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It had been a month since I'd somehow landed in the rainy town of Forks. One month of self imposed incarceration, which to be frankly honest meant hiding.

Hiding from reality.

Somewhere along the way it seemed as if I'd lost the ability to truly differentiate between what was just rolling around inside my head and what was right there in front of me. The two had amalgamated to form a halfway place from where I seemed to peer out at the rest of the world, as if not quite comprehending that it was actually there.

Because I wasn't really there.

'Purkiss, Dr. Purkiss' couldn't extract me from this funk I had fallen into, although she pulled every psychiatric trick she could think of out of the proverbial bag.

Charlie was just as helpless.

He knew, of course.

It was hard to explain away each new scar that appeared. I had taken to wearing long sleeved tops and jeans, not that I'd ever been much of a skirt girl, but now Is had a uniform of sorts – clothes that concealed even the barest expanse of skin.

Because this thing didn't concern anyone else, no one but me. It was my problem, my way of dealing. I knew Charlie didn't understand, no one understood, I got that, so I didn't want to worry him any further I suppose.

So I pretended.

I pretended everything was ok.

So here I was, a month later, starting at Forks High School.

I tried to block out Bella's reactions at the thought of starting at a new school where everyone knew each other and Isabella Swan was the interloper. I tried to stop my hands from dampening with sweat or my fingers from drumming incessantly on the steering wheel as I waited at a red light.

I tried to think like Is.

I snorted to myself; I was beginning to sound like I had a multiple personality disorder. I'm Is, no I'm Bella, no I'm Is, what the hell was wrong with me? Even I didn't know who I wanted to be. How was anyone else supposed to know?

I sighed as I pulled into the parking lot. It was full of cars and kids having their mini reunions after summer vacation. I looked around for a parking spot and managed to shimmy my hulking great, red truck into a space next to a shiny, silver Volvo. I had a quick scout around as I got out and heaved another sigh. All of the girls seemed to be wearing tiny skirts or dresses or shorts, it was September after all, still summer, at least as summery as it got for Forks. Already I felt like a freak in my jeans and long sleeved blue t-shirt. I didn't fit in.

Just like I hadn't fit in anywhere without Renee.

I grabbed my rucksack and keeping my head down made my way towards a building, any building assuming I'd find the reception area. It couldn't be that difficult right?

Oh how wrong I would turn out to be.

Even by staring at the gravel patterns on the ground and refusing to make eye contact, I couldn't escape their insatiable curiosity. I was the shiny new toy after all, the mouse all the big cats were fighting over. Too bad this toy was already broken. Well, maybe not broken, a little worse for wear perhaps. I wasn't defeated yet, I just wasn't quite whole and I was fine with that – that missing part could represent the humanity that I had misplaced somewhere along the way.

A shadow crossed my path; I studied it, probably a guy I'd say, unless there was a girl around here sporting a buzz cut or worse a shiny, bald head. I smirked to myself, I'd never been particularly vain, but it was nice to know I cared about something, even if it was the condition of my hair. I carried on walking forward; maybe this guy/person/whatever would get out of my friggin' way if I just pretended he wasn't there.

My mistake.

He seemed determined to meet my acquaintance.


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