The Joy of Love

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"Please be careful, Rocky," Zhane said anxiously. It was many years later and Rocky was about to leave for an emergency mission. It seemed the remaining generals of the Machine Empire were looking for Lord Zedd's old zord, Serpentera, which was buried on the moon. As a result, Tommy and Andros had called on every red ranger to team up for a special mission to stop them before it was found and revitalized.

And even though Rocky understood perfectly how dire the situation was, he still was very reluctant to go. He didn't want to leave Zhane. He would miss him so much and Zhane would constantly worry about him. "I will," he promised his lover, as he took him in his arms. "And I'll be back as soon as possible." He kissed Zhane deeply and passionately.

He still had a hard time believing how well everything had worked out for them as well as for their friends over the years. After the defeat of Dark Specter and Zordon's energy wave wiping out all known evil, Zhane had taken a job at NASADA along with Andros and had bought a house several months later and moved there from the Megaship. Rocky spent much of his time there and moved in a few months later. Rocky had gone to college and cooking school; and had opened his own restaurant two years ago called Rocky's Fine Dining. It was a huge success, supporting not only fine cuisine but some KO-35 dishes as well that Zhane had taught him to make. Those turned out to be a big hit as well.

That same year on Rocky's birthday, Zhane had taken him out and when they had returned, he proposed to him. So happy that'd he cried, Rocky had said yes immediately. They had went out and gotten rings as soon as possible after that. Even if they couldn't legally marry in the U.S., they were married in their hearts. `

They lived happily together, seeing friends and visiting Rocky's family, who had welcomed Zhane with open arms, often. Those times were sometimes the cause of great sadness for Zhane, as seeing Rocky so close to his parents and family made him miss his own, who had died in Dark Specter's invasion, terribly. But that didn't usually last for long as Rocky, as well as his parents, were able to comfort him, reminding him that they were his family too. Zhane would get choked up and hug Rocky and or his parents and thank them about a million times. But as the years went on, those times of sadness became fewer.

All in all, it was a good life. They had good jobs, lots of family and friends close by, and most importantly, each other. Then the normal everyday routine they had been following had been broken when they had gotten the call from Tommy, summoning Rocky for the vitally important mission to the moon. That had shaken them both up as they had thought their ranger days in the past, and because it would mean Rocky would have to go on the mission and leave Zhane behind, which was the last thing he wanted to do. And it was the last thing Zhane wanted Rocky to do as well. But they both knew it had to be done so Rocky resolved to get it done as soon as possible so they could resume their life together.

"I'll miss you so much!" Zhane said, his voice choked with emotion, as Rocky went over to the couch and picked up his duffel bag.

"Come here," Rocky said, dropping the bag and opening his arms. Zhane wasted no time in obeying him and an instant later he was being held tightly by his lover. "I'm gonna miss you too, Zhane." His own voice was teary as he buried his face in the crook of Zhane's neck.

They stayed like that for a while before kissing long and hard. Finally they pulled back and Zhane spoke. "Say hi to Andros for me," he said.

Rocky nodded. "I will," he promised. "And speaking of which, he's probably having just as hard a time leaving Ashley as I am leaving you."

Zhane knew that was true. A year after Dark Specter's defeat, he and Ashley had gotten married. It was a beautiful ceremony. They had chosen the church that Ashley attended with her family and it had been decorated with red and yellow flowers and the bridesmaids' dresses were yellow, as was Cassie's, who had been the Maid of Honor. Zhane had been the Best Man and his tux was black and white along with the other groomsmen. However, their bowties were red along with red outlines on their jackets.

They had said their own vows, which was very moving and had nearly everyone in tears. And when they kissed, it had seemed to go on forever. Then after the reception ceremony, which was big, long, and fun, they had went straight to the airport to catch a plane to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

They had been practically inseparable after that and Rocky knew this would be hard on them for more reasons than one. Two years after their marriage, Ashley had given birth to twin girls, Caitlyn and Carole Ann. And fourteen months later their son, Casey; and Rocky knew the last thing he would want would be to leave his wife and three small children, even for a short time as he loved them all to bits.

Just like his own best friend loved his two children to bits. Adam and Tanya had married a couple years after Dark Specter's defeat and now had two beautiful children; Arianna and Adam Jr., or AJ as he was called. Of course with him being a stuntman and she being a singer, it was hard at times to juggle two kids as well. But they did it beautifully.

Six months ago was a big cause for celebration as Tanya cut her first CD. They all had a big party and listened to it. It was beautiful and everyone was so proud of her, especially Cassie who wanted to be a singer too. But she knew that would have to wait as was pregnant with her and Carlos's second child. Their son, Jose, was two. She was due any day now and she was more than ready to have it. It was going to be girl and she and Carlos had picked out the name Hallie.

Unfortunately TJ didn't get to spend nearly as much time with the others as he wished during baseball season because he was playing in the minors. But he made up for it as much a he could during the off season by spending as much time as possible with his friends and also with Jasmine, his fiancée.

Rocky smiled to himself as he thought about their other friends. Kat was also very busy as she owned and ran a ballet school in Angel Grove. For her, it was a dream come true. She enjoyed it thoroughly although it kept her from spending a lot of time with her family and friends. On top of that, she was also busy with her new boyfriend, Evan. She had met him through the school and they had instantly hit it off.

Tommy had surprised them all by abruptly quitting racing and going to school to study paleontology. That was a shocker because science was never his strong suit in high school. But not only was he good at it, he enjoyed it profusely. He lived with Jason who was a cop in Angel Grove and the two ran a dojo in their spare time. Rocky helped out there when he could. The two were also talking about trying to adopt a child or two, something he and Zhane were considering down the road.

But there was an even bigger surprise than Tommy studying paleontology. Astronema turned out to be Andros's long-lost sister! Zordon's energy wave had destroyed the evil and Dark Specter's brainwashing and restored her back to the young woman she was, with chin-length blonde hair and blue eyes. She lived with Andros and Ashley for awhile before becoming a ranger of her own! She became the pink ranger for the lost Galaxy team after Kendrix was killed. Andros couldn't be prouder of her. Recently, she had been getting real close with Leo, the red ranger. And who knows where that would lead. It was a wait and see thing. For now, they were all happy that she was so happy.

Rocky gave Zhane one last kiss and picked up his bag and headed for the door. When he reached it, he turned back around and looked at Zhane. "Goodbye, my love. I'll be back as soon as possible," he said.

Zhane nodded. "Please be careful, Rocky. I love you," he replied.

"I love you too, Zhane," Rocky told him. He turned back around and opened the door. As he was leaving he knew the both were thinking back to that day years ago at the Angel Grove Fair that brought them together and entwined their destiny. For it was that day, that shaped the rest of their lives and as a result, the fair would always be a special place for them. It was the place they both discovered the joy of love.

The end.

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