Chapter 1:


"WITCH WITCH!!" The chanting wouldn't stop, the fire could be seen frombehind. The two lovers flee, running with all there might. The crowd could be heard from the back.

Hinai clutched her heart, and squeezed Sosuke's hand. Her chest was burning; she couldn't breathe. Sweat trickled down her forehead, she grasped Sosuke's hands tightly as her breathing became rapid."So-Sosuke..I can't run anymore.."She rasped, making an effort to keep up with his pace. Her lavender colored eyes hazed; the color was fading, and her legs became limp.

Sosuke's crimson eyes looked hurriedly at the girl, then looked back at their trail. The crowd was getting closer, the chants getting louder. Sosuke startedto worry. "Get up!" He told her, trying to yank her with much more force then he had intended. He didn't want to lose her, but the girl lay limp. Sosuke kneeled down next to her, watching as she started to pale.

Hinai looked up at her lover. A small smile crept to her rose colored lips,and a small laughter escaped her. "I love you.."She softly said, bringing herhands up to caress his cheek. She knew they wouldn't get away, their efforts were useless; no matter where they went those wretched people would find a way to get them. "Sosuke please run..get away from those people..they don't have mercy..I-I.."

"Shut your mouth; don't you dare tell me what to do! I won't let them get you, get us. We'll be together forever." He told smiled. Even at the most critical situations, he was still able to stay calm. "When we get there, we could livetogether forever, in harmony, Hinai, I promised.."

"I can't run anymore..Sosuke, please..Just leave me here..and..go..our relationship wasn't meant to be, it's just fate telling us this is how our
life will end."

"Screw Fate! Don't you dare say such a stupid thing; I love you and nothing can change that. If your going to die..and give up...I won't let you do it alone. I promised to stay by your side..this life, and the next..forever.."




Hinata never let her attention turn away from the teacher, as she told thestory about the two. The way the teacher told it just captivated her, like she was there, like she was part of the story. She hated the way that people were against their relationship just because the girl wasn't part of their world;because she was different. Hinata continued to listen to her sensei telling about how much they loved each other. That they would even die for each other.

Oh how Hinata wished love like that still exsisted..


Hinata snapped out of her daydream, she started putting her books into her bag, she smiled, and placed her bag over her back, and walked towards her teacher.

"Ano, Kurenei-sensei.."Hinata blushed a light pink."C-Can I borrow the b-book, please?"

Kurenei looked up at her and smiled."Oh, sure just make sure that you don't dirty it, ok Hinata?"She said handing the girl the book, she smiled at her favorite pupil.

Hinata nodded, a smile on her face."A-Arigatou, Kurenei-sensei..I really like it.."

"Well, I'm glad someone does everyone seemed to be falling asleep."Kurenei Sensei sighed."I thought this book would get everyone's attention, I mean it's really well-written and based on a true story."

"Ano, Sensei, I enjoyed it.."Hinata mused.

Kurenei laughed."I'm glad."

"Ano, thanks again Sensei."Hinata said, bowing respectively, and turned around and felt her body bump into something hard."Hinata rubbed her temple."Ano..Gomensai!"She opologized, and looked up and was met with glaring crimson, she blushed.

"U-Uchiha-san.."She said bowing respectively, before speeding out the door.


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