Stephanie sighed as she looked down at the ring on her finger. There marriage was over and sadly she knew it. Everything that she wanted for them was ended when she lied about the pregnancy. She was so afraid of losing him. So unsure of what was happening with them that she made up this story. And in the run her mom told Hunter the truth and she lost him forever. Six weeks after everything went down she found out she was carrying a baby. A real child that was theirs. It took her all the courage in the world to go see him but she did.

She knocked slowly on the door. "Hunter, we need to talk."

"Steph if you are here to tell me that you love me and everything forget about it. I told you the papers are in the mail and there is nothing you or anyone else can say about it." Hunter sighed as he looked at her. Sure he still loved her but every time he looked at her he saw that day play over in his head like a broken record. He wanted to be a dad more than anything and that ruined it for him.

Her eyes watched him for a minute. "No I really need to tell you something. Something that is going to change things."

"Forget it Stephanie." Hunter shook his head getting ready to leave. "This is done with."

"Hunter wait.. I am pregnant." She looked at him her eyes searching for something in his eyes.

He shooks his head a look of sadness and distain coming from his eyes. "You really are that desperate to keep us together? You tried this once and look what happened. Our marriage is over. You ruined everything because of a stupid lie. We are over because you had to lie about something so important..."

Stephanie interupted. "No Hunter, I mean it. I am. I really; we are really having a baby. I was sick the last couple of days and I went to the hospital and they said I was pregnant. I swear that is the truth. You have to believe me." She watched him.

His eyes were filled with so much hurt. "You know Stephanie. I thought that nothing or no one would ever come between us. I thought that no matter what fights we had and how bad things got we would be together because we loved each other and because we were always honest with each other. You told me six weeks ago that you were carrying my child and look how that turned out. You are nothing but a liar and I never want to see you again. NEVER." He stormed out the door.

Stephanie couldn't believe; well part of her could and the other part was shocked and confused. She told him the truth and now she was being called a liar. She mustered just about all the courage she had and made her way back to the house that they shared. She quickly packed up a few things and scribbled the words on a notepad. She knew she couldn't stay there and she knew that no matter he said she was going to raise this baby without him. She quickly packed up the car and started to drive away.

Hunter made his way into the house, looking over the few pictures that were scattered around. Maybe he was harsh on her. Maybe she was doing it because she thought it was her last hope. He set his keys down kicked off his shoes; he noticed a letter with his name on it. Picking it up he started to read it.


I have tried everything to save our marriage. Everything that I possibly could. You were right. I am not really pregnant. I figured that if I tried one more time maybe you would believe me and maybe we could work things out. But I was stupid and I was wrong. I have to figure out things for myself. I need to start a new life for me. Don't try coming to find me. I don't want to be found. I left my ring along with your signed divorce papers. You are a free man Helmsley. Take c are of yourself and let my family know that I love them and no matter what you think I love you.


Hunter looked down at the letter and read it nearly a million times. His heart seemed to sink as he read it over and over. He didn't know what to do; what to say but he knew that when Vince McMahon read that he better run.

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