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'Kyuubi or other mental being'


I think you get the picture by now...

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Ch 3: I fear for the future of Konoha...

*sigh* Naruto sat down "I'll never find him, I've been looking for hours!"

'oh yes, all morning is definitely the whole of 7 minutes HAHAHAHAHA!' the fox mumbled from some corner of Naruto's mind

'OH SHUT UP, YOU...' Naruto started back

"who are you looking for Naruto?" came a calm voice from behind Naruto

"HOLY ROTTEN RAMEN! SHINO! WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? NEVER MIND THAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU ALL MORNING!" NARUTO yelled so loud that his name was capitalized by mistake, and made Shino wince

"its only 6:20 am..." Shino spoke

"i know but I need to talk to you really bad, its about something that happened last night"

"alright, come lets walk and talk..."

-2 hours later-

"...and that's what happened" Naruto finished explaining his dream from the previous night to the normally stoic bug whisperer, who had stopped walking some time ago and just stood there in a state of shock(just use your imagination)


"yes?" Naruto nearly sang

"...you...have a serious problem, I suggest talking to a shrink, or maybe scheduling an appointment with Ino's father" Shino said with a shiver

"OK, thanks and please don't tell anyone okay?" Naruto begged

"believe me Naruto, when I say never, I mean I NEVER(its a Shino yell) want to even think about that ever again, let alone ever let that be uttered again..." Shino said with an sightly violent shiver while trying to get his composure back "...and on that other matter you asked about, I believe Hinata-san should be at home today, since Kunerai-sensi is away on assignment today"

"ok thanks again Shino!" Naruto said before sprinting off toward the Hyuuga manor

Shino then turned around and began walking home "I don't think I will be leaving the house for a while after this"

-a little while later at the Hyuuga manor-

Neji was just leaving for his usual late morning 'stroll'(or so he said), when he quite literally bumped into Naruto

"Hey Neji! There you are!" Naruto said offering his hand to help his friend up "is Hinata-chan here?"

"Hello as well Naruto, and yes she is here, but may I ask what business do you have with Hinata-sama?" Neji said while accepting the offer

"I just really need to see her" Naruto said slightly whining

"I apologize Naruto, but that's not good enough..." Neji said sounding stately "...you know as well as I that non-Hyuuga are not permitted within the manor grounds without either an escort or a appointment with Haishi-sama"

it was then that Naruto decided to put his plan into action

"say Neji, a little birdie tells me that your a BIG fan of the Icha Icha series" Naruto said smoothly

this had caught Neji off guard

"Preposterous, where did you get such an idea?" Neji said with a slight tinge on his cheeks

'I GOT HIM! HEHEHE THIS IS SO AWESOME!' "well that's too bad, because you see, since Jariya-sensi just happens to be the author, I have a special LIMITED EDITION pre-release copy of the next volume signed by Jariya himself, which, may I add, will not be out for another 7 to 10 monthes" Naruto explained with the vigor of a starving salesman as he pulled the bribe out from inside his jacket and waved it back and forth in Neji's face

Neji was practically drooling at the sight of such book

"I-i see what you mean then, please follow me" Neji stuttered before turning around and walking back through the gate he had just exited

and after about 10 minutes of walking, Neji finally stopped at a random door and knocked. At first it was dead silent behind the door for a moment before the sound of clothing rustling and a large 'poof' was heard, before "c-come in Neji" a voice replied

"Please forgive the intrusion, Hinata-sama, but you have a guest"

"I-i see, please let them in" came Hinata's voice again, and Neji moved out of Naruto's way

Naruto turned and bowed to Neji and gave him the novel and then walked into the room

when Naruto walked into the room, Hinata's eyes grew big and her face turned as red as a cherry.

"i guess I'll take my leave now..." Neji said as he stood up and snickered to himself 'why not?' "...now remember Hinata-sama, you are expected to be a virgin until you marry" and then sprinted off down the hall waving his prize like a flag, Hinata got even redder...

'I'm beginning to like that one heheheh' the fox thought to itself

'OH DEAR! OH DEAR! OH DEAR!' Hinata was frantic 'WHY DID HE NEED TO SAY THAT?...HE WILL HAVE TO BE PUNISHED LATER...no I have to calm down or else...'

'...huh, whats with everyone'(Naruto must be naturally clueless)

"N-Naruto-kun...w-what are you doing here?" Hinata finally broke the silence

"oh nothing, I just wanted to talk, you know catch up, I mean I've been away for two and a half years"

Hinata was on cloud nine, Naruto had come see her and just talk, it was too much for her...

'HEY DON'T YOU FAINT NOW, THINK OF THIS AS PRACTICE FOR NEXT TIME!...oh...ok then...w-what do I say?...talk normal, like its Kiba or Shino...ok I'll try...'

"hello? Hinata? Is anyone home?"

"ahh...ahhh...ano...ah...what did you want to talk about?"

Naruto froze 'ah crap, I was so busy thinking of a way to get in I forgot to think of something to talk about! any ideas fuzzbutt?'

"idiot...hahahahahaha"in short the fox gave its usual help

'great load of help that is!'

'its more than you deserve...hahahahahahahahaha'

"heheheh well actually I don't really have anything specific I want to talk about, I guess I'm kinda stupid that way..."

"y-your not stupid..." Hinata whispered

"Eh? What was that Hinata?"

"i.." "nope, a little louder"

"i sai..." "a little bit louder"

"I SAID YOUR NOT AN IDIOT!" Hinata yelled as loud as she dared

Naruto wasn't sure what was more shocking, the fact that Hinata had just told him he wasn't an idiot or the how loud she could yell

Hinata just let everything go and went with what her gut told her she had already done two things she thought she would never be able to do why not just go all the way?


"h-hinata...i think you should..."


Naruto had caught her in a kiss

"there finally! You shouldn't yell, it doesn't suit you, and with the walls here being so thin...huh Hinata? Hinata!"


'oh crap!' Naruto thought and dashed out the window just as Haishi ran into the room

"ALL RIGHT WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE?" he yelled, but Naruto was already gone 'damn, hes gone, maybe I shouldn't of ran in here like that...all I wanted was a copy for myself'

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