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It's another update! I know, I'm shocked at how fast I updated this story aswell. Lol

And you all thought I was going to take months to update…

Thank you once again for all of the awesome reviews and all of the PM's you guys keep leaving me! All of the wonderful feedback and messages I receive are most appreciated. :)

I actually wrote the "Epilogue" long ago (Back in December of last year,). Yup; I've known for quite some time what would happen in the epilogue and I've had to keep my mouth shut. But not anymore! Yay! :)

So here it is; the "Epilogue"!

Enjoy! :)

"I wanna have the same last dream again,
The one where I wake up and I'm alive.
Just as the four walls close me within,
My eyes are opened up with pure sunlight.
I'm the first to know,
My dearest friends,
Even if your hope has burned with time,
Anything that's dead shall be re-grown,
And your vicious pain, your warning sign,
You will be fine."

- Angels & Airwaves

Lyrics from "The Adventure" by Angels & Airwaves.

It's All In Your Head, Alvin
Written by mpkio2

Epilogue – Life's Waiting To Begin
10 Years Later

"But when are we going to get there, dad?" Alvin's son, Little Alvie asked in an excited, impatient voice, sitting atop his father's shoulders, holding on tightly as not to fall to the ground.

Alvin laughed at his son's excited voice. "Soon son," he said in an amused voice. "Grandpa Dave will still be there even if we are a few minutes late,"

"But this is taking forever!" The chipmunk boy exclaimed loudly, wanting to fold his arms and punt, showing to everyone that he was not happy at the speed in which he and his family were walking down the street. "Can't we walk a little faster?"

"We?" Alvin asked, laughing. "You're the one sitting on my shoulders,"

"This is a group effort, dad," Alvie said in a confident voice, dismissing what his father had just said as incorrect, even though the boy knew that was not the case at all. "Me and you, right?"

With his son sitting safely on his shoulders, Alvin smiled broadly at his son's words, the boy not realizing how much those few words meant to him. "That's right," he said, happily. "You and me, junior,"

"He did it again, you know," Brittany Seville, Alvin's wife stated, who walked beside her husband in time with his footsteps. She looked at him with a disbelieving expression across her face. "He tricked you, yet again, and you fell for it,"

"What can I say?" Alvin said in a bright voice as he looked to his wife with happy eyes. "He learnt from the best; he is my son after all,"

Brittany rolled her eyes, shaking her head left to right slightly, as she pulled her attention forward, concentrating on walking instead of her idiotic husband's antics. "Why do I even bother?" she sighed.

"Because you love me," Alvin answered for her, even though she was asking him a direct question, not expecting a reply. "You can't resist me, babe,"

"Oh please," Brittany replied, her head turning back to her husband with a "Don't-give me-that!" look on her face. "Don't think so highly of yourself, Mr. Hot-shot. I only married you because all the good looking guys were taken,"

"There were other good looking guys you could have married?" Alvin asked in a fake shocked voice. "Funny. The only good looking guy you could marry is walking beside you,"

"Where?" Brittany asked, her heading turning right to left, as if she was in search for someone. "I don't see him…" she mocked with a smile on her face.

"He's right here," Alvin move his head across and kissed Brittany full on the lips, Brittany returning the kiss with anticipating passion.

"Eww, gross," Alvin sputtered out, making gaging noises, his little paws covering his mouth as if he was about to throw up. By the sounds of it, he probably might do… "Don't kiss in front of me,"

When both Alvin and Brittany separated from the kiss, both looked up at their son, Brittany looking up to her left and Alvin, trying his best to get a glance of his son, his eyes darting up, his son on his shoulders. "Alvie, we're just showing how much we love each other," Brittany stated, her eyes gleaming with amusement.

"Yeah, well," Alvin started in a voice which clearly showed he was displeased with his mother and father's public show of affection. "Show how much you love each somewhere more private; I don't want to be scarred for life!"

Alvie's mother and father laughed at their son's words, though Alvin, who had a unpleasant frown on his face did not find the whole ordeal funny at all.

"I think its sweet," Came a high pitched voice down in-between Alvin and Brittany. "Mommy and daddy love each other," The voice giggled.

