Chapter 2:



"What is it honey?

"What's the meaning of love?"

"Well..honey there's no significant meaning of 'love', it could mean the way you love sweets, or how you love to play the piano, another meaning is the way I love you."The mother said, stroking the young girl's dark indigo colored locks, and softly nuzzled the top of her hair with her chin.

The girl quickly shook her head from her mother's affectionate grasp."No, not that Kaa-san..I mean the way you and Otou-san.. love.. each other."

She chuckled softly, she was never surprised by her daughter's ever growing inquisitive mind."Well..don't you think your too young for that?"

She pouted, and the mother chuckled. That girl was stubborn.

"Well..our love is's when you care about someone, like they hold the key to your heart, before I met Otuo-san I always was quite and silent, feeling like there was something missing, but when he came he was the thing that was missing. Love also takes patience, love isn't something that just happens right away. I don't really know how to explain it but it's something if it's true it's undying."



"Does love really last forever?"

"...Hai, sometimes it could last more than one generation."


All of it were lies.

Kaa-san lied because if it were true...

If love really...

If love really did last..forever...


"...Hinata...your not supposed to be in here..Tou-san will be angry, don't disobey Tou-san..."Her mother's voice was raspy, she saw her mother's face plae unlike the usual ivory color, her lips were thinning, a pale pink nothing like the vibrant color she was accustomed, those lips that used to give her those swet kisses, and whispers of encouragement.

"..kaa-san.."Hinata stepped closer to her mother's body, the monitor was at a steady rate."Are you sick?"she was close to her mother's bed, she grasped the side of her mother sheets, seeing her mother's hazed lavender eyes, the color and life wasn't even there anymore.


"...A-Are you going to die..Kaa-san...?"


Hinata's grip tightened, tears started to roll down her cheeks, and down her chin.

"..don't cry.."

"..kaa-san you love me don't you..?"


"..d-don't you...?"


"Then please..don't die."


All of it, she couldn't even understand why she believed her.

Love didn't last forever.

It was a Lie.

Love was a Lie.






"Hinata-sama, dinner is ready."Hinata heard a muffled masculine voice from outside her beadroom, she placed the book gently on her bed.

"H-Hai, Neji-nii I'll be out in a second."

"Okay, please hurry, you know how Uncle is."

"..I know..A-Arigatou.."She said softly.

She heard him sigh, and his footsteps were heard, she knew that indicated that he had left.

She sighed, and sat on her bed, she knew all to well how her father was when everybody wasn't at the table.

It was like that ever since..ever since...

Hinata stared at the book that she had been reading and picked it up.

'Love as Pure as Snow'

Books were by means her escape from reality.

She liked to imagine everything that happened in those fantasy love stories were real.

'Happily Ever After'


She wished.

Ever since she started reading that novel, she somewhat felt a connection to it, to Hinai atleast. Indifferent and quiet and ever since that day, alone..

Like herself.

But Sosuke, was just a completely different person than she expected Hinai to fall 'inlove' with he was selfish, mean, agnorant and celf-centered. Hinata couldn't even believe how this love story was even centered around them.

They were two completely different people.

Raised up differently, acted differently, treated differently, and viewed everything differently.

And Hinata had yet to see how the heck they were going to fall for each, they didn't even know each other's name yet and she was on chapter three.

And she found it very hard that this was actually based on a true event. That's what had caught her attention in the first place.


"H-hai..I'm coming."





Sasuke groaned inwardly, as he stared blankly up at his white colored ceiling, the fan was whipping fast sending a soft breeze to caress his face. He couldn't sleep. It was one of those nights again.

That memory just wouldn't leave him alone, it happened when he was so little but the memory was graved in there permently it kept replying over and over whenever he just thought of that name.Itachi.

" Itachi don't you dare turn your back on me!"Fugaku said in a low warning tone, his obsedian eyes had a glint of red in them only showing when he was furious or was angry. His wife was sulking on the chair, she couldn't belive this was happening.

"Your not the boss of me anymore, Tou-san, I'm sick of being a pawn for this godforsaken family and I don't believe I'm good enough anyway, let Sasuke take the title, let him be heir."

