The cold rush of wind blew his hair around as he stepped further and further in to the black. He walked around hands slid into his pockets and an over stuffed bag slung around his shoulder. His face was covered by his shiny dark blue hair and his mask, the one he always wore that managed to cover up his emotions from being seen by others. He could hear her running, panting, calling, but he didn't listen to her.


She ran as fast as her legs carried her. She ran with her one arm swinging to the side as the other reached out for something in the distance. She yelled for him over and over but he never even took the time to glance back. It just takes to show, you don't know what you have till it's gone. Finally she had managed to catch up to him, the feeling of her weight on his sleeve was what got him to turn his head. She sat there opposite arm gripping his and the other arm to the side of her holding herself up as she knelt at his side gasping for air. He simply shook if off and turned the other way waiting for her to release him from her grip.

"It's-it's not...your fault I-Ikuto"

Her words were hopeful and gentle but useless in there situation. He knew it...did she? Her statement was truthful but everyone knew it, fault was not the problem, the problem was the future.

"I know"

His voice low and gentle still did it's job. Her body stiffened a bit as her panting grew slower. Her grip only tightened at his words. She could feel her eyes brimming with tears and spilling over letting drops of water trail down her face. They sat in that silence for only a few moments before she broke the calm silent atmosphere.

"Then why are you running away!?!?"

Her voice was filled with anger and frustration. He had told her nothing but goodbye and now he still didn't tell her why. He just stood there still, quiet, composed, never saying a word. Ever. He knew what was happening he knew exactly, but she was very confused almost flustered.

"Talk to me! You never say anything!"

He shut his eyes for a moment then looked up to the stars. She to, lifted her head and gazed at the stars , but that did not make her forget her reason for finding him. She looked over to his face he seemed so absorbed into the stars but still he had managed to keep that mask on his face. She let out a hushed sigh.

"You never tell me anything...Ikuto"

It took him a few more seconds before he glanced toward her again.

"I'm sorry but, it's for the best"

He only spoke when it really meant why was it that nothing seemed clearer when he tried to give her answers.

"What? What is for the best? Tadase's death was not your fault!"

"I know but, if they can make me kill someone I'll only be trouble around here"

She now understood him Easter was controlling him so for her and her friends sakes he was going to leave. He really was a good person inside he just didn't show it much. In the time she had been deep in thought he had slipped out of her grip and started off again. As soon as she found out she shoot to her feet.

"You don't have to leave you know!"

He as usual said nothing he never had much to say but had a lot to think. She stood there a sharp pain in her heart she couldn't understand why he was doing this. He cared about her right? So why was he taking the two things that were closest to her heart. Granted Tadase's death was not his doing but, still after such a thing he could at least stay with her so as to keep her from feeling alone. She could not take all of this she ran fast and gripped his body close to hers and let her tears roam free, just to show him how she really felt. He stopped dead in his tracks.

"I want to come"


His answer was short and simple but not simple enough for her to under stand. Why? Why was he so mean I thought he cared I thought he loved me, was he mad because I didn't choose him over Tadase? No, but I didn't choose Tadase over him and now I never can...

"Do you hate me? Ikuto? Or are you mad?"

His body was frozen still I don't know how he can be so calm and collected all the time. Her tears still running down her face and dripping off her chin in a consistent beat. There eyes linked she saw nothing wear as he could see everything and it hurt.

"You don't understand"

He said it firm and soft as he turned his gaze away from her.

"What don't I understand?! That you don't care for me!"

He took a rather long time for him to answer her. He took a good long time to think it over, and the hole time his face was the same emotionless, lifeless, nothingness. Still she tried intensely to understand what he was thinking or at least what he felt, but she got the same.

"I'm doing this because I care"

He only wanted her to be safe and happy but to get one he had to destroy the other. So, what was he to do? Leave. No, that was only going to make it harder but he still decided that was what he had to do. He had to leave.

"Please, I-I love you..."

His heart heart too but he only did it for her safety after all. He cared for her more than she knew and that alone killed him inside. He wanted to take her and he knew she wouldn't stop till she was with him. He felt her grip let go as she gestured for him to turn around. He did as he was told and faced her. Another blow of wind blew the hair from his face letting her take a look, but still his mask would remain in place.

"Ikuto I-"

Before she could speak another word Ikuto had quickly snatched her in his arms, but not for the reason you might be thinking. When she looked at him to see what was wrong she saw his mask had cracked letting out what little emotion she thought her had. His teeth were clenched tight and his eyes looked pissed and as if ready to attack. Five men stepped out of the think fog and stepped in a circle around them, how had she not seen this? And only in a blink of an eye Ikuto had dashed of. First he kicked the first mans legs causing him to fall then on the way to the second man he purposely stepped hard on his stomach then head. After he smacked the second mans head with his knee and kicked his back as he fell from the first impact. Then he slipped under the third mans legs and elbowed him in the back of the head before kicking his (most sensitive place). When he got to the forth man he had a bit more trouble the first kick the man dodged then the man knocked him off his feet by grabbing his attacking foot. As the two were in combat Amu was having a bit more trouble. The fifth man had one are wrapped around her waits holding her in place while the other covered her mouth preventing her from screaming. She felt a hard smack atop her head just before she passed out. Ikuto had finally managed to knock out the other man when he noticed Amu.