"Aww, thank you Tiffany," Alvin thanked his daughter in a gentle voice, now looking down at her blonde long hair, which, despite her young age, was just as long as her mother's, her crystal blue eyes now looking at her father's brown ones in a adoration; she giggled again. "Means a lot to me; hearing my daughter tell me and my wife how much she accepts our love,"

The little girl giggled again, Alvin not sure whether she understood what he said.

"Tiff!" Alvie exclaimed in a shocked voice to his little sister. "How could you say that? It was gross! Mom and dad have coodies!"

"Don't care," The girl replied to her brother in a sweet voice. "I like it,"

Alvie humped and sighed from his father's shoulders, a paw smacked on to his head, shaking it slightly. "I give up," he muttered.

"Hey now!" Alvin exclaimed, lightly at hearing his son's muttering. "A Seville never gives up. A Seville always tries their hardest at what eve they do,"

"I'm giving up this one time," Alvie replied, his head turned to the side a bit, a little tired of his father's sayings, which he told Alvie and his daughter on numerous occasions, Alvie having almost all the words memorized. "If Tiffany likes you guy's gross display of affection, I can't change that,"

"I think Tiffany should be the one convincing you Alvie that kissing is a good thing," Brittany said to her son in an amused tone, smiling at him all the while.

"Don't go giving her ideas. Mom!" Alvie exclaimed, his eyes a little wide at his mother's suggestion, hoping his sister hadn't heard it, or didn't think it was a good idea or-

"Good idea, mom!" Tiffany said in a happy voice. "I'm gonna do that!"

"Too late…" Alvie sighed as he slacked a bit on his father's shoulders, deflated.

"Cheer up son," Alvin chimed in, sensing his son's deflation. "A whole new world might open up for you now!"

"Please don't make it any worse, dad," Alvie warned his father, hitting him lightly on the head. "I don't want to get coodies off a girl and die a horrible death,"

Adam chuckled again; he hadn't realized that the most smallest things in life were so precious to him, his family being one of them. "If you do die, I'll be sure to revive you,"

"Gee, thanks dad," The boy replied in a dull, dry voice.

The family of four settled into a comfortable silence, all enjoying the warmth of the sun's rays as it shined down and touched their skin. They continued to walk down the familiar street, identical houses lined on either side, not a single grain of grass or leaf out of place, the smell of grass and mud lingering in the air, the sound of a dog barked in the distance.

"Hey dad," Alvie said, achieving the attention of his father, breaking the silence between the family. "Do you think Uncle Theodore and Simon are already at Grandpa Dave's house?"

"I hope not," Alvin answered. "I would hate to be the last out of my brothers to arrive at Grandpa Dave's house,"

"We probably will be the last to arrive at Grandpa Dave's house if we don't speed things up a bit!" Alvie urged, yet again, fidgeting upon his father's shoulders, showing how restless he was becoming. "You don't want to look like a loose in front of them do you, dad?"

"Alvie…" Brittany said in a firm, low voice, knowing exactly what devious little plan her son was forming in his little head; as Alvin stated, he did take after him after all.

"A loser?" Alvin replied, his voice a little annoyed by his son's words, which were obviously, by the equally annoyed look on his face, was getting to him.

Hearing his father's annoyed voice, Alvie smirked, knowing that his plan was going according to plan. "You always told me to never give up right? Well if we don't speed things up, we will lose!"

"Alvie, I'm warning you…" Brittany said, her voice even lower and firmer than before, flashing her son a dangerous glare, warning him not to cross the line any further….but it was too late for that.

"You're not going to let them beat you, are you dad?" Alvie asked his father, allowing his voice to be as sweet and innocent as he could make it, talking into his father right ear.

"Now Alvin…"

"Let's pick up the speed everyone!" Alvin announced loudly, his walking speed increasing immensely so, his daughter and wife finding it difficult to keep up, shouting to him to "Slow down!" But Alvin wasn't hearing any of it; all he could was his son cheering him on, screaming joyfully atop his shoulders.

"Mommy, mommy, mommy," Tiffany addressed her mother in an excited voice. "Why is daddy walking fast for? Is there ice cream? Does Grandpa Dave have presents?"