Fugaku glared, and grabbed his eldest son by the collar."Who do you think you are?!I am your father!"

Itachi removed his father's hands from his grasp, holding his hand putting much pressure on it, he smirked."Not anymore."He said letting go, he walked away trailing his suitcase in the back of him, he stopped than turned his head, and smiled almost genuinely.

"And tell Sasuke I said 'bye'"And he trailed off outside, Fugaku was staring at his back till he fully disappeared into the night, disbeliveing the events that had just took place he turned around shaking uncontrollably, he balled up his fists and slamming it against the table knocking down a very precious expenisive vase.


His voice echoed, fallowed by soft whimpers.

He was pretty sure his parents' didn't know what he had witnessed what had took place , the next day they tried covering everything up telling Sasuke his brother 'was on a small vacation and he'd be back'. He didn't bother arguing.

But Sasuke knew the truth, already. He wasn't stupid.

His brother left him alone, forever. He knew Itachi wasn't coming back.

He sighed, and tore his gaze away frm the ceiling and moved to his side, using his hands as a pillow -- a very uncomfartable pillow --, he closed his eyes trying to go to sleep he needed it for tommarow. The branches of the sakura tree hit his window repeatedly.

He groaned.

Annoying.He thought as he opened his eyes, he sat on the bed, and stared out the window the sakura tree still tapped on the window.

"I need some water,"He thought out loud.

Boy this was going to be a long night.






"So how do you like the book so far, Hinata-chan?"Kurenai asked her, a smile on her ivory colored face.

"Ah..I-It was good Kurenai-sensei..but I don't understand there so different.."Hinata asked, almost spacing out, trying to recapture what she had read so far."I-I'm on chapter three.."

"Just be patience, it's a lovely story but tragic."Kurenei said, entertwining her fingers together, and stared up at Hinata."So how do you like the school so far?Making any friends?"

Hinata blushed."N-Not it's o-okay I just c-came here t-two weeke ago...s-so it's okay.."

Kurenei smiled,"Well I can introduce you to some good students, I'm sure you'll get along fine with them."

"Ano..S-Sensei..i-it's fi-"Hinata didn't get to finish her sentence.

"Uzumaki,"Kurenei said looking at a blonde who had his hair shaggy and hanging loose into his face, it was a good look for him, he had clurean blue eyes, that seemed to hold a humorous glint in them. He was tall and lean, and his chest was wide but not to wide and the black male uniform just made his form look more attractive.

"Hai, Sensei?"He asked, a grin on his face showing gorgeous teeth, Hinata blushed.

"You wouldn't mind showing the new student around the school, she just moved here about two weeks."Kurenai said pointing to Hinata who just turned a darker red."Her name is Hyuga Hinata."

"Ofocurse not Sensei, Ohayo, Hinata-chan, I'm Uzumaki Naruto," he said, holding out his hands, a smile on his face. She took it and shook it.

"Nice to m-meet you."She stuttered nervously.

"Now that your acquaintanced, go sit down."Kurenei said almost threateningly.

"Hai, hai,"Naruto said walking, away from her."C'mon Hinata-chan, I'll introduce you to some friends."He said looking at her. She just nodded solemnly.

"Hey guys, this is Hinata she moved here two weeks ago."Naruto said pointing at her."Kurenei-sensei, said I had to show her around."

All there eyes turned to look at her, some smiled, some just stayed impassive.

"Hello."A girl with light pink hair, said smiling and waving at her. Hinata couldn't help but think how gorgeous she was, her green eyes were penetrating. "I'm Haruno Sakura."She said showing her pearly whites."You already met the baka, but this is Shikamaru, Sai, Kiba, Gaara, Haku, and Ino-pig, here."She said smirking at a blonde haired girl who was as equally as gorgeous.

"Shut it, Pinky."Ino said through gritted teeth."I'm Yamanaka Ino, nice to meet."She said quickly changing her facial expression from angry to a sweet 'how do you do'.

"L-Likewise.'She said nervously, her head low as she stared at her feet.

"Here have a seat."Sakura offered her a desk next to her.

