Learning to love

(a naru hina humor/fluff fic)

Ch 1: Preparations

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A/n: almost everyone ends up being Ooc and everyone is as oblivious as Naruto, it starts a little while after the bridge incident, but to correct everything it takes place in December heheh my bad when i wrote this in September i didnt know when Hinata's birthday was

Hinata was about to pull her hair out. It was two days until the blue-haired, Hyuuga heir's 16th birthday when she planned to confess to Naruto, her plan was to use a kage-bunshin to take her place while she snuck away, after that she would (hopefully) meet Naruto at the top of the Hokage monument. But before all this she had to write the letter to get Naruto to go to the meeting place.

"Oh kami, what am I gonna do? If I can't even write a letter to him, how am I suppose to tell him how I feel?" Hinata thought aloud "I wonder if Tenten can help me? She and Neji have already confessed to each other, maybe she can give me some tips? , oh but what is she doesn't want to help me?"

"Help you? Sure I'll help you, heres some advice, close your window when you want to think aloud" came a voice from the window ledge

"T-Tenten!?! W-what are you doing here?"

"I was on my way to see Neji, but I heard you mention my name, so what do you need help with?" Tenten asked sitting down on Hinata's bed

"W-well I was trying to write a letter to someone but I can't bring myself to do it"

"oh I see.." Tenten looked over Hinata's shoulder to see a blank sheet of paper with a scribble on it

"why did you scribble out the name?" Tenten asked

"w-well you startled me when you came in…and I" Hinata stuttered

"oooh, so it's a secret crush, OK now I am definitely going to help you with this"

Hinata not sure to be happy or embarrassed just accepted the help….but unknown to her that certain blond she was thinking of was also lost in thought until another certain spikey haired blond came along and asked….

"have you seen a person with a very long sword and long silver hair"

"um…. Yea he said something about his mother"

"where did he go?"

"he went that way about an hour a…" was all Naruto could say before the mysterious blond ran off.

'what the hell was that all about?' He wondered 'oh well he's got an awesome sword, it huge!'

"hmmmm…. What to do?" Naruto wondered aloud

Since Naruto had seen Team 8 he couldn't get a certain blue haired person off his mind

"damn, Ero-sennin must be getting to me, what would Shikamaru say? Bothersome? No.. troublesome! That's it."

"what would be so troublesome that you would copy my line" said a almost stepped on Shikamaru

"woah!... shikamaru! What are you doing laying on the road?"

"take a good look around Naruto were on the roof"

"oh yea" Naruto said, wondering how he got on the roof

"so whats so troublesome Naruto?" Shikamaru seeing as he wouldn't fall asleep anytime soon and wondering what was so troublesome that it was bothering Naruto

"oh its nothing"

"well something has to be bothering you, I mean nothing ever gets through that thick skull, I mean you don't even see that Hi…." Shikamaru stopped himself remembering what happened when he had been a temporary squad leader for Team 8 and Kiba brought up Hinata's crush on Naruto, and how many weeks Kiba spent in the I.C.U.

"see that what? Shikamaru?" Naruto asked innocently

"oh nothing, I got my facts mixed up is all" Shikamaru said lying through his teeth

"oh, ok hey wait a minute I'm not that thick" Naruto said feeling hurt

"so, um....Shikamaru if you wanted to tell someone something really important how would you do that?" Naruto nearly wispered having calmed down

Shikamaru thought for a minute...or two...or more -.-

"well i would just go and tell them, face to face" Shikamaru stated "anyother way would be too troublesome"

"hmmm.....i see" Naruto said with his mouth full of food

"gwaaah! where the hell did you get that bowl of ramen?" Shikamaru yelled crawling away

"well you took a while so i had a doppelganger go grab me some lunch" Naruto spoke happily "well i got to go do something see ya Shikamaru!"

"troublesome" Shikamaru mumbled going back to watch the clouds

-.- (i cant believe you Shikamaru) -.-

---at the Hyuuga Manor---

"so let me get this straight..." Tenten started "...your gonna deliver this letter, HOPE he reads it, and HOPE that he does what it says, then you will sneak out of your BRITHDAY party which also happens to be your 16TH, swap places with a shadow doppleganger, and meet him where you said"

Hinata hurriedly shook her head 'yes'

"girl you got guts! you sly girl"

Hinata blushed at the compliment

"well i guess i got to go and leave you to your dirty deeds, see ya, and i won't tell Neji so don't worry"

Hinata remembered that Neji had been training his byakugan to tell the difference between doppelgangers and the real person

"t-thanks Tenten" Hinata said, she would have to tell Neji about her plan, hopefully he would agree to help

and with that Tenten dissapered from the window

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