"No dear," Brittany replied in controlled calm voice, trying her best to show as little anger in front of her daughter. "Your father is just….a complete DUMMY-HEAD!" Her controlled voice wasn't strong enough to hold back the anger she felt.

"You did it again! You fell for Alvie's tricks! When we get to Grandpa's house, I am going to give both of you a good talking to!"

Due to Alvin's increased walking speed, the family of four arrived in front of the old Seville house ten minutes before they originally should have arrived, standing in front of the house huffing and puffing, exhausted from the speed walking which all, (Except for Alvie who sat upon his father's shoulders the whole entire journey, said boy now cheering and shouting "Let's do that again! That was so much fun!", earing himself a murderous glare from his mother) had undergone.

The house which had served as Alvin, Simon and Theodore's old home, looked as though it hadn't changed at all. Sure there was a few fixings here and there, the grass shorter and greener, but overall, it still looked like the old white panelled, re roof topped house, which contained many fond memories, which Alvin, still to this very day, held dear within his heart, hopping that his brothers and father felt the same way.

"I wanna press the doorbell!" Alvie exclaimed in a excited voice.

"I think Tiffany deserves to press the doorbell, seeing as she didn't trick her father in any way…" Brittany replied, as she lifted her daughter into her arms.

"What are you talking about, mom?" But by the clear smirk that had covered her son's face, Alvie knew exactly what his mother was referring into.

"I shall have a talk with you and your father in due time, Alvie," Brittany declared, as she allowed Tiffany, who was held in her mother's arms, to ring the doorbell.

"Me?" Alvin said in a surprised voice, looking other to his wife, his eyes gleaming with the same emotion that had conveyed through his voice. "What did I do?"

"We shall discuss this inside, darling," Though the way Brittany said "Darling" did not express how much she loved her husband at all. "For now, we are here to see our family,"

Alvin mumbled something incoherent under his breathe, but loud enough for Brittany to hear, not knowing what he said, but knowing that he said something.

After a few moments went by, the last of the doorbell ringing from inside the house, the sound of shuffling feet was heard on the other side of the door. The next thing the family of four saw was the smiling face of Theodore Seville, who held a smiling girl, Suzie Seville, Theodore's daughter, in his arms, welcoming the family and all.

"Uncle Theodore!" Alvie exclaimed in a joyous voice, waving an ecstatic paw in his uncle's direction, who returned the gesture just as enthusiastically as his nephew. "Hey, it's me Alvie! How you been, uncle?"

"Not bad, Alvie," Theodore replied, happy to see that Alvie's son was just as happy as his father was when he was ten years old. "How have you been, buddy?"

"Troublesome," Brittany answer for her son, her arms folding.

"That bad, huh?" Theodore replied, scratching the back of his head. "Why am I not surprised?"

"Because I'm awesome…?" Alvin advocated to his uncle, hoping that his optimistic suggestion was the answer he was looking for.

Shaking his head, Theodore looked to Tiffany Seville, who smiled back tentavily, waving a paw, shyly. "Hey Tiffany. Been a good girl?"

"Yes, uncky Theodore," the chipmunk girl responded in a shy voice. Although Tiffany resembled Brittany in many ways, it seemed that the girl did not inherit her mother's abash and confident personality. Alvin had pointed this out to his wife many times, but Brittany waved off what Alvin had said, retorted that it will take some time for the more dominant personality traits that are harbouring in their daughter, to come to the surface.

"Good," Theodore praised his adorable looking niece. "If you be a good girl today, I promise I'll give you some sweets, OK?"

At this being said, the girl brightened up. "OK!" she exclaimed in a confident voice.

"Hey, what about me?" Alvie protested from his father's shoulders. Theodore looked to the boy's mother, who sighed and nodded, signalling to Theodore that it was fine to give Alvie some sweets if he was a good boy.

"And you too Alvie. But you must be a good boy, OK?"

"I'm always a good boy, Uncle Theodore," Alvie muttered in the most innocent voice he could muster. "How could you say such a thing?"

Theodore sighed and shook his head lightly at his nephew's manipulative tactics.