"Aww, Sakura-chan that was my seat."Naruto whined.

"Shut-up, Naruto and be nice."

"'s o-ok I-I'll just sit there."She said pointing to a different desk.

Naruto happily took back his seat, but recieved another hit from Sakura.

Naruto moaned."What was that for?"

"You shudda, just let her sit there, baka instead of whining!"She told him sternly like a mother.

" ..where's that teme?"Naruto asked, still rubbing the bruise that was growing and beating red.

"I'm here dobe.."A dark voice said, trails of irritation lingered in it with annoyance clearly evident in his voice. Hinata slowly cowered, and she turned around slowly the voice familiar, she gulped.

His onxy eyes, were glaring daggers straight at her, like he was penetrating her sole, and she swore she saw glints of red.

"Sasuke-kun!"Sakura squealed.

"Damn Sasuke, you look like shi-"

"You finish that sentence you'll never eat ramen through your mouth, again."He said darkly, Naruto stopped talking taking back all the words he had said. Sasuke turned his attention to Hinata. He didn't look happy. He really did look horrible like he just came out of bed or something, his eyes still had bags under them.

"What the hell are you doing in my seat, and who the hell are you?"

"Stop being a Teme, Sasuke, just let her sit there it's not like you have your name on there, anyway."

But Sasuke wasn't listening, his gaze still fixated on her.






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He was so pissed off, he had over slept, couldn't find anything from his homework to his underwear, and had forgotten to eat breakfest. And now this intruder was comfortably sitting in his seat that he always sat in?

Oh, Uchiha Sasuke was not a happy man at the moment, well he was never really happy but not this unhappy, he was unusualy pissed, his night was rough and this girl was just making it harder. Who the hell was she anyway?

"Well?"he asked again, the tone of his voice low and threatening.


He twitched,What the hell is she? A broken record?Her voice and the way she as stuttering wasn't making it any better, he was just getting more and more aggravated with her.

"Oh, just let her sit there teme!She's new, and for godsake be nice for once!"Naruto told him, almost pleading, scared for the girl's life.

"Hn. I don't care."He said, as he made his way next to Kiba, he stared down at her, her eyes were a whitish hue, vaguely familiar, he just shook the thought away.

He never bothered remembering girls' faces or names, well except for the certian blonde and the pink haired girls who continuously pushed themselves into life. Till he just didn't care, anymore, and didn't bother telling them off because he knew they'd be back. He sat down, and crossed his arms around his chest, and glared and huffed almost like a child.

After that little scene, everyone had forgotten ( or what seemed like it ) in a short while. They bombared her with questions, ( by they it only meant Sakura, Ino, and Naruto ), and she answered them her head stayd down, everytime they were asking her something.

"So Hinata, you just moved here or just to this school, where did you come from?"

", I c-changed, f-from a different a-academy t-to here b-because Tou-san wanted m-me t-to be near m-my cousin..."She stuttered alot, but they could still understand what she as speaking ( or squeaking ) .

"Oh, who's your cousin?"Sakura asked, politely


"Oh, I know him!! He's a junior here!He's as mean as Sasuke! How could you put up with him!And he get's chased by girls here too!Ahah, I don't get what they see in cold hearted bastards!"


"Ugh, Shut-up Naruto, it's her cousin your badmouthing, baka!!"Ino said hitting him in his arm." So what do you like to do, hinata-chan?"

She blushed."Pressing flowers..a-and playing t-the piano..."

"Oh, that's awesome!Are you any good?"Naruto asked, but recieved many punches from both Ino and Sakura."Ouch what?!"

"Ano..I t-think so..."

It was like this for awhile, endless questions, till Kurenei had finally decided to start class.

Boy was he relieved.





She had decided to sit alone at lunch, she wasn't in the mood to sit with them, mostly because she had gotten on the wrong side of Uchiha Sasuke who she had aggravated three times in just 2 days she didn't want any more unfortunate encounters like that.

She stared at thier table, Sasuke was just sitting there that dark presence still lingered around him, she could tell he was still pissed. Everyone else was chatting away, and Ino and Sakura were trying to get Sasuke's attention he didn't pay any attention to them, the scowl was only growing. He turned her way, his glare darkened.

