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Chapter 16

Bella's POV

Today was a normal, fun day. I played baseball and whooped ass. I got to see Edward practically ditch Tanya. And Angela finally started talking to me a lot more. Like I said, it was a great day. Until I got a raging headache.

"But I thought Sereneties weren't supposed to get headaches?" Jasper questioned me. Him and I were sitting on one of the school's picnic tables, talking. I was waiting for Edward to finish re-taking a test he missed a while ago and Jasper was keeping me company. Apparently, all of the other Cullens were too busy to wait for Edward with me.

"That's what I thought. Until my head started hurting about 5 minutes ago. I thought not feeling or being sick was one of the perks of being a Serenity. But I guess not." I said sarcastically while rolling my eyes.

"Well, hopefully your head feels better..?" He shrugged his shoulders and started tracing patterns on the wooden table. The he smiled and looked up at me. "Maybe you should take some Advil." He teases.

"Shut up." I mumble

"What? You're the one who mentioned human traits!" He laughed at me. I rolled my eyes and tried to change the subject.
"What did you get on your Chem. test?"

"I don't know. A one hundred?" He looked back down and started tracing patterns on the table with his finger again. Suddenly, my headache worsened.

"Uhhh..." I moaned while clutching my head.

"Are you okay, Bella?" Jasper jumped up from he side of the picnic table and rushed to my side. I moaned again and felt my head hit the table. "Bella!" Was the last thing I heard before blacking out.

* * *

I woke to a cool hand on my forehead and some murmuring. And... a doorbell ringing? I tried opening my eyes, but the light was too bright. I heard one of those cliché ,"She's awake!' whispers. "

Bella!" Some squealing. A tight hug.

"Are you okay, Bella?"

"What... What happened?" I opened my eyes a little. I was... somewhere.

"Bella! You feinted!" Alice gasped. "... Or something like that..." She added.

"But... how?" I tried to sitting up, but only to be pushed back down by Edward.

"Stay down. You still look sick." Edward murmured.

"Okay, seriously? Am I like 5? I don't need you taking care of me, Edward." I pushed his hands off of me and sat straight up. "Whoa..." The room started spinning so I clutched my head.

"Bella!" Edward whined. Once the walls stopped moving, I flipped him off and jumped off the bed. He tried to grab me. I don't know why, maybe he was trying to keep me from falling? "I'm fine, Edward. Really." And then when Alice jumped on me to give me a hug, he finally let go of my waist.

"I thought you were dead!" She laughed and let go of me.

"Well.. I'm not so..." I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. "Hey, where am I?"

"My bedroom." Edward answered.

"What?" I finally gave the room a good look. There were shelves of books and CDs lining one wall. Another wall was just made of glass, facing out to the forest and their was a futon couch behind me. Edward smirked at me.

"Everyone else is downstairs. Someone just rang the doorbell, and our family went nuts. They like to fight over who answers the door." Alice flopped down onto Edward's couch and started reading a magazine that I didn't notice her holding.

"Oh... So who's at the door then?" I questioned.

"Rylan. We called him to tell him that you feinted." Edward said impatiently.

"What's stuck up your ass?" I smiled at him.

"We should go down to see him. I think something's wrong. As soon as we told him you feinted, he practically sprinted over here." Edward walked over to his door.

"Do I have to, Ed-" I started.

"Yes." Edward cut me off and shoved me out the door. Alice bounced off the couch and followed. Edward walked out of his room and closed the door behind him. "Come on. They're in Carlisle's office." I followed behind Edward in amazement. They're house was beautiful.

"Like out house?" Alice giggled. I probably looked like a fish with my eyes as wide as they were. I just simply nodded my head and continued following Edward. We stopped at a door, and Edward knocked.

"Always the gentleman." I snickered. He rolled his eyes.

"How can you be joking right now?" He scowled. This time it was my turn to roll my eyes.

"Come in!" I heard Carlisle calling from the other side of the door. Edward opened the door for Alice and me and closed it behind himself.

"Well isn't this the cosiest little pow-ow." I joked as I walked in the room. I was met by all serious glares. "What?" I asked defensively.

"Now's not the time to joke." Rylan stated from the chair in front of Carlisle's desk. Carlisle was sitting behind his desk and Esme was sitting on the chair next to Rylan. The rest of the Cullens were sitting on floor or the big couch on one side of the room. Alice pulled me onto a tinier couch across from the bigger couch. Edward tried to squeeze on the couch too, but I got too squished and shoved him off. He growled when he landed on the floor.

"So, what's up?" I asked.

"Something big is happening that I don't know anything about. And I don't like it." Carlisle explained.

"Okay, really? That's what you're all so worked up about? Something big is always happening. Like, yesterday terrorists could have been making nuclear weapons. That's pretty big, don't you think? But that didn't make the whole white house have a huge meeting that no one was allowed to joke at! Well, not that I know of at least..." I scrunched up my face, thinking about my last statement.

Rylan gave an exasperated sigh. "Bella, you don't understand. This has something to do with Chaosities." He looked at me like what he just said meant anything to me.

"What the hell is a Chaosity?" Was my response. Rylan groaned.

"Sereneties gone rogue." He explained.

"What!" I jumped off the couch. "They're back?! I thought you weeded them all out! That's why your bond that held you to Earth was released!"

"Well, there's one right now. And he's got two good Sereneties under his control. I need to know what you were dreaming while you were unconscious. That might give us a clue as to why he... or she is planning to kill you."

"What?! Nobody said anything about me dying!" I yelled.

"Bella! Calm down! You won't die if you can remember your dream!" Rylan slammed his fist on Carlisle's desk.

"I can't! I didn't even dream anything!" I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Let me explain something to you, Bella. When Sereneties plot against other Sereneties, then the one being plotted against will black out and have some sort of dream that will explain... something... to them about their attacker or their attacker's plan. So you must have had a dream. Sereneties don't just fall over unconscious." He explained calmly. I thought back to when I was unconscious. Did I dream anything? Definitely not. I would remember.

"Well I don't remember dreaming anything." I said in a dangerously low voice.

"Then we're going to have to make you." Rylan said in an equally dangerous tone. We glared at each other for a couple of minutes before someone barged into the room.

"What is going on up here? How come I wasn't told about this secret meeting?" Tanya Denali complained. Oh yeah. I forgot she was still here...

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