I woke up in an unfamiliar room with beeping noise around me. The noise was getting on my nerve and was only making my headache worst. As I opened my eyes I took in my surroundings and came upon the realization that I was in a hospital.

It wasn't until I saw her folded up awkwardly in the chair sleeping that last night's events came crashing back down upon me. I knew I was in a midst of a panic attack when the machines connected to me started beeping frantically.

The strangers' eyes snapped open almost instantaneously. She hit the call button and held my hand telling me to take deep breathes, in attempts to calm me down.

Doctors and nurses rushed into my room to check up on me. The stranger explained that I had just woken and began to have a panic attack. The doctors couldn't get me to calm down so I was given a mild sedative.

Shortly, after I fell into a deep slumber. Upon waking up again I didn't freaked out but for the first time in my life I felt so alone, vulnerable and scared.

My hospital room was dark and empty. I curled myself into a ball and began to cry softly to myself. After a while I felt someone place their hand on my back causing me to freak out.

"Hey sorry didn't mean to scare you. I heard your whimpers and just want to make sure you were alright." I turned around to see the woman who saved me.

"You stayed." I stated in a hoarse voice. She smiled at me as she reached for the pitcher. She then proceeds to pour me a cup of water before she began speaking again. "I made a promise to you that I would. Do you want me to leave so you can be alone I will?"

"No, No please stay" I nearly shouted as I attempted to sit up. I found it difficult to do which led to the stranger to helping me sit up. "Thank you" I mumbled

"No worries..." she said trailing off with a thoughtful look.

"It's Rosalie but please call me Rose" I stated answer her unanswered question.

Not once did I feel weird out with this stranger whose name I came to learn as Bella. Bella stayed with me till my family came however whenever my father came near me I would shriek at the top of my lungs.

I knew my poppa would never hurt me but I couldn't handle male contact right now especially from someone I trusted. The monster who did this to me was people I knew, two of them at least. The part that wounded me the deepest though was one of the men I believed to be the love of my life.

My father just stared at me with so much pain, hurt and anger in his eyes. I was after all daddies' little girl and someone hurt me but most importantly I was pushing him away.

My mother immediately came to my side and started whispering words of comfort to me "mio bambino caro."

However even a mothers embrace brought me no comfort. I fell asleep eventually and when I woke up my parents were no longer in the room. Instead I found Bella sitting in the chair with a book. I tried sitting up on my own again however she still had to assist me. I just need to take my mind off of my pain so I ask her five simple words. It was with those five simply words that would open the door to an everlasting friendship and it were the response to those five simple words "tell me about your life?" that gave me comfort.

Bella didn't sugarcoat anything or down played or exaggerate her life story she told it like it was. She told me about growing up in a loveless home, meeting the one person who understood her most and she even told me about all her pitfalls.

I was so lost going down memory lane that I almost did hear an angelic voice calling out to me "Auntie Rosie"

I looked up at the voice and smiled at the owner of those beautiful green orbs. I got out of my chair and walked over to the side where AJ was still sleeping looking at the only person who could pull me out my trance. "Well hello my little princess"

Author's note

I know it's been forever... I've written this chapter a long time ago but due to computer issues and medical issues I just haven't had any time... Now that everything is going well I will begin writing again and I promise to finish this story. This is just something short to hold you guys over till I start pound out more chapters within the next few days