The Joy of Love

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Chapter 1: The contest and a new friend

Rocky and Adam had just gotten off the Scrambler at the annual Angel Grove Fair. Now they headed to the cakewalk to meet up with the others. Rocky, Adam, Tommy, Kat, Tanya, and Adam had all come to the fair together but had split into groups to do different things. Rocky and Adam had wanted to go on rides, Kat and Tanya had made a beeline for the animals, and Tommy and Jason opted to play some games.

Now, after about an hour, it was time to meet the others and get something to eat. As they approached the Cakewalk, they could see that none of their friends had arrived yet.

"It looks like we're the first ones here," Rocky said, stating the obvious.

"No duh, Rocky!" Adam replied a little sarcastically. "We are a few minutes early."

"I know. Hey, how are things with you and Tanya?" He asked his best friend.

Adam smiled softly. "They're real good. I couldn't be happier," He said.

"That's great. I'm really happy for you, Adam," Rocky told him.

Adam noticed that Rocky sounded wistful. "Hey, don't worry, you'll find someone," he reassured his friend.

Rocky just scoffed. "Yeah right! That's easy for you to say! Who wants to have anything with someone who's bi?" You haven't had anyone look at you like you were nothing but trash!" he said sarcastically. Recently, in the last several months, Rocky had discovered that he was bi. His close friends had accepted him with no problem, as well as his family; but still, he was unsure about anyone else. He didn't want to date anyone without them knowing the truth, but he was afraid of how they'd react when he told them about himself. This resulted in him not going out much.

"If they do that, it's their loss, not yours. You're a fun-loving, loyal, dependable, trustworthy, caring person. They're the ones missing out on a terrific person," Adam said firmly.

Rocky was about to reply but the arrival of Tommy and Jason cut him off. "Hey guys," Tommy called, as the two walked up to Rocky and Adam. "Are we late?"

Rocky giggled. "No, Tommy, you're not. You're actually on time for once." He turned to Adam. "Hey, I think we just witnessed a miracle! Tommy's on time for something!" He exclaimed, causing Adam to laugh.

"Very funny, Rocky," Tommy replied.

"He's only on time because I was with him and I know how to tell time," Jason teased.

Tommy threw Jason a withering look. "Ha ha, bro. I've been on time lots of times," He pointed out.

Jason smirked. "Yeah okay, name one," he said.

Rocky giggled. "This I want to hear!" He said eagerly.

Adam stepped forward at that point. "Okay guys; give the poor guy a break!" He implored.

"Adam, he's not a 'poor' guy!" Rocky told him.

"Who's not a poor guy?" Tanya asked as she and Kat joined them.

"Tommy," Adam replied, giving her a quick kiss.

Tanya looked confused. "Huh?"

"It's a long story, honey," Adam told her.

"Rocky and Jason were making fun of me being late all the time and Adam told them give me a break. Only he called me a poor guy," Tommy explained.

Tanya nodded. She was well aware of how often Tommy was late for things. "Oh," she said.

"I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm hungry!" Kat spoke up. "Come on, let's get something to eat!"

They all headed for the food booths.

"Hey, I have an idea," Jason said as they neared a pizza booth. "Let's get a couple of pizza's to share."

"Good idea, bro," Tommy replied. "I vote for everything on them."

"Good call!" Jason told him, giving him a high-five.

"I don't know about you all, but I am not eating anchovies!" Tanya said loudly, wrinkling her nose.

"I agree. Anchovies are disgusting!" Kat agreed.

"Hey, it's a matter of opinion!" Jason stated. "What about you, Rocko?" He asked, turning to the former blue Zeo ranger.

Rocky shook his head. "I'm not in this," he told them.

Adam looked at him strangely. "Of course you are. You're eating the pizza too," he said.

Rocky once again shook his head. "I have no intention of eating pizza. Or anything else right now either," he told Adam.

The others were shocked. "Are you feeling okay, Rocky?" Kat asked.

"He can't be feeling well," Tommy told her. "Why else would he not eat?"