Upon seeing his brother's smiling face, Alvin moaned, an action which no-one expected, Theodore's smile faltering a little. "You're here already, Theo? Don't tell me Si and his family are here too?"

Confused at what his brother was asking, Theodore looked to Brittany, hoping for some answers to his brother's strange behaviour. "He didn't want to be last to arrive," she answered, her eyebrow's knotted together in anger, unimpressed with the way her husband welcomed his brother.

Theodore chuckled. "It's good to see you too, Alvin," Theodore welcomed his brother, a smile back on his face, finally understanding his brother's actions. "I see you're still as competitive as ever,"

"When is he not, may I ask?" Came a familiar, bright voice from behind Theodore. Once Alvin's family looked upon the face of the person who owned the voice, many reactions were created:

"Uncle Simon!" Alvie and Tiffany exclaimed joyously in unison; excitedness

"Hey Simon," Brittany greeted her husband's brother with a smile; happiness.

"Oh not Simon!" Alvin moaned loudly, his heart dropping as he laid eyes on his elder brother; sadness.

"It's nice to see you too, Alvin," Simon greeted in a formal voice, a smile on his face. "It's about time you all showed up,"

After a few minutes where Brittany restrained her husband from practically punching his brother in the face, Alvin wanting to wipe that smug smirk off his face, Simon suggested that the group that had formed around the front door should congregate into the living room where everyone could greet and welcome each other in a more open and comfortable environment.

Just as the outer appearance implied, the inside of the house hadn't changed much from what Alvin could tell. The same old furniture were in their usual place, the coffee table in the middle, a mat underneath, a flower pot placed on top a companied with a few plateful of different refreshments which included, sandwiches, snack-bars, mugful's of coffee for the adults and a variety of different juice drinks for the kids.

Everything was exactly as Alvin remembered it. To him, this place was just as much his home as the place where he lived currently. The memories he shared here with his brothers and father were precious to him, and he would never let them go, no matter what.

As Alvin reunited with his father Dave in a hug, both father and son laughing at seeing each other once again, Brittany hugged her two sisters, Jeanette and Eleanor, talking to them in a bright voice, having so much to ask them, so much to tell them, wanting to hear everything that had happened to them over the past few months since they last all saw each other. The happy voices of siblings reuniting once more filled the house, cousins all happy to see each other again (The last time being Christmas where all shared their presents and had a fun time together in each other's company), all voting to play a game of Hide and Seek around the house while their parents conversed in the living room.

"So, how has the restaurant been, Theodore?" Alvin asked after taking a sip of coffee from the mug he held in his paw. "It hasn't been over crowded on every night, has it?"

"How did you guess?" Theodore inquired, smiling, he too taking a sip from his mug.

"Oh I don't know," Alvin said with a knowing smile on his face. "Cause your restraint has the best cooking ever?"

Theodore laughed. "Well I don't know about that," He scratched the back of his head in an embarrassed gesture, the tip of cheeks pink. "But we have been very busy of late, what with opening a second restaurant in another state and looking after Joseph and Suzie, I don't know where we get all the energy from,"

Alvin frowned slightly at Theodore's words. "Don't tell me you're going to manage the second restaurant too?"

"Don't worry," Theodore said in a calm voice. "Eleanor hired a manager for the second restraint and hired a group of fine professional, chefs and waitresses,"

"That's good," Alvin said, letting go a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. "Because I wouldn't want my little bro to be under a lot of stress,"

"Happy to know your still thinking of my wellbeing,"

"Always, bro. Always,"

"Don't move so much, Uncle Alvin," came a small voice down by Alvin's legs. Curious to discover who the voice belonged to; Alvin looked down at the paw-covered face of Joseph, Theodore and Eleanor's son. "I can't let Charles find me,"

"You kids aren't playing Hide and Seek are you?" Alvin asked, despite he knew the answer to the question, his hiding nephew, using Alvin's legs as his hiding place.

"Of course we are!" Joseph exclaimed, his previously hidden eye now looking up at Alvin with disbelieve, not believing his uncle had just asked that question. "We always play this game when we're together,"

"Did you ask Grandpa Dave permission to play in his house?" Theodore asked his son, arms folding.

