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Ive been planning to write a debate of the anime Naruto, of his pairings…

So far I have the representants of this pairings:

SasuNaru and NaruSaku

But I still need to find someone who represents Sasusaku…please if someone is interested PM me ok, :) thanks n.n

On with the story!!:

Disclaimer: T.T I DON'T OWN THEM!!

(Ace's POV)

I think I'm in love…no, I KNOW that I'm in love… that girl was so pretty!! Her raven hair…her green eyes…her damn hot body!!

Yeah, I love her…I wonder how it will be to have her moaning my name…Oh yeah…Oh Yeah!!!


"Leader?...are you alright?"

I turn to see at Snake and the rest of my gang with nervousness…I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I SHOUTED THAT THING!!

"What are you seeing you dumbasses!! Keep thinking of a way to end with the Powerpuff!!"

Little Arturo shifts uncomfortably in his place and exclaims in a desperate voice, "But they have disappeared!"

Wait..wait..they've disappeared!? NO WAY REALLY! This is great!! I clap both of my hands together to catch their attention.

"Well…then you can help me get my new girlfriend!!"

"GIRLFRIEND!?" they all shout in unison. I roll my eyes annoyed.


"O-of course n-not, leader" Snake says trembling like a Jell-o. I grin, really that Snake is a scaredy-cat!

"And who is the lucky one?" The fat one asks with a hint of annoyance in his tone. I give everyone of my gang a smirk, a proud smirk.

"She is the most amazing, pretty and strong girl from all Tokyo!!"

Every member was now with wide eyes staring at me. Little Arturo, being the impatient one, he started shouting to me to just say her name. My smirk drops.

"I DON'T KNOW!" I shout at them with an annoyed voice. Obviously, they start trembling like the cowards they really are.

"Uhh, uhh uhhh" Grubber says in his wise voice. He is right, I'm going to find that girl, I'm gonna make that girl submit to me…Oh yeah.

"You're right Grubber; I will go and search for her! We are going to separate and we will search in the entire city!"

"But how will we know who to search for?" Big Billy asks with a frown…or that's what I think at least.

"Well, she has soft silky raven hair and spiked to the front, two big and gorgeous green eyes, her skin color is easily compared to a peach, it looks tasty…oh and she has such a great body, slender legs and a soft but tight ass…and oh her breasts…"

"WE UNDERSTOOD!!!" everybody shouts at me, interrupting me from my description…well it's not my fault she is such a goddess.

"Well…LET'S GO!"

We get out of our base. I'm coming from you, my lovely princess.

(Snake's POV)

Arghh…what a drag!!

"Hey Snake! Sorry but I guess that Leader isn't in love with you!!" Little Arturo shouts at me while running wherever she will search for the girl…

…Why everyone thinks that I'm in love with him!? IM NOT A FUCKING GIRL!!

(Kaoru's POV)

My special of green rangers is gone?!...NOOO NOO…NOW I WILL NEVER SEE THAT SPECIAL.

Wait, Miyako recorded the whole thing for me! That means that I'm going to see my special after all! Now, we are in the lab…where does Miyako go when we are in the lab?

Ah, to Ken's room, to his computer reading her magazines of clothing. Eeeww. Oh well. I run to Ken's room. I'm so near of my Green Ranger's Special!

I open the door, to find Momoko eating a cake with Ken and Miyako reading her magazines.

"Miyako! Do you have my video?"

She turns to see me with confusion.

"What video Kaoru-san?"


"MOMOKO!!" When she swallowed all the cake that was in her mouth without chewing it, I knew that she was scared. I give her my darkest glare, the glare that I use when all the perverts try to sneak a peak when I'm in the bathroom, the glare I use when I cant have something I want…the glare when they lie to me with something as important as this!!!

"Kaoru…I'm sorry…it was an emergency…I know I shouldn't have lied to you…but it was an emergency"

…I can't get angry with her this time…

"All right…but you owe me big time!" I say to her with a frown. She just stands up and squeals and hugs me.

"And I know how to pay you! Lets go to the mall!"


"No way!"

"Aww come on Kaoru! You need to have at least a cute dress in your closet, so lets go buy you clothes!"

"I don't have money" I say with a smirk. Her smiling and excited face changes to a sad one, that's so bad…but at least I have my tomboy-ness intact. Miyako stands up and starts squealing.

"I will buy all of Kaoru-san's clothing!" she says smiling. Momoko's face transforms again to the excited and smiling one. Meanwhile me…I'm shouting inside of me…


"I will go too! I need to go with you to give you your belts when a monster appears again" Ken says in a plain voice.

"Well, let's go!" Miyako exclaims happily tugging my elbow.

"Wait! I need to get my camera!...I need to capture Kaoru in a dress again!" the little dwarf says. That demon…

(At the mall)

"Look at this dress!" Miyako exclaimed happily hugging the horrible pink dress that I saw earlier at the fashion channel.

"Its so cute!" Momoko exclaimed happily seeing that thing in Miyako's arms. They both saw me to hear my verdict.

"I will rather walk naked than in that thing"

"Can I help you?" a woman that works in the boutique asks us with a smile. She had curly blond hair and chestnut eyes and was slender. She was wearing…the horrible pink dress with a name tag that read 'Mariel'

"Yes please, we're searching for something for her" Miyako explained in her sweet voice. The woman, was looking at me and then a smile crossed her features. "I know exactly what she needs"

After she gave me the clothing, I putted on and I saw that it was really good. (A/N: She is using the same outfit that she wears in my other story " A dark lover", but instead of a v- collar shirt, it will have: a black and thick necklace that it was glued to her neck, a black shirt without sleeves and instead of yellow fishnets on her arms they are going to be short and black )

I went out of the changers, just to see the woman who helped me and my two best friends. All three were…how can I say it…amazed.

"Kaoru-san! You look great!" Miyako said, while hugging a squealing Momoko. I feel so embarrassed. I turn to look the floor, embarrassed. Then I felt both of them hugging me.

"Ok you look great! Would you like to buy it?" Mariel said in a sing song voice. Both girls nodded, and as strange as it seems…I nodded too…

Maybe dresses weren't so bad…but I still prefer pants…

"What about that white dress Kaoru!" Momoko asked holding a white dress a little shorter than the one I am wearing…and the one I'm wearing is really short…


"Hey girls I'm here" Ken said, then he saw me. Let's just say that he passed from blood loss.

After shopping the dress, we were just walking through the mall, seeing all the shops. The three of them, forced me to wear the dress. I really feel embarrassed and furious, every guy is seeing me, whistling and yelling at me and trying to feel me…

Of course, I just hit them, and they run away…

"There she is!" I hear a voice yelling those words and steps coming our way with incredible speed. Then, Ace's face appears from nowhere, of course with his gang behind him. He just stands there…seeing me…and drooling?!


Before he or any other member of his gang can do or say something Ken gives us our belts. We try to run away to somewhere with less people to transform, but then something happens…

In Behind of us we here voices…three really known voices…


OMG…the RRB found them, and the gangrene gang too!!

What will happen D: !!

Review and you will see :D!!!