Hunter sighed softly shifting from his left foot to his right in the lobby of the hotel. He didn't come here expecting what he saw. One of the guys from the backstage crew said that he saw her, a few weeks ago, and that is how he got there. Part of him so mad at her that he didn't think he could ever look her in face again. How could a woman who claimed to love you lie about something so important? The other half of him knew that she tried to tell him and all he did was push her away. He was conflicted more than any man should ever be. "What have I done?" He spoke out loud not caring if every single person sitting in the small lobby heard him. She was his wife, no matter what happened in the past he should have given her the benefit of the doubt. He loved her and when you love someone you should always give them whatever chance they need. He sighed softly looking out the window. She couldn't be near him and decided to leave. He missed the last six months of everything going on and maybe longer than that.
He picked up the suit cases that he had sitting on the floor. He was going back home tonight but he was not going alone. He refused to leave her alone in the city by herself. He walked out to the car and stretched his legs out in the seat as he drove back to the place he had saw her before. He parked the car and climbed out the door. His eyes couldn't help but notice just how dark the house had seemed. Walking up to the front door he noticed a letter with his name on. Taking it off the door and opening it up Paul noticed that it was her handwriting. His stomach cringed as he read the words that she wrote on the paper.
"You have seriously got to be kidding me." He growled in frustration realizing that she once again slipped away. How could she keep doing this? He slammed his fist again the door of the house nearly waking up the entire neighborhood. He didn't care though, everything inside of him was hurting and he didn't know how to fit it. He sat on the door step reading the letter over and over. "It has always been about what you wanted. What you needed hasn't it Stephanie? Well guess what you won. You really won this time." He sighed softly getting up slowly, grabbing on to the railing to steady his weak feet. He was tired and upset and everything about this day was emotional and mentally draining but it didn't matter now. She was gone and he had no idea where to start.
"What did I win?" Stephanie looked at him as she was standing on the bottom of the steps.