"Well….I…Er…" Going by Joseph's stuttering, it was obvious what the answer was.

"Not to worry, boys," Came Dave's slightly elderly voice, standing next to Theodore, dressed in a white shirt and jeans, a few wrinkle visible on his face. "I dare say they can break anything in this house. Besides, their such well behave children," The man smiled down at Joseph, who blushed.

"Sorry we didn't ask, Grandpa Dave," Joseph muttered apologetically, his head falling to the floor, feeling rather guilty.

"Aww, it's OK," Dave said, kneeling to Theodore's son, slowly and patting the saddened boy on the head. "Just ask next time, OK?"

"OK," Joseph answered, looking up at Dave with a weak smile.

"I've found you, Joseph!" Charles Seville announced as he taped said boy on the shoulder, Joseph jumping a little from the unexpected contact from his cousin. "By the rule of the games, your "it","

"B-but…that's not fair!" Joseph protested, turning to his cousin, his cheeks flushed. "I was talking to Grandpa Dave!"

"Sorry cousin," Charles said in a calm voice, not seeing why Joseph was getting upset over. "My the game rules state that the people who are not "it" need to hide in an adequate hiding place until the one who is "it" should find one and claim that person as "it". That means you, cousin,"

"B-but I was-"

"You should have found a better hiding place,"

"B-but….Grandpa, tell him!" Joseph demanded in a upset voice, tears threatening to fall from the corner of his eyes, looking up at Dave expectedly.

"Well Joseph, rules are rules, you see," Dave stated calmly, looking a little uncomfortable been placed in the middle of his grandson's argument. "I'm afraid that means your "it","

"No!" Joseph cried out. "That's not fair!"

"Stop being such a cry baby," Charles said as he sighed and shook his head, not believing his cousin was resorting to this kind of behaviour.

"I'm not a cry baby!" Joseph spat back, turning to Charles with angry eyes. "You didn't play fairly!"

"It's not my fault you found such a crap hiding spot," Charles retorted, folding his arms and looking anywhere but at Joseph.

"It was a good hiding spot! You cheated!"

"I did no such thing. You just don't know how to play properly,"

"I do to! You're just a cheater!"

"I am not!"

"Are so!"

"Am not!"


"What, pre tell, is happening over here?" Came the inquisitive and curious voice of Simon Seville, Charles' father, who walked over to the group of boys, standing next to Alvin with a mug of coffee in hand. He looked between both boys and then to Alvin and Theodore, hoping for some sort of explanation.

"The boys are arguing over a game of hide and seek," Theodore explained, seeing as it was own son who was arguing with Simon's son, so he believed he possessed some sort of responsibility for the whole ordeal.

"Yeah," Joseph piped in, strongly. "And he," A claw pointed directly at his bespected cousin. "is a cheater!"

"I am not!" Charles retorted, hotly, his cousin's accusations getting the better of him. "He," Charles pointed a claw at his rather chubby cousin in return. "doesn't know how to play properly!"

"OK, that is quite enough," Simon said rather loudly, his voice strong with a tinge of authority, interfering with boys' argument, finding it necessary to intervene between the boys before the argument got out of hand. "If you two cannot play nicely together, then maybe you two shouldn't play at all,"

Both boys looked up Simon with wide eyes. "He's right," Theodore said, his eyes closed, a sigh escaping between his lips. "If you two cannot forgive and forget and return to the game, then you shouldn't play at all,"

"But-!" Both boys started together in perfect synconization, ready to protest against their fathers words, but Simon was quicker than both, put a paw up in, and both fell silent immediately.

"Turn and face each other," Simon ordered in a stern voice; both did as was commanded and faced each other, neither happy with what was asked of them. "Now, apologize to each other,"

There was a little hesitance between each boy, but after a few seconds 9And after Simon muttered in a demanding voice "Now,"), both boy apologized to each other. Ti conclude, they shook each other's paws. After being praised by their fathers for putting their differences aside, the boys ran off with each other happily as if nothing had happened at all.

"Children, I tell you," Simon said as he rolled his eyes, turning to his brothers and father.