Rocky couldn't blame his friends for being shocked and thinking that. Usually, he just shoveled food in. But he had a very good reason for not eating yet. "Guys, I'm feeling perfectly fine. I'm just saving myself for the pie-eating contest that's about an hour away now," he explained. "You do remember that I entered it, didn't you?"

Adam nodded. "Yeah, but I didn't think that would stop you from eating beforehand, though," he replied.

Rocky shook his head in mock exasperation. "You guys act like I'm an ogre or something," he said.

"No, just a pig!" Tommy corrected him, and Tanya oinked, causing the others to crack up.

"That's right, go ahead and laugh now; but you won't be laughing once I've won the contest!" He said indignantly.

"We're just joking with you, Rocky," Kat reassured him. "We know you'll win the contest."

The others nodded. "Yeah, no one else stands a chance against you, man," Tommy added.

Adam gave his arm a reassuring squeeze. "Tommy's right. You're going to kick ass!" He told him.

"Thanks, guys," Rocky replied. "I hope I do win. That's why I'm not taking any chances and eating now. I want to start the contest with an empty stomach. "

The others nodded in understanding. So the others ate, and Rocky just sat there and talked and laughed with them.

When they finished, they went on a few rides until it was time for the contest. Then they all headed to an open grassy area where the contest was being held. There was a stage, about ten feet wide and fifteen feet long and about two feet high. There was a long table on it with eight chairs positioned around it for the contestants and a smaller table off to one side with three chairs behind it and a microphone in front of it. That was the judges table.

Separated from the stage by several feet, was row upon row of folding chairs for the audience. Many of the chairs were already filled with spectators of all ages.

"Are you nervous, Rocky," Adam asked.

Rocky shook his head. "Nah, not really, I like a big audience," he replied.

"He just wants to ham it up in front of a lot of people," Tommy quipped.

"Not this time, Tommy. This is serious. A big audience means more people to see me win," Rocky told him.

"Or to see you lose," Tanya joked.

"Not gonna happen, Tanya," Rocky replied. "I've got this in the bag."

"You usually have food in the bag, Rocky," Jason pointed out.

"Very funny, Jason," he retorted. "I've got to go sign in." With that he headed up to the judges table to do just that.

Several minutes later, all eight contestants were signed in and ready. Rocky looked them over. There were three men, two women, and a girl who looked about eighteen or nineteen, and a boy about his age.

His breath caught in his throat as he looked at the boy. He had short white blond hair, clear blue eyes, and a killer smile that just lit up his whole, slightly tanned face. He was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt that showed off his muscular, lightly tanned arms, and white sneakers. Rocky felt his heart start to race and his knees go weak. This guy was so incredibly hot! Rocky opened his mouth to introduce himself but before he could say a word, the announcer spoke into a microphone.

"Welcome to our fifteenth annual pie-eating contest!" Cheers and applause rang out as he continued. This year our contestants will be eating cherry pies. The rules are simple: Whoever eats the most pies in fifteen minutes wins! Contestants, take your places!"

They did so as assistants put silverware, plates, napkins, glasses of water, and pies by each place. Rocky was between two of the men. A few minutes later, everyone was ready. "On your mark, get set, go!" The announcer cried and rang a bell to signal the start.

All eight of them dug in immediately, eating the pies as quickly as they could and making one hell of a mess! The audience cheered them on as they devoured the pies.

At the halfway point, Rocky was on his third pie. He snuck a glance at the others. Most were on their second, except the blond boy. He was on his third as well. Rocky was impressed. This guy seemed to have an appetite that matched his! He started eating faster and finished his third pie and went on to his forth. He took a quick drink of water and continued on until the bell rang, signaling that time was up. It was perfect timing, as he had just finished his fifth pie and was feeling sick. He took a long drink of water and some deep breaths and tried to wipe his face off. It was covered in pie along with his hair and shirt. He looked around and saw that the others were just a pie-covered as he was, including the blond boy. There was also pie on the table, and floor. He caught the blond boy's eyes and smiled shyly. The blond boy smiled back and Rocky forgot about feeling sick as he felt his knees go weak again.

