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Chapter one: Congratulation

My name is Isabella Swan, but I prefer Bella. I am seventeen years old. I'm short and slender like my mother. I got my chocolate brown eyes, my brown hair –which goes about an inch past my shoulder and is slightly curly– and my shyness from my father.

I live in Forks, Washington. My parents and I live in a small two story house. It was old and in desperate need of a paint job. The white paint had peeled away over time. The shutters were hanging on desperately by the small rusted nails. The porch steps are broken. I've fallen on them several time; once spraining my ankle.

I go to a rather large high school. It has only been open for a few years. Everything there is new. New flat screen televisions, new books for every child, new uniforms (ugh!), and there's even new computer for everyone in the school.

The uniforms are dark blue and tan. Two blue sweaters and two pants or skirts. You have to wear them everyday except for Friday. On Fridays we were allowed to wear almost anything we wanted.

Right now I am sitting in the cafeteria eating my chicken sandwich with my best friend Jessica. She is a vegetarian and is currently giving me a lecture on animal rights. I had tuned her out through most of the conversation.

"…and there such defenseless creatures! Right Bella?" Jessica said, pulling her blond hair out of her face. Jessica and I have been best friends since Kindergarten. We have been inseparable ever since.

"Uh…right. I totally agree!" I said nodding vigorously.

"Great! So that means you will do it then? I'll have to call Morgan and tell her after school. You know I was surprised I really didn't think you'd do this," she said droning on and on while panic hit me. What had I just agreed to? I should have known better. Last time I did that I ended up in an asparagus costume holding up a sign that said: Don't eat meat! Join our Veg club today! I shuddered.

"Thanks so much Bella! Okay were getting together two weeks from now on a Saturday. My place at noon," the bell rang and we hopped out of our chairs, "Be there or be squared!" She said cheerfully before running off towards Trig, while I ran towards my gym class.

"What the –" I said when I entered the gymnasium. It was packed full of kids. Most of them I recognized as seniors. There were a few juniors in the bunch, but no one I really new. There was a podium at the front gym. The principle and few of the teachers were on the podium trying to quiet the large group.

"Miss Swan will you please sit down so we can begin." The principle said in a rather irritated tone. I blushed and quickly took seat, not bothering to see who I was next to.

"As many of you should remember. We gave everyone in this room a chance to sign-up for the foreign exchange program. All of the teachers and I have spent a great deal of time trying to figure out who deserves this the most and we have finally made our decision." The foreign exchange program was only allowed to juniors and seniors who had perfect grades and had at least volunteered at the school once. I had completely forgotten about it until now.

"This person is involved in several after school activities. Has volunteered countless number of times for the school. Is vice-president of the debate team and captain of the girl's basketball team. She has not missed one day of school and has perfect grades in every subject. Everyone please congratulate Miss Isabella Swan." The principle finished as the room filled with clapping.

My jaw dropped and I didn't move. This had to be some sick joke. The teachers have all gone mental. There off there freaking rocker! They must have forgotten to take there loony pills. Maybe they just need there eyes checked. I have never won anything in my life before and now all of the sudden a free ticket out of the country is being shoved into my face.

"Miss Swan will you please come up to the stadium and say a few words." Against my will I stood up and walked to the podium. Most of the teachers shook my hand and congratulated me, while the rest just gave me a pat on the back.

Then a microphone was in front of me. Everyone was silent while they waited for me to speak. When I did there were several audible gasps. "No thank you?"

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