All nodded their heads in agreement. "True, they can be handful," Dave settled with a smile on his face. "But they are probably one of the best things that can change your life's forever,"

Nothing was needed to be said, for they all knew what Dave said was completely and utterly true, each brother already having experienced what Dave spoke of. They all smiled, a quite understanding shared between them, the sun shining through the windows and lighting up their faces. However, this comfortable understanding did not last long between them, for the next minute all three were arguing other who had the most well behaved children.

Dave merely lowered his head slightly and shook his head in disbelief.

"Kids," he muttered under his breath in a happy voice. "Some things never change…"

"And so Simon and I have been working on another experiment, though we do not know if it will be a success, for from the inferences from our early findings tell us this," Jeanette explained to her sisters, Brittany and Eleanor, who all listened with acquainted interest.

"I daresay you will find a solution," Eleanor interjected, giving her sister some reassurance and encouragement. "You always do,"

Jeanette smiled at her sister. "Thanks Eleanor," she replied. "I appreciate your encouragement, but I don't think there's a way around this one,"

"If my husband was listening to you right now Jeanette," Brittany said, taking a sip from her mug. "I'm sure he would tell you "You have to keep moving forward,". And you know what? I agree. Keep moving on Jeanette and you will find a solution in the end,"

"That does sound like something Alvin would say, doesn't it?" Jeanette chuckled joyfully. "Maybe he's right. Maybe he's wrong. Either way, Simon and I will find the answer in the end," She looked and smiled at her sisters. "Thank you, both of you; I needed to hear that,"

Eleanor and Brittany smiled in return. "You're our sister," Brittany said with a shrug of her shoulders. "We'll always be there for you,"

"That goes without saying," Eleanor said, supporting Brittany's words. "So, this would be the fourth or fifth product you've made for a company?"

"Fifth, I believe," Jeanette answered, a claw on her chin, her eyes looking up a little in concentration. "And we've still got more planned,"

"Well good to see you've still got stuff planned," Brittany said with a smile. "Meanwhile, my husband doesn't know what he's going to do next week,"

"What do you mean, Brit?" Eleanor questioned. "Isn't Alvin an inspirational speaker? Doesn't he travel every week to a different city to give his "awe-inspiring speeches that changes people's lives"?"

"Well that's the thing," Brittany started with a sip of coffee. "He doesn't actually "plan" all the trips he takes. There all spontaneous!"

"Sounds like Alvin to me," Jeanette said with a small chuckle.

"Sounds like an idiot to me," Brittany said in a dull, dry voice.

Eleanor nodded her head. "I agree,"

The day passed with minimal arguments and disruptions (Alvie and Tiffany did get into a little debate over whose tower of blocks was the most "Impressive" – Charles, being the oldest and most mature, was nominated to fix the little problem between the siblings – he did so, but it cost him half of his sweets from Uncle Theodore, bribing Alvie to allow Tiffany to be the winner,), the children played nicely together why the adults caught up with each other, the sun slowly lowering in the sky as they did so.

By about four o'clock, Dave announced that he would start to make dinner, however, due to the instance of Theodore and Eleanor, both opting that Dave should get some rest, Dave didn't lay a finger on one itensile or ingredient, and instead napped on the living room couch. The children helped here and there; stirred in the ingredients, laid out the huge table with knives and forks.

Once dinner was fully cooked and served on plates on the table, Theodore and the children called the rest of the adults that it was "Dinner Time!", waking up a dozing Dave. Smelling the delicious shepherd's pie, accompanied with boiled potatoes, peas and gravy, everyone rushed to sit, ready to eat Theodore and Eleanor's fine cooking. The food looked just as good as it smelt.

Everyone ate in a comfortable manner, small chat here and there. The children sat between their respectable parents, the adults believing it would avoid any misbehaving within the group (Everyone thought of "Alvie" at this moment,"). However, Alvie was still able to throw peas with fork across the table and directly hitting Charles in the face which caused Charles to retaliate by throwing a boiled potato at Alvie's nose, the other children laughing, while the adults grumbled in displeasure, both Alvin and Simon scolding their sons.

