Still Don't Own Them.

Thanks Kayla.

She hadn't even tried to stop him.

He was leaving. And she was just going to let him go.

Angel supposed that it was suppose to make him feel better. But it didn't.

Buffy knew just as well as he did that this day was going to come.

That didn't help either.

Buffy hadn't fought with him, she didn't try and change his mind. She hadn't cried, hadn't yelled, hadn't begged him to stay. Instead, her eyes dropped down for a moment and she said "Oh." She paused for a moment, looking around the room under her eyes, then she slowly stood up. "Okay," she told him and went to grab her coat. Another moment later she was walking out of the door.

He was gone when she returned. And he hadn't seen her since.

Well, not until tonight.

"You knew didn't you?" he heard Xander's voice come to him.

Angel slowly took his eyes off of his ex wife, more importantly what he was referring to, and looked at his friend. "Yeah, I knew," he said with a sigh and downed the rest of his drink before turning back to watch Buffy from across the room.

Yeah. He knew alright.

He had come home prepared to tell her he was leaving when she dropped that bomb on him. Here was trying to explain he had to go and she was telling him she was pregnant.

It shouldn't have been all that surprising, they were trying. They'd decided shortly before that they wanted to grow their family. And apparently now they were.

The timing sure sucked.

Buffy was so excited and he couldn't even get a word in. He'd finally given up and just let her go on and on until she ran out of things to say. He supposed she also noticed finally that something was wrong, something had changed. She asked him if he was alright and he took his turn to say what he needed to.

And then it was just over.

Just like that.

He said it, she did her best to be fine with it. She left then he left.

It was over.

They'd fallen in love at first sight, cheesy as it was, but it was true. He was in town on business when he met her. Thankfully she had felt the same, otherwise he would have never been able to convince her to move across the country with him only that night. They were engaged only a few short months later and the engagement only lasted long enough to plan the wedding. And the wedding was everything she wanted, he made sure of it. She deserved it and she got it. And then came the happily ever after.. for a few years at least.

They never fell out of love. They never fought. They never had any problems at all. It was perfect really.

It was just doomed to end.

And it did.

The divorce was the last thing they rushed together. And that was that.

Everything was thrown away, just like that. And he didn't even have a reason for it.

Angel finished his new glass then stood up. He caught Buffy's eyes suddenly and they held each other's gaze for a long moment before he forced himself to look away. He said goodnight to Xander then to the parties host, excusing himself for the night.

Angel was halfway into his car when he heard her.


He sat down in the seat and slowly looked over to see her approaching.

Buffy's hands rubbed over her stomach. "We're having twins," she told him softly.

Angel just continued to stare at her.

Buffy finally shrugged and forced out a smile. "I just thought you should know. I.. um... I guess I better head back inside."

Angel slowly nodded and then closed the car door and stuck the keys in the ignition. His knuckles were turning white as they gripped the wheel with all of his might.

She offered him another quick, sad smile then she turned away and started walking back towards the party as he drove away.