She froze and quickly turned around taking a bite, slowly, out of her sandwhich trying to pay no mind to him.

Many thoughts were going through her mind but three were repeatedly said.

Must Stay Away.





"You know teme, you didn't have to be so mean to her, now the poor girl is scared!I don't blame her, you are scary looking!"Naurto said scolding at him for what had happened, about four freaking periods ago and he was still on his case.

"Hn."Was his answers.

"Whatever teme, she's Neji's cousin, and if Neji finds out he'll kill you!Have you ever seen him when he get's mad?!He get's veins around his eyes!And it turns more white than it already is!creepy!"Naruto shuddered, Sasuke didn't reply his face stayed impassive but he knew what Naruto meant, Neji was as strong as him, Tch, but he could take him."Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, you could try to be nicier, maybe we should invite her to the mall with us this weekend."Sasuke glared."or not."he sighed defeated."Gosh hopeless, she has no friends here, she's so quiet and seems lonely, just try.."

Sasuke didn't answer, he just turned his head around scanning the lunchroom, he was really bored, his gaze landed on her, he caught her staring, and when she saw him looking at her, she quickly turned around.

Hn. Typical.





It was quiet in the halls, Hinata hadn't heard the bell, she had been reading the book, again. She had relized there wasn't anymore noise and had noticed she was alone in the cafeteria, well she had to explain this to Hatake-sensei.

Hinata had the book tightly tucked around her firm grasp, she didn't have time to place the book back in her bookpack, her finger was holding her spot in looked at the book, the upperleft corner of her mouth twitched, it was calling blinked, no, she couldn't she had to get to class..that was important..Ok, maybe just one page.

She took the book out and stopped walking and leaned against a door, that marked 'janitor's closet' she scanned the page, reading it. She heard a low rustle and a groan. Her eyes widened, where people doing the....

"Maybe he went that way, I swear I just saw him!"She heard many femine voices coming down the hall, she was wondering what was going on, she just shrugged and started walking when she felt someone grab her shoulder, and quickly covered her mouth.

"E-"She couldn't speak, someone was muffling her voice with there mouth, that person leaned in her ear and whispered.

"Shh, Shut-up Hyuga."Her eyes widened, remebering that voice.

Sasuke let his grip fall from her mouth, it was dark and squished, it with many appliances and it smelled, bad, but she could still feel him glaring down at her."You almost blew my cover,"He hissed at her.

"An-Ano..I-I.."She tried opologizing, but he quickly grabbed her mouth.


"I think he went that way!I thought I saw a black chicken hair style!"One of the girl's said pointing out, and they moved swiftly to that direction.

Hinata estimated about 20 or so girls?She couldn't understand, what the hell was so great about him , he slowly let his grip away from her mouth.

"I don't get it..what's so special about him...?"She said softly, but it was loud enough that Sasuke could hear.






He heard it.

His eyes widened for a moment, but quickly went back to normal just as the hell did this girl think she was?She was small, fragile and easily breakable. Is that what she was thinking?But maybe his ears where just playing tricks on him. All of his fans were now gone, he couldn't hear anymore of thier pathetic sqeals.

He opened the door, without saying a word, she stepped out of the closet.

He looked at her.

"This never happened."He told her, glaring. she nodded slowly.

"I-I ha-have to go.."She said, quickly putting something in her backpack, her hands were trembling, he didn't say anything as she ran away from him, something dropped from her bag, but she didn't notice, she just continued to run.

Sasuke uncounsiously walked over to it, and picked it up. It was a book. he read the cover 'Love As Pure As Snow'.

It was the book Kurenei had read a small excerpt from in Literture Class.

He remebered it as abook about to lovers who's love was so strong but was hated by everyone, because of there stance in social class, in that village

Tch. Typical female fantasies.

But the question was;

Should he return this back to her?

Naruto had told him to be nicier...




The person who tries to live alone will not succeed as a human being. His heart withers if it does not answer another heart. His mind shrinks away if he hears only the echoes of his own thoughts and finds no other inspiration.
--Pearl S. Buck







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