After dinner had been consumed, Eleanor presented a strawberry garetua, which she placed in the middle of the table and cut a piece for everyone, except for Alvie and Charles who were both being punished for their earlier misbehaviour at the dinner table (Both pouted in the living room while everyone else ate,).

Once everyone thanked Theodore and Eleanor for cooking such a fine dinner, everyone was excused from the table and went back in the living room.

"You can go and clean up the mess you made, Alvie," Brittany ordered her son, standing in front of her son with a stern look on her face.

"What?!" Alvie exclaimed.

"You as well, Charles," Jeanette said in a strong confident voice, too standing in front of her son.

"But mother-" Charles started to protest, but was easily cut off.

"You made the mess, therefore you can clean it up," Jeanette settled, her arms folding in triumph.

"That goes for you too, Alvie,"


"No buts!" Brittany retorted. "Now hop to you!"

Upon hearing Brittany's loud demanding voice, both boys stood and recently walked towards the dining room where the mess of peas and potatoes covered the floor, ready for them to clean. Having both boy clean with the other turned out to be a mistake, for within two minutes of working together, both were at each other's throats, claiming that it was the other's fault for the predicament that they were in.

In the end, Jeanette and Brittany separated each boy, and told each of them to tidy up half of the mess and leave the other half for the other to clean up. Both boy, surprisingly, followed these instructions (More surprisingly for Alvie, for he did not trick Charles and his mother by only cleaning up a little of the mess,). When the mess had finally been cleaned up, Alvin and Simon ordered their sons to apologize to each other, which they did, rather unenthusiastically.

As the sun set, warm colours of orange, yellows and pink spread across the evening sky, covering the faint, small clouds, creating a peaceful atmosphere, the group of adults and children sat around the warm burning fireplace in the living area for a hot chocolate and a small chat, the last remains of the orange sun spilling in to the room.

As Dave Seville looked around the content and warm room at his son's and their families, a small smile spread across his face. He was happy that they had all found happiness in the families that they shared their lives with. It all reminded him of himself, how he used to look after the three chipmunk brothers when they were kids themselves. Sure, they had their rough patches, yes Alvin, his eldest son, had made a few mistakes, but who didn't make mistakes? What family didn't have its bad times? The best thing to do is to face the problems head on, to confront them and to help each over overcome them together as a family.

Family was…is everything to Dave, and by looking around the room at the smiling and cheerful expressions on everyone's face, it was clear to him that his sons believed the same thing.

He sipped on his hot chocolate, letting a content sigh slip through his lips.

Everything was well.

At last.

By nine o'clock the sun had finally set beyond the horizon, the stars started to sparkle and shine in the dark night sky accompanied by the shinning moon. When Simon looked at the time, he announced that it was about time he and his family made a move home, wanting to get his son home to bed. Eleanor then announced the same and finally so did Alvin. All children whined, moaning that they weren't tired, demanding that they should stay with Grandpa Dave. Of course, their parents did not listen to their protests at all; they merely told them "No,", that it was time to go and to let Grandpa Dave have some rest. Reluctantly, the children listened to their parents as they put on their shoes and coats, ready to depart.

Once Dave had hugged all of his grand-children in a fond farewell, he turned to his sons.

"Have a safe journey home," Dave said in an almost stern voice, as if it was a demand, hugging Simon as he did so.

"We'll try," Simon replied in a dry voice, giving his dad a nod of the head to show that he understood.

"Don't forget to give a call when you get in," Dave said to Theodore as he hugged him goodbye.

"Don't worry, Dave, I will," Theodore replied, releasing from the hug, smiling.

"It's you who I'm not worried about," Dave said as he turned to stare at Alvin.

"What?!" Alvin exclaimed. "Why are you staring at me for? I have never forgotten to call you, Dave. In fact I-"

Alvin was unable to complete his sentence, due to the fact that his father had him in a tight hug. "I know," Dave whispered. "You've called me almost every week and you have never forgotten. I just don't want you to slack off, Al,"

"I won't," Alvin said a confident, determined, firm voice, putting his arms around his dad. "I'll never forget, don't worry," They both pulled away from each other and smiled.

