Ikuto snapped back into the reality of there bigger problem. Easter. He shoved the three men down with one swift movement.

"Amu! Take the others and go!" he said as he struggled to keep the men from squirming out of his grip "but-" Amu protested before getting a fierce "NOW!" She shot a pained look before rushing everyone out of the room and down to the lobby where one Easter worker stood outside of his car holding a gun. "oh shit..." Amu heard a faint mumble and quickly turned toward the group "Out the back!" They all responded by running out the back as fast as they could in complete chaos. Meanwhile Ikuto was having better luck he had managed to knock the men out and lock them in a closet. As soon as he did so he rushed down stairs and saw Amu face to face with a gun. "A-Amu!" Ikuto sprinted and grabbed Amu just barely missing the on coming bullet. Then he managed to pick her up and dash out the back where he could barely make out the others running down the street. "c'mon we'll rent a hotel room for now we can call them in the morning to see if there okay" Amu only nodded she was far too shaken up to speak. " are you alright? Did you get hit or something?" Ikuto asked nervously as he glanced up and down Amu's body searching for any blood or injury. "n-no I-I'm f-f-fine" Ikuto smirked a bit before commenting "you don't sound fine to me." "sh-shut up"

(Amu Pov)

I walked back down the hall toward our room, I had taken out the trash and was heading back to see if Ikuto was getting a good amount of rest. As I walked into the bed room I saw Ikuto holding a gun up to his temple.



My tears fell as his blood gushed out. He didn't though I had managed to knock the gun out of place so he only skimmed the side of his arm but his hand had loosened when he fell unconscious from blood loss there I found a crumpled sheet of paper....

Dear Ikuto,

I know what your planning to do, I will find and kill you. I hope Amu liked my little gift.

Ikuto, now that you have involved her she is an Easter target and will be killed make no

mistake. Ikuto blame your self for her death but, if you make this easy and kill yourself

for us we might let her live.


"Ikuto...why do you insist on trying to leave me? Can't you understand that's the worst you can do to me?" I wiped my tears away and pulled out the first aid kit and started mending his arm. Ikuto and woke up not long after. "Amu...?" "Ikuto...I don't understand you" "You know why I did it if you read the sheet" He looked away as he spoke. "but Ikuto...you want me to be safe and happy but you keep choosing safe over happy but you don't understand..." "Look I just don't want my actions to lead you to your death" "I loved you and Tadase...and now that he's gone...all I have left to live for is you!" "So what? I'm your back up lover?" he spat angrily before getting up and proceeding toward the door. "I never picked him over you and you know it!" Ikuto stopped in his tracks and looked toward me, his eyes only reflected pain... "you know...if there was one thing I would change it would be that I died instead of kiddy king" "why?" I asked as more tears welled up in my eyes "because then you'd end up with him...and let's face it, all I'll ever do is hurt you Amu, I'm a bad person" "that's not true!" I yelled as he continued toward the door. I grabbed his shirt sleeve. "Amu...can't you make it easy for once? You don't know how much it hurts to do this..." "then don't do it the worst you can do is take the one I love away from me...I'll be dead inside" I waited a long time before Ikuto fell the the floor and took me into a hug. "you can't even imagine how I felt those weeks when you were in asleep I was dead inside"

Later we managed to make up a reason why three Easter men were in the building. Ikuto also started his song writing career and we got a new apartment in the building were Ikuto worked and we made so many friends there. I went to a new school and rode in Ikuto's car to and from. At night when Ikuto had no work he would help me with my home work or we would watch a movie. Easter seemed to be off our track for the time so everything settled in quite nicely. All was perfect...until everything went wrong...

"I love you...Ikuto" I was forced down by Rosabelle as she crashed her lips into mine. As I stood shocked by everything I could hear a gasp...Amu. "Ikuto...I-I-don't..." with that she ran off. "what the hells wrong with you I yelled as I pushed Rosabelle off of myself and ran after Amu. No one in the building knew about Amu and I so I should have been a little less sharp but all I could think about was finding Amu. And there she was curled up into a ball in the corner of the boiler room sobbing her heart out. "j-just leave m-me a-alone" " you don't understand..." "understand what that you've got a girlfriend?!?!" "I never liked her she-she kissed me" " really?" "hey would I lie to you?" " I dunno would you?" " hey!"

(????????? Pov)

I watched a since that would warm almost anyones heart but it only made mine throb I had loved him for quite a long time now but he had someone else someone special...but I was special, I was prettier than her and more talented so what did she have that I didn't? Pfft your pathetic you know that? Haven't you ever fallen in love? Nope oh yeah I almost forgot, you don't have a heart do you? Never had never will no can we move on? Fine.