sanc Kingdom and The Preventers."

"You're not in a position to negotiate."

Four of the five men fell to the ground, fist sized holes in their chests, as the thunderous sound of Heero's gun rang out. The officer whimpered and Heero rolled out from under his bed,

"I think you'll find my demands reasonable Colonel."

The Sword

Heero Yuy frowned at his sister as he ducked under another perfectly thrown plate. The plate shattered against the wall, falling onto Heero's head in a small shower. He slowly tried to rise,

"Calm down Elle." He suggested casually. Another plate exploded a few inches from his head. He raised a finger and shook it at her, "Now that was just uncalled for."

Elle growled and shook her head quickly. Heero smiled a little at his short, blonde, sister acting almost exactly like a lion. She looked up at him, her eyes puffy and red from crying, and his smile fade,

"But why can't we go get him?" she asked, breaking down into a little sob. Heero rubbed the bridge of his nose,

"Because we're an underground unit. A breakout is too likely to expose us." He replied, just as he had done earlier. Elle sniffed,

"But why tonight Heero?" she asked, getting even more distressed. Heero frowned,

"Because the mission was toni-"he began,

"But we'd been planning this dinner for months Heero! One night when we'd be able to act like we did before the war!" she started to cry again and Heero felt anger break through his sympathy,

"You wanted one more nigh like before the war? What were we going to do? Watch the news blindfolded and with earplugs in?! Go back to being the ignorant little rich kids?!" he shook his head, his outburst provoking more tears and sobs from his sister,

"That's not what I meant Hee." She said meekly. Heero smiled a little,

"'Hee'? You haven't called me that since before the war." He noticed pleasantly. Elle smiled a little more,

"See? Not everything about us from before the war was bad…" she said quietly. Heero sighed a little and slowly walked over to his sister. She began to cry again as he wrapped his arms around her,

"Don't worry Elle. Jason's a big boy. He'll be fine." He tried to tell her. Elle shook her head,

"But they'll be getting ready to publicly execute him even as we speak." She muttered above her own sobbing. Heero frowned and let his sister go to walk over to the television. He quickly flicked it onto the news channel. As the reporters jabbered on he felt his mouth fall open. Elle, probably noticing her brother's silence, turned to see him standing there in a state of shock. She nudged him,

"What's wrong Hee?" she asked him. Heero simply pointed to the screen as he swallowed hard,

"Look at who those guards are escorting." He told her and they both watched as an unresisting Heero Yuy was dragged along by two Preventer guards. Elle frowned,

"But… that's you!" she protested. Heero shook his head, a shiver running down his spine,

"No Elle… that's him." He told her, his voice losing its power and becoming a whisper. Elle frowned even more,

"Who? Who is he?" she asked her brother, starting to get a bit scared. Heero found that his throat was dry and tears began to form in his eyes,

"He's come home at last Elle…" he told her dreamily. Elle shook her head,

"You're starting to scare me Hee… who is that man?" she asked him once again. Heero paid his sister no mind as he slowly walked up to the screen. He reached out and slowly touched the face of the prisoner,

"It's him Elle… it's our dad…"

The Angels

Heero rolled his head around, working the kinks out of his neck. The man standing in front of the chair he was strapped to shook his head as his nose broke itself again before reconnecting itself in the correct position, leaving only Heero's bloodied face as evidence that anything had happened. The Preventer shook his head,

"Now that's just freaky." He commented. Heero moved his nose a little,

"You're telling me. Worse when it does it on your face." He told his interrogator as he shifted in his chair to get slightly more comfortable. The Preventer watched silently before cocking an eyebrow,

"Finished? Is that better now?" he asked sarcastically. Heero nodded,


"I was being sarcastic."

"I know."

"But you don't answer a sarcastic question."

"Well why not?"