"Good," Dave nodded. "Now get going; the children look like their about to fall asleep,"

"We do not!" Alvie exclaimed hotly, but as soon as he said those words, a yawned escaped out of his mouth, causing his last statement to become redundant and useless. He blushed slightly as his mother and father laughed at him. "Shut up," he muttered.

All families were now out in the night air. All said good-bye to each other, promising that they will meet up some time in the future.

As Alvin walked down the street, the street lamps coming on, creating light to see, he thought about how far he had come, how life had worked out for him, how happiness was his to experience at last. He had to endure through a lot of pain to realize his own fears, his mistakes, the consequences of his actions, but in the end, it was all worth it, for Alvin walked away with something valuable, something learnt, something he could remember, feeling stronger than he previously was.

Alvin didn't know what he would be like if he hadn't experience that "life-changing-dream". Would he still be the same old obnoxious, self-centred brat he was? Or would he be completely different? He didn't know the answer to any of those questions, but what he did know was that he was entirely thankful and grateful for what his subconscious had done for him.

And although the whole thing had been in his head, he knew that what he had experience still held some important value, for it had changed him, and anything that can change someone must hold some sort of value, some sort of significance, right? It may have all been in his head….but that didn't mean the things he felt weren't real? He had felt all that pain, anguish, the determination to change things, to help people….all of it, all of those feelings were as real as Alvin himself.

"Just because it's in your head doesn't mean it's not real," A distant, familiar voice filled Alvin's head. It could have been for a second or longer; Alvin didn't know. He suddenly stopped walking, Brittany and his children walking ahead.

Once Brittany realized her husband had stopped walking altogether, she turned to him with a questionable expression on her face. "Alvin…?" she asked. "Are you coming?"

"I-I'll still b-be in the d-depths of y-your h-heart," Another familiar voice echoed in Alvin's rain; his eyes widened slightly. "Pain…?" he muttered. "R-Remember t-that, A-Alvin. Remember that…"

"What's wrong with daddy, mommy?" Little Tifffany asked her mother, looking at her father with a curious expression.

"Maybe dad's having a fit or something," Alvie suggested looking at his father.

"Alvie!" Brittany berated her ten year old son.

"It was just a suggestion," Alvie muttered back.

Brittany turned her head back to her husband. "Alvin…speak to me…what's wrong? Did you forget something?"

Yeah, that was Pain alright, Alvin thought. But I was warned this, wasn't I? I was warned that, although I had confronted Pain, he would still be with me, for he is always with everyone. So I shouldn't feel like he can take over, for I have to fight against the darkness, against the pain and hurt. I have to move forward….

"That's it, Alvin!" Alvin blinked, hearing his name, coming out of his inner thoughts. The next thing he saw was an angry looking Brittany walking up to him and slapping him against the cheek.

"What the heck was that far, Brit!?" Alvin asked in an angry voice, a paw up by his hit cheek, his two children gasping at what had happened before them.

"Respond, you idiot!" Brittany replied back hotly, her hands on her hips. "Don't just stand there staring off to space. Listen to me, reply and show me that you are still conscious!"

"You didn't have to hit me so hard though," Alvin retorted, not appreciating the action he received from his wife, the pain still spreading across his cheek.

"It made you respond, didn't it?"


"Well problem solved then," Brittany said as she walked away from Alvin and grabbed a paw from her son and daughter, turning to face Alvin once more. "Now are you coming or not? We have to get these two home to bed…"

And slowly but surely, a smile spread across Alvin's face, causing Brittany's eyes to widen, taken aback by Alvin's unprecedented happy expression.

Pain was still in him, in everyone…

But all he could, all that anyone could do…

Alvin walked forward, grabbed hold of his son's left paw and looked down the dark street, a determined look on his face. Brittany looked from Alvin to the street, a realization spreading across her face, at last.

…was face the darkness head on….

Alvin started to walk, his family by his side walking with him and as they did so, the street lights turned on, the darkness retreating away from where it had once came from.

….and with his family by his side…

Alvin could accomplish anything.

After all, life was in front of him, and he was determined to walk down the street and face anything it confronted him with.


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