Hey I started a new story! Its Called We'll Get Through This. Here is the summary:

Set after New Moon. Edward has been back with Bella for a month now. But something happened to Bella months before his return and it has been haunting her ever since. She was raped. She has nightmares almost everynight and doesn't know what to do. And not only are the nightmares affecting her life, but something else is affecting her as well...she just doesn't know it yet. Rated M for mature, adult themes.

Go to my profile and check it out! For those who were hoping I'd continue 21st Century Breakdown, I'm not. I don't see where I'm going with it and I'm busy right now now. I just don't have time to write it so I'm deleting it. For those reading Starting Over, I will be continuing that story so you have nothing to worry about.

Thanks again to everyone that read this story and reviewed. I hope you will check out my new story and Starting Over.