The Preventer frowned,

"That other kid was right, you're a pain in the ass to interrogate." He told Heero with a smile. Heero smiled a little,

"I hope you hit him for a remark like that." He replied. The air rushed out of Heero's body as his interrogator's fist collided with his rib cage. Heero coughed and blood flew from his damaged insides. The Preventer nodded,

"Course I did Mr Yuy." He told him pleasantly. Heero coughed a little bit more blood up,

"Thank you Serge." He managed to splutter out. The Preventer, Serge, nodded,

"My pleasure Mr Yuy. Anything for the hero of Libra." He told him before beginning to circle Heero. Heero frowned,

"I've been gone for how long Serge?" he asked politely. Serge smiled,

"Eighteen years, two months and five days Mr Yuy." He replied. Heero nodded,

"And yet I'm still respected as a hero for Libra?" he asked, a bit confused. Serge nodded,

"When you first disappeared, Miss Reliena started a foundation dedicated to bringing you and Mr Maxwell back." He told his captive audience, "One of her campaigns for funds was spearheaded by a simulation of what would've happened if Libra had hit the Earth. Saving 50 million lives does tend to elevate you to the status of hero."

Heero raised an eyebrow,

"50 million huh?" he whistled, "Well I was just doing my mission Serge."

Serge nodded,

"I know Mr Yuy." He said with a smile, "But I would've been one of those 50 million. I owe you my life."

Heero smiled a little,

"Consider your blood debt repaid Serge." He told his interrogator. Serge suddenly stood rigid and saluted as the door behind Heero's chair opened. Three sets of footsteps made their way to the back of the chair. One of the people behind Heero spoke,

"Thank you very much Captain Mason. You're services, and your presence, are no longer required here. Return to you duties." The aristocratic voice informed. As Serge rushed from the room Heero set his face,

"Why don't you step out to where I can see you Milliardo?" Heero asked. Milliardo Peacecraft walked into the light in front of Heero.

His face was shallower and at parts the lines of age touched him. His long, blonde, hair was still the same but he'd changed uniforms. Instead of the practical uniform Heero had seen him wear so long ago he now wore a perfectly white uniform, decorated with gold and silver medals and embroidery. Heero noticed the silver sceptre in Milliardo's left hand,

"So that's it? You're the king of the Sanc Kingdom now?" Heero asked, still trying to control his emotions. Milliardo frowned,

"I'm thirty seven Heero. I have lived another full eighteen years since you and Duo disappeared. So has the world you left." He said slowly. Heero glared at his old enemy,

"You make it sound as if it was our own choice to enter that portal." He noticed bitterly. Milliardo shook his head,

"Don't interrupt me again Heero." He warned coldly before continuing, "This changed world needed some stability so Reliena formed The Preventers from the remaining Gundam pilots. It was their duty to prevent war at all costs. Wasn't that so?"

Heero watched as two more familiar faces walked out from behind him. He swallowed a little,

"So you two are the leaders of The Preventers." He summarised as he looked at Trowa and Wufei, both of them now into their thirties. Wufei was the most youthful out of the three, his hair still black and his frame still muscular. Trowa had changed an awful lot though. His brown hair had grey hairs scattered throughout and he looked tired in a way that suggested that more than sleep was needed. Heero shook his head and watched as Trowa turned his head away while Wufei smirked,

"The great Heero Yuy… captured!" he laughed a little. Milliardo waved a hand and Wufei was silent,

"He wanted to be captured Wufei." He informed the slightly younger man before turning back to Heero, "So why don't you just give us the knife Heero?"

Both Trowa and Wufei looked shocked when Heero dropped a curved knife to the floor. Milliardo nodded,

"Good. Now we can talk civilly." He said with a small smile. Heero continued to glare,

"Why am I here? What crime have I committed?" he asked. Milliardo shook his head and Wufei answered instead,

"Your crime was falling through that portal Heero." He told his old friend with a smirk, "Going through that type of portal enhances certain aspects of a person. It gives them the powers that only the Gods should have!"

