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Chapter Four: Not So Great Meeting

So even after spying on someone and getting caught after falling into a coat rack isn't the reason I'm blushing so much. It might have to with who I'm staring at. I mean who wouldn't blush if they saw a face like this!

His face looked like it could've been chiseled from stone. High cheekbones, a strong jaw line, and very kissable lips. His untidy bronze hair made it look like he just rolled out of bed and his eyes…such a beautiful shade of green. He was tall and slender, but I still could still see muscles under his grey sweater.

"Who are you?" said the bronzed haired beauty in a voice like velvet. His voice was smooth and perfect. I shivered, blushed, and tried to pick myself up. This was kind of hard considering my feet were tangled up in one of the coats.

After about five minutes of this green eyes finally bent down and tried to help me. I blushed even more when I felt his hand brush up against my ankle and also when I realized just how tangled up my feet were.

Finally after three more minutes of this my feet were free. He helped me up, before crossing his arms and giving me a hard stare.

I looked towards Alice who was leaning against the doorframe with her arms crossed and smiling as she watched the event unfold.

"Who are you?" he said again, his voice edging slightly towards annoyance.

"Uh…" Whoa Bella! You're doing great. Keep up the good work and maybe he'll think you're an escaped mental patient! "I, um…I'm I-Isabella Swan. Well I-I actually prefer to be called B-Bella." Oh god – there goes my speech…

"Why are you stuttering?" he said and I could still here the annoyance in his voice. "And why were you spying on me?"

"I-I well…I have a-a speech impediment." I knew it! He thinks I'm mental! He hates me. I know it! Breathe… Bella…breathe…you don't know that. He's probably just pissed that I spied on him…okay I need to speak he's waiting… "And I wasn't spying on you."

"Okay Edward stop interrogating Bella. She's our guest, not a murder suspect." Alice said, saving me from anymore embarrassment. "Bella – this is my brother Edward. Edward this is the foreign exchange student from America. She'll be staying with for a while. So be nice."

"Alright sorry," he said, rolling his eyes. "But it's not my fault she spied on me. You know I don't like it when people interrupt me when I'm playing. I got defensive – so sue me."

"I wasn't spying on you. I heard music playing and it made me curious. It's not my fault you played too loud." I said, my defensive instincts kicking in.

"Curiosity killed the cat," he muttered under his breath.

"And satisfaction brought it back," I said, smirking when he looked up with squinted eyes.

Alice giggled and then grabbed my arm, pulling me away from Edward and towards her room.



Right now the time is a little after midnight. Alice and I have been sitting on her bed for about an hour now. We're both in our pajamas. She's yawning a little, but I'm wide awake. The time difference won't help my already poor sleeping habits and I'm pretty sure it will be hard to get up in the mornings.

"…before school?" Was all I heard Alice say. She was looking at me expectantly and all I did was blink in confusion.

"Um…okay?" I said before getting hit with strong Deja–vou.

"Thanks so much Bella! You won't regret this!" She said, hugging me tightly. "Hmm…I think you're about the same size as Rosalie. I better check and make sure I have something for you to wear Monday. Better safe then sorry…" She rambled on and told me to wait while she went and checked something. I nodded and figured that I'd agreed to let her pick out my outfit for school. At least I would get to sleep a little later then.

After a few minutes I heard loud noises coming from her closet. I even thought I heard a small growl. I looked around nervously; hoping it was just my imagination, but just then the door shook violently. I held my breath – it was all I could do to keep from screaming.

I got up slowly and tiptoed towards the closet. The closet growled again and I jumped – grabbing the nearest thing. This happened to be a fuzzy slipper… That'll safe me from the scary monster on the other side of that door! It'll destroy it with its fuzziness!

On the count of three I will open the door and then run away screaming –– One…Two…Three!

And suddenly I was on the ground, being showered in slobber. The dog was heavy and on top of me. So I grunted and pushed him off of me. He whined – so I scratched him behind the ears.

"Well hello…" I glanced at his collar, "Harris. Did you enjoy scaring me?" I said, setting down the slipper so I could pet him better. The dog was a bloodhound. He looked like an older dog that only had a few years left. He's eyes were bloodshot and his ears were big and…floppy.

I was about to get up so I reached my hand out for the slipper and started to panic when I realized it wasn't where I left it. It took me a minute to realize there was something fuzzy in the Harris' mouth.

"Harris…be a good boy and drop the slipper" I said – trying to coax it out of his mouth. He growled and I automatically dropped my hand.

He backed up a few more steps before turning and running off with it. "Bad boy! Bring it back now! It's not my slipper! I can't lose it!" I shouted and ran after him.

Just because the dog was older didn't mean it couldn't run fast. By the time I had gotten up and ran out into the hallway the dog was already running into another room. It took me a second to realize what room it was in and when I did I cringed.

It was the same room I had met Edward in. I hoped he wasn't still in there. Maybe he would be asleep. I mean it was midnight.

I didn't see Harris anywhere, but I did see the fuzzy slipper on the floor next to the piano. The fuzzy slipper – unfortunately – did not survive…

I focused my attention on the piano. It was black, reflective, and big. It looked like a brand new grand piano. I knew how to play. When I was little my mother had signed me up for piano lessons. I quiet playing about three years ago.

Slightly paranoid I looked over my shoulder to make sure no glaring at Edward was standing behind me, before I walked over to the piano and sat down. I sighed before lightly placing my hands on the keys. My skills are probably a bit rusty, I thought.

Ever since I was eight I tried my hand at composing my own music, but I always quit about halfway through. There was this one song my mother loved. I had it where it started of slightly high and then it eventually turned softer. It always reminded me of a bright sunny day. But I could never come up with an ending. It always frustrated me that I could create this pretty song, but I just could not come up with a simple ending.

I closed my eyes, counted to three and pressed the first key. I smiled. It felt nice feeling the keys under my fingers. I pressed another key and then another and then I was playing my song.

It wasn't as long as I thought it would be- but I do believe it is longer.

The song that she 'wrote' I have a link on my profile. It's just an idea of what it sounds like.

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