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The setting sun of my past

(but the back story to my future)

Isabella's POV

A sigh of contempt escaped my lips as I walked into the sunlit orchard. I could feel the warmth tickling my cheeks and let a bubbly laugh out. I was happy to be able to leave Aro's frozen up castle. Because all of them are vampires, they don't have to worry about being too cold or too hot and could blast the air conditioner to unreasonable temperatures. But no, those temperature feelings were saved for humans and Serenities.

I quietly padded over to grab a nice, red, juicy apple from the nearest tree. That's another thing I don't have in common with the vampires. I could eat. I didn't have to, but I could if I wanted to. Just like I don't have to drink blood but I can if I want to.

I crunched my teeth into the apple and felt some of the juice making its way down my chin. I was so happy I forgot to block the Volturi's thoughts from my head. An incessant stream of buzzing thoughts whizzed through my brain as I tried to block their minds again. No such luck. I gave up and continued to the giant tree stump in the middle of the orchard that I loved. It was wider that my king sized bed Aro had provided me and just a tad bit taller than me, as if someone had cut a tall, fat tree as much as they could and grew too tired when it was around their height.

Using the vampire speed I was capable of, I jumped up onto the tree trunk where my painting utensils were all laid out. I just loved sitting up on my tree trunk and painting pictures of the orchard, with the light dancing off the bright, green grass and the wind playing on the leaves. It was especially beautiful in the autumn when the leaves would changes colors and the orchard would look like a fire made of entirely leaves.

I pushed the easel with my paint and paint brushes aside to lay flat out on my stomach and continue counting the rings on the surface. I remembered hearing a human thinking about how if you counted the rings at the base of a tree trunk, you could tell how old the tree was. Ever since I had heard that a day ago, I had taken my spare time to count as many rings as I could. So far, I had gotten to 78.

By the time I had reached 96, the sun set was coming upon the orchard. I quickly made a mark of where I left off and grabbed my unfinished sun set picture, easel, paints, and paint brushes. I was determined to finish this picture so I could set it along with the thousands of others I had painted Aro in his chamber/ meeting room.

Maybe I should explain this to you a bit. My name is Isabella Marie Swan. Bella for short. Or Izzy if you are one of the few people who don't think Bella is sufficient enough. I'm 17 years old but have been alive since the 700s A.D. I am a Serenity. One of seven, actually. We were all sent to Earth to keep peace between the different races. Every now and then, one of us will die in an attempt of sacrifice to keep the peace between two races. Whenever a Serenity dies, a planet is born and that planet replaces the Serenity. Oh wait. That sounds confusing.

To go further into detail: I am the spirit of an unknown planet sent to Earth to keep a serene state between the vampires, werewolfs, sprites(or pixies- whatever you enjoy calling them), and humans. When the sun of our universe decides we have fulfilled our duty or purpose, she will release us of our bond to Earth and we will be free to search the Universe for our planet. If we find out planet, we can choose to become bound to our planet as queen or king or return to Earth as a human and live the rest of our life there till we die. Whatever we choose, another Serenity will replace us on Earth.

Now comes the question of power. Basically, there is nothing and no one stronger than us. Our powers are unlimited. Just by chanting a simple spell- for lack of a better word(let's make this clear: WE ARE NOT WITCHES!)- we can obtain any power a vampire alive or dead has.

So, I am the replacement of one of the Serenities of Old. No other Serenity of Old still lives on Earth as a Serenity. They have either died valiantly, found their planet and become human, or chose to stay with their planet. The only Serenity of Old who became human and has not died, is on the brink of his death. I visit him frequently and listen to his stories of the Old while taking care of him. I do remember him when he was still young and had just come back from finding his planet. I had only known him for 5 years before that and was astonished he agreed to become human. We had had a thing for a while where we were convinced we loved each other, but then he enrolled in collage and met his now dead wife. His children were off somewhere, raising successful businesses.

So, here I was, disguised as a vampire, and hiding as one of the Volturi to keep a watchful eye on them. If they ever found out there was a Serenity hiding among them, they would flip. Then if they found out it was their own Volturi Princess... well, I can't even imagine what terrible things they'd do! Yes, vampires hunted us. Why? Because they thought Serenities hunted off of vampire flesh- or stone skin, whichever you prefer. Why not tell them we don't? I honestly have no clue. The sun will not tell us but made it clear she will burn us away if we tell. Then there are the sweet werewolves. I loved them dearly. They had no problem with us, but rather loved us. The sprites weren't really anything to the other Serenities but I loved their little tricks and games they played on the humans, steeling their left socks, hiding objects that the humans are looking for, and sprinkling their pixie dust in their face so they sneeze. Sometimes I envied the sprite's carefree lives and their cute wings that propelled their tiny bodies through the air.

Then there were the humans. The few that knew about us and believed we existed hated us. They believed we wielded too much power for anyone or thing. A while ago, they teamed up with vampired to hunt us down. A vampire accidentally gave into his bloodlust and sucked dry one of the humans. After that, the humans despised the vampires and started hunting them down. War broke out and Rylan Cullen's(The only alive and human Serenity of Old I was telling you about) child, Carlisle Cullen, died when fighting off a band of Newborn vampires. I remember morning over him with Rylan for a very long time. Carlisle was the only one to figure out about me and what his father used to be. He was sworn to secrecy at the age of 17 and never told anyone. Then he died almost 10 years later. He was one of my closest friends before that. I let one single tear escape from my eyes. I felt it rolling down my vampire-looking cheek before gaining control of myself and finishing my painting.

One sun set later, and I was standing in Aro's chamber/ meeting room, hanging my picture beside my other millions of pictures. It was slightly shorter than me so it took a while for me to fix it just right.

"Beautiful." I hear Aro call in the doorway.

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