Wufei kicked out without warning, his foot colliding with such force that Heero was sure that he'd broken at least one rib. The chair tipped from the kick and fell onto its side, dragging Heero along with it. Milliardo held Wufei back with one hand,

"You see Heero… as a person we have nothing against you. You are a hero." His eyes glinted, "But you have been given powers by that portal that should not be given to mortals. You're just like Him."

Heero coughed a little and Trowa righted the chair before looking away again. Heero frowned,

"I've been away for eighteen years. I have no idea who you're taking about." He told them. Wufei growled,

"We're talking about that piece of shit coordinator that got thrown out of the portal just as you and Duo left!" he roared before Milliardo, once again, held him back. Trowa spoke for the first time,

"His name was Athrun Zala and the portal changed him as it has you." He explained sadly, "It chose to increase his intelligence in all areas of human knowledge. In simple terms he became a sort of super genius."

Heero frowned,

"I know of Athrun Zala from my time in his universe. He was a good man by all accounts." He replied. Trowa smiled a little, a ghost of a smile,

"He was at first. He put his intelligence to good use. He cured many diseases." Trowa's eyes narrowed, "He created life. From samples of your blood he impregnated Reliena with a fertilised egg. Basically he made a child that had your DNA and Reliena's DNA. Just like in traditional fertilisation. He did the same to Hilde with some of Duo's blood. Both women wanted the children and it was widely accepted as a modern day miracle, brought about by Zala."

Heero shook his head,

"So he made a few children… does that make him you enemy?" he asked his old friends. Wufei growled again,

"He altered the children while they were in the womb Heero! By using the same type of radiation as from the portals he made the children just like him, you and Duo." He explained. Heero shrugged,

"And that's bad?" he asked. Milliardo nodded,

"It goes against the will of the divine Heero. And it became the mission of the Sanc Kingdom and The Preventers to make sure that he didn't convince other women to have children like yours." He explained, as if to a child. Heero gritted his teeth,

"Let me guess… you outlawed the experiments and hunted down Athrun and my child? Reliena and Hilde too?" he asked sarcastically. Milliardo held Wufei back again,

"Yes, you got it in one." He sighed, "We captured Reliena and Hilde and placed them under secret house arrest. As far as the world was concerned it was Reliena's will that her children be found and killed. The children escaped with Zala."

Heero raised an eyebrow,

"Children? Reliena had more than one?" he asked, now getting quite mixed feelings about learning he was a daddy. Milliardo nodded,

"You're the father of triplets Heero. Duo's the father of twins. You have two girls and a boy. He has one of each." He explained. He frowned again, "And they escaped with the rebuilt, original, five Gundams. To wage war against the Sanc Kingdom and The Preventers."

Heero nodded,

"From what I know of the situation you gave them little choice." He looked at the three men in front of him, "What happened to you three? You once fought for the freedom of everyone but now you're the oppressors!"

Trowa shook his head,

"We're doing what is morally right Heero." He tried to tell his friend. Heero glared back,

"I bet Quatre doesn't see it that way." He countered. Trowa twitched and grabbed hold of Heero by the shoulders roughly,

"You don't get to speak about Quatre! You knew nothing about him!" he screamed at the unflinching Heero. Heero shook his head,

"He didn't see it that way did he?" he watched as Trowa took his head from his shoulders to hide his tears, "You killed him. Didn't you?"

Trowa shook his head and took a deep breath,

"We executed him. He was found to be helping Zala so he was publicly executed." He closed his eyes, "I was the one to execute him."

Heero spat at Trowa,

"And now you'll do the same to me."

"Yes. We will kill you, Duo and the girl."

Wufei laughed,

"But I'll have my fun with the girl first befo-"

Wufei fell to the floor, clutching his privates as Trowa and Milliardo looked at Heero, then at his foot and then to the knife that was now sticking out of Wufei. Heero glared at his old friend,

"That 'girl' has twice the spirit you ever had Wufei!" he shouted as two Preventer guards came from behind and began to drag the chair from the room. Heero struggled madly, "I'll kill you! I'll kill you all! I'm not going to die! I have a new mission Milliardo! I will bring you down!"H