The judges, who had been walking around the table tallying the results, now conferred briefly and then the head judge conferred with the announcer. Then the announcer took the microphone again. "Ladies and gentlemen, we have the winners. In third place, eating four pies is Victor Wilson!" The man on Rocky's left stood up. "In second place, eating four and three-fourths pies is Zhane Carter!" Now the blond boy stood up. Rocky was surprised and impressed. This guy obviously likes to eat as much as he did! "And now, ladies and gentlemen, the winner, who ate a total of five pies, is Rocky DeSantos!" Rocky jumped to his feet and bowed several times to thunderous applause.

"Yeah, Rocky!" Jason yelled

"Way to go, Man!" Tommy shouted.

"I knew you could do it, Rocky!" Tanya screamed.

"You the man, Rocky!" Adam exclaimed.

"You were awesome, Rocky!" Kat yelled.

Rocky pumped his fists in the air and burped. This caused the audience to crack up. Then the blond boy struck a hilarious pose and rubbed his belly and the audience laughed even harder. Rocky laughed even though what he really wanted to do was throw his arms around him and kiss him senseless. That thought surprised him. He didn't even know this guy and already he wanted to hold him and kiss him! Rocky shook his head to banish that thought and focus on the judge, who was approaching him with a trophy.

He shook hands with the judge and raised the trophy in the air as people cheered and took pictures. Of course, people had been taking pictures throughout the contest.

A couple moments later Rocky stepped down off the stage and went over to Zhane.

"Hey, congratulations man, you did really well," Rocky told him in a friendly voice.

Zhane grinned. "I should be the one congratulating you," he replied. "You won!"

Rocky blushed. "I know, but you almost beat me," he said.

"I know. You can really pack food away!" Zhane told him.

"That's what everyone says. I'm glad to who can eat as much as me!" Rocky exclaimed with a smile. "Oh, I'm Rocky DeSantos, by the way." He held out his hand. Zhane took it and they shook. As their hand touched, a spark of electricity ran through Rocky and he shivered slightly.

"I'm Zhane Carter," Zhane said. "It's really great to meet you."

"Same here," Rocky replied. "The fair will be here for four more days. Are you planning to come again?"

Zhane nodded vigorously. "Are you kidding? I plan to be here every day. I love fairs. I love the rides, games, and especially the food!"

Rocky giggled. "That sounds just like me!" He replied. "My friends are always teasing me about how I love to eat!"

Zhane was amazed. "So are mine," Zhane told him. "It seems like always the butt of their jokes."

"It sure seems like we have a lot in common," Rocky said happily.

"You're right," Zhane replied. "It's like we were destined to meet."

Rocky about melted upon hearing those words. "That was beautifully said," he murmured, looking into Zhane's eyes.

Zhane blushed. "I'm not usually poetic like that. It just came out," he said in wonderment, gazing at Rocky.

"Rocky! Come on, the derby's about to start!" A voice yelled then, startling both of them.

Rocky cursed inwardly as he turned and saw Adam yelling at him from a short distance away.

"Who's that?" Zhane asked.

"That's Adam. He's my best friend. We're going to watch the Demolition Derby with four of our friends," Rocky explained. "Do you want to join us?"

"I would really like to," Zhane replied, sounding regretful. "Unfortunately, my friends and I have plans to see a play in that new theater in town. Are you going to be here tomorrow? Because I am and we could hang out together if you want to."

Rocky's heart soared. "I would love that," he said softly.

Zhane's eyes glowed. "Then let's meet at the Ferris wheel at four o'clock," he replied happily.

"Rocky!" Adam yelled again, more insistently this time.

"I'm coming, Adam, chill!" Rocky yelled back. He shook Zhane's hand again and hurried to Adam as Zhane hurried to find his friends.

"It took you long enough!" Adam grumbled as Rocky joined him.

"Hey, I was congratulating him. He took second place," Rocky explained.

"Oh," Adam replied and they hurried to the grandstands and joined the others. They congratulated Rocky on his win and asked to see his trophy. Rocky passed it around and then they settled back as the derby started. As he watched the derby, he mind was on Zhane. He had never felt this strongly about anyone before. He couldn't wait until tomorrow.

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