Owen wakes up in Cristina's bed. She's sitting in a chair beside the bed, watching him.

Owen: Oh shit. Sorry for showing up late and drunk and making you undress me while I was soaking wet. I will make it up to you.

Cristina: Owen, for future reference, we don't have to go anywhere on a date or dress fancy. Show up with some beer so we can get drunk together, or we could just skip the foreplay and go straight to sex.

Owen: Now you tell me.

Cristina: Feel free to surprise me by showing up in a suit every now and then though. You look hot in Armani.

Owen: I'm surprised that you even want a second date.

Cristina: Dude, the only other single men around are George and the serial killer.

Owen: Good point.

Callie walks in.

Callie: Good morning!

Owen: Not so loud! (Clutches head).

Callie: So, big date last night huh?

Cristina: I wish.

Owen: Yeah, nothing happened because I'm apparently not supposed to be happy, I'm all moody and tragic and I feel like I'm stuck in some terrible Bronte novel. Everyone's like, "Seattle Grace is a great place to work because all of the doctors sleep with each other", but have I gotten any sex? Noooooooooo! I get hot and cold and drunk, not laid. Maybe I should get haircare tips from Derek.

Callie: I'm so happy I'm into chicks now.

Owen: Cristina's a chick …

Cristina: What?!?

Owen: Did you not get the part about me not getting to have sex? You might as well fool around with Callie.

Cristina: You just want to watch, don't you?

Owen: Yeah.

Callie: Well?

Cristina: Yeah, I'm going to stay hetero, sorry Cal.

Callie: That's okay. Have you seen the new pediatric surgeon? She's hot.

Cristina: Whatever. I haven't had sex since the day before Burke dumped me at the church and now I've got Heathcliff in my bed with a hangover.

Owen: Who did what at the where? And when?

Callie: I'll just go to work now so you two can talk. (Callie leaves the room).

Cristina: I don't want to talk about it. I'm sick of talking. I'm going to go to work and avoid you to show you that I do not want to talk about it. You are going to get the avoidance of your life, Dr Good Times.

Owen: You can run Cristina, but you can't hide. (Fixes her with Intense Expression #402). I'll find you, I'll find you at the hospital. I'll find you good. And then we'll talk. We'll do a lot of talking. And maybe have some eye sex. Some real sex would be –

Cristina: Whatever. Lock the door behind you. This is me avoiding you now. (Cristina leaves the room).