Ok so this is my first ever story folks and I am about ready to crap myself 'cus I'm that nervous of the reponse I'll receive.

Now this is probably going to be wildly OOC just because I want to write a potty mouthed Edward! AH and AU aswell.

Disclaimer: If I was Stephenie Meyer I would've finished writing Midnight Sun by now.... Nothing belongs to me!


Her eyes spoke all kinds of shit to me.

As she focused on me with those glowing brown orbs, they spoke to me. I could hear every unspoken thought revolving in that head of hers.

Everything she felt.

She knew.

This wasn't meant to happen. No one was meant to want me, just like he'd always told me. I was a freak. I was Edward Cullen, Edward freaking Cullen, I wasn't that guy.

But she was that girl.

I knew she'd never allowed anyone as close as she had me. So close that I had glimpsed past all those jagged scars marring her body, telling the story her lips refused to speak.

And something shifted painfully inside of me. Pain, but not pain at all; uncomfortable, yet completely right. I felt the throb, as that long dormant thing inside of me pulsed back into life. It stuttered, hiccupped.

But, didn't stop.

I heard it.

She heard it.

I would never tell.

I couldn't.